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Frequently Asked Questions: Residential Halls

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Residential Halls FAQs

Q: How do I apply for accommodation at the AUS Residential Halls?

Q: What are the room rates?

Q: Will I be assigned any room type or dormitory I want?

Q: How will I know whether my Application Form for accommodation has reached you?

Q: How do I know that a room has been reserved for me?

Q: What is the room fee for the residential halls?

Q: Do you guarantee me a place in a residential hall?

Q: What if I don’t get one of my preferred room choices?

Q: How will I know whether my Housing Application Form has reached you?

Q: How do I find my accommodation?

Q: What types of rooms are available?

Q: Are the halls single-sex or mixed?

Q: Are there any halls for married students?

Q: What is provided in my room?

Q: Am I allowed to bring my own furniture or fixtures for my room?

Q: Can I bring my bicycle?

Q: Can I bring my car?

Q: What will the phone number for my room be?

Q: How do I connect my personal computer to the campus network in my room?

Q: Is there Wi-Fi access in student rooms?

Q: Do I have to vacate my room during breaks between semesters and during short university holidays?

Q: Can I have guests stay in my room?

Q: Will my room be safe and secure?

Q: When can I move into my assigned room?

Q: What transportation is available on campus?

Q: What if I want to transfer to another room?

Q: What is the cancellation procedure?

Q: How long can I stay after my room assignment is cancelled?

Q: Are meals available in the residential halls?

Q: Are shopping malls easily reachable for students living on campus?

Q: Can I leave my belongings in my room during the vacations?

Q: Can I stay at AUS during vacations?

Q: Is there a shop on the campus for hall residents?

Q: Do you provide accommodation for couples or families?

Q: Do you have a common kitchen in the residential halls?

Q: What are the laundry facilities in the dorms?

Q: Do you provide bed linens and towels?

Q: Is there a room cleaning service in the residential halls?

Q: Is there a quiet wing for graduate students?

Q: Can I put up my own pictures/decorations in my room?

Q: Do you provide wheelchair access for disabled persons?

Q: What type of electric plugs and voltage are used?

Q: Do you provide meals in the dorms?

Q: Which residential halls are available on AUS campus?

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