College / Department

Teaching areas

Translation, Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting, Translation Studies, Contrastive Linguistics, Qur'anic Studies, Islamic Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Arabic Heritage, Arabic Grammar, Language of the Qur'an, Art of Qur'anic recitation, Arabic Rhetoric, Cultural Studies, Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language.

Research areas

Translation Studies; Qur'an Translation; Interpreting; Linguistics; Rhetoric; Intercultural Communication; Arabic Heritage; Islamic Studies.


BA in English Language, Literature & Translation, Al-Alsun, ARE.
MA in Translation & Interpretation, Al-Alsun, ARE.
PhD, University of Durham, UK, December 1998.
PhD, University of Durham, UK, December 1998.

Professional experience

1989: Teacher of English & Freelance Arabic-English-Arabic Translator
1991: Egyptologist.
1995/1996 & 1997-1998: Tutor of Arabic & Translation, (Durham University, UK)
2001-2008: Assistant Professor of Translation at the Faculty of Languages & Translation, KKU, SA.
2008-Present: Associate Professor of Translation, Department of Arabic & Translation Studies, AUS.


President of Arabic Translators International (ATI), Antwerp, Belgium. Editor of ATI's Academic Series and (Arabic Literature Unveiled) Series. Member of The Society of English & Translation, SA. Member of the Committee of the Scientific Signs in the Qur'an and Sunnah, SA. Member of the Egyptian Tourist Guide Syndicate, ARE. Honorary Member of Egyptian Associationfor Translators & Linguists, ARE.

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