American University of Sharjah

Master of Science in Mathematics (MSMTH)

Master of Science in Mathematics (MSMATH)
Our Master of Science in Mathematics (MSMTH) program provides students with rigorous and thorough knowledge of a broad range of pure and applied areas of mathematics.

Our program is designed to train students with different professional goals ranging from employment or career advancement in business, industry or government, to basic training in foundations needed to obtain a research career or pursue a PhD in mathematics or mathematics-related fields.

Our Objectives

We believe that an MSMTH graduate is qualified to:

  • provide the analytical skills necessary to formulate and solve complex mathematical problems that are of contemporary relevance in the fields of pure and applied mathematics
  • develop the mathematical skills and knowledge to facilitate career advancement in education, business or industry or to pursue more advanced study such as a PhD degree in mathematics or mathematics-related fields
  • provide the mathematical skills and knowledge to describe and solve complex quantitative problems that arise in business or industry

Our Aim

Upon completion of the program, our graduates will be able to:

  • apply advanced mathematical analysis to mathematical models
  • demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of analysis, algebra, geometry and applied mathematics
  • formulate and construct proofs
  • clearly communicate mathematical concepts
  • apply advanced mathematical techniques in their professional activities
  • conduct independent research in specialized areas of mathematics
  • employ mathematical methods to model and solve practical problems
  • demonstrate advanced knowledge of analysis, financial mathematics and differential equations and their applications
  • formulate problems in mathematical terms arising in related areas such as engineering, finance and the natural and physical sciences