Department head's message

Many of our most dedicated alumni made their way into outstanding leadership roles and many continue to support and serve the department in a variety of ways. We are stronger by their involvement.
Dr. Sameer MR Al-Asheh

Thank you for your interest in the Chemical Engineering (CHE) program at American University of Sharjah (AUS). Our program is committed to excellence in teaching and quality research. Our highly qualified faculty members hold PhD degrees from some of the world's most prestigious universities and represent a diversity of curricular and research expertise, educational and industrial backgrounds, and culture.

Chemical Engineering is a discipline that impacts numerous areas of technology by occupying a unique position at the interface between molecular sciences and engineering. Intimately linked with the basic subjects of chemistry, mathematics, physics, and biology- CHE offers unparalleled opportunities to design, develop, and operate industrial processes that make great contributions to the technological infrastructure of modern society.

Besides a (thesis and non-thesis) Master of Science (MS), we offer ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science (BS) in Chemical Engineering. For students satisfying the English language requirements, the program is designed to be finished in four academic years. Students gain hands-on experience through state-of-the-art hardware and software laboratories. In addition to graduating with a major in CHE, our curriculum allows students to have a minor specialty in vital areas such as petroleum engineering, renewable energy, environmental and water engineering, engineering management, and biomedical engineering. Our BS student body grew from 4 students in 1997 to more than 450 students, with 54% being female. Our students are continually recognized with awards from national and private firms. Students graduating with a CGPA more than 3.25/4.00 have the opportunity to compete for joining our MS program with an assistantship that covers fees and/or provides monthly stipend.  

In addition to traditional areas such as the chemical, oil and gas, energy, water, today's chemical engineers are spearheading new frontiers in biotechnology, microelectronics, advanced materials, consumer products, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and environmental solutions. Chemical engineers, therefore, are highly employable in a wide span of businesses; many CEOs of global leading companies are indeed chemical engineers. Our graduates have pursued diverse careers with various regional, national, and international firms.  

Proud as we are of the performance of our BS and MS students, we are even more proud of what they accomplish after graduation. Our alumni, around 800 and growing, have rewarding careers in the chemical industries and beyond. Many of our most dedicated alumni made their way into outstanding leadership roles and many continue to support and serve the Department in a variety of ways. We are stronger by their involvement. 

Again, thank you for your interest in the CHE at AUS. For any enquiry or else that you may not find an answer for in our website, please don’t hesitate to step in to my office.

Sameer MR Al-Asheh, PhD.

Head of Department


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College of Engineering

Nour Khawatmi

My journey at AUS lasted for four years and a half and was full of knowledge and experience. The quality of teaching at AUS is of a high standard; in addition, the curriculum of the courses provided is very wide. Even though sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend this large amount of knowledge in just four or five months, it is a great benefit to learn about different topics and perspectives. Furthermore, AUS laboratories are equipped with excellent and high-quality devices and the students acquire excellent lab skills. The university also allows multiple research projects, something that I had the chance to do and found very useful. AUS allows the students to grow while they are at the university. By the time they graduate, they have had different experiences that allow them to present outstanding work in the work field. I will always be proud to have chosen to go to AUS and study my bachelor's degree at this university. 

College of Engineering

Raya Khateeb

My time at AUS was filled with new experiences, some of which were great and some of which helped me become a stronger person. I learned how to work in a team with various types of personalities and it helped me communicate my thoughts better. AUS is also known to expect a lot of its students, which I feel is necessary because it simulates real-life experiences that we will be facing in the workplace. AUS also made it easier for me to become more outgoing and meet new people. I will always find it my second home.

College of Engineering

Tahir Ashraf

The MSChE program at AUS provided a strong academic basis and research aptitude to start my career in research and PhD.

College of Engineering

Pierre Kawak

My experience at American University of Sharjah has been delightful and changing. A diverse student body, inspiring faculty and an accepting environment were essential to my experience. I joined the university seven years ago as a child and left as a driven professional with goals and aspirations. With well-suited laboratories, knowledgeable faculty and diverse research experience, American University of Sharjah’s engineering college is exclusively able to deal with today’s challenges.

College of Engineering

Abdulrahman Sabbagh

AUS put me through blood, sweat and tears. It's worth it when I tell you that I'm now not only respected in society for my education, but I'm also a better man.