American University of Sharjah

Athletics and Recreation



General information on facilities, programs and activities are available at the Sport Complex reception. You can also make facility reservations and get a locker key there.

Listed here are the general rules and policies about using Sports Complex facilities.

  1. A valid AUS ID card must be deposited at the front desk for entry into the Sports Complex. ID cards are non-transferable and may be used only by the person to whom they are issued.
  2. Users who have forgotten their AUS ID can gain access by providing another photo ID and their AUS ID number or any other information that can be verified in the sign-in system for a maximum limit of three entries per semester only. Any consecutive entries after the grace period will be denied unless a valid AUS ID is presented.
  3. All AUS campus buildings, including the Sports Complex, are non-smoking facilities. Chewing gum is also prohibited.
  4. Appropriate athletic attire is required at all times. Formal pants, jeans, cutout jeans, string bikinis, see-through suits, unapproved footwear and bare feet are prohibited.
  5. No children under 10 (including infants) are allowed in the Sports Complex, and parents' supervision is needed for children under 16.
  6. Spirited competition is encouraged but unsportsmanlike conduct and profanity are prohibited.
  7. Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades and roller skates are prohibited.
  8. Pets are not allowed.
  9. Users are expected to abide by the specific rules for each facility.

Disclaimer: Participation in Student Athletics and Recreation Department (SARD) activities, including the use of facilities and equipment, is completely free and voluntary. The SARD management will not be responsible for any loss, damage, illness, injury or death to a person or property arising from participation in its activities including the use of facilities and equipment.



The sponsoring AUS student or faculty/staff member must sign-in guests at the reception at the time of visit and they should be limited to one guest at a time and a maximum of three visits per semester. Guests must adhere to all rules and regulations of the facility. The sponsor must accompany the guest at all times during his or her stay in the building and assumes entire responsibility for any equipment issued to the guest. Alumni and faculty/staff dependents are not entitled to bring guests.

Photography / Videography in the Facility

Permission is required from the Student Athletics and Recreation Department Director for taking photos and recording videos in the SARD facility. The requester should produce a request letter from the concerned dean/authority if the purpose is official or project related.


The Student Athletics and Recreation Department has a limited supply of sports equipment available. Equipment is supplied only to team members and during organized training sessions. Users are encouraged to bring in their own sports equipment. Equipment can be borrowed from SARD for approved activities of the various AUS departments. Requests in this regard should be submitted from the concerned authorities 48 hours in advance.

Personal Belongings

Gym bags, backpacks, etc. are not permitted in any of the Sports Complex halls. Personal belongings should be secured in lockers. The Student Athletics and Recreation Department (SARD) management will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen personal items. The owner can claim lost items upon proving ownership at the reception.


All temporary signs, class/program announcements and other general notices should be submitted to the management of Student Athletics and Recreation Department for approval. Only approved signs will be posted.


First priority in scheduling will be given to instructional use and organized sports. All remaining time slots will be used to accommodate the AUS student body, faculty and staff. The management reserves the right to restrict the use of the facilities due to athletic or campus activities or special events. Individuals, partners or teams can reserve the indoor and outdoor sports courts through the following procedures:

  1. Facility reservations can be made in person at the Sports Complex reception desk or by calling 06-5152778
  2. Reservations should be made 48 hours before the intended playing time.
  3. Reservations are administered by the SARD staff on duty and are accepted up to four days in advance.
  4. AUS community members reserving facilities for team sports are allowed to bring a maximum of two guests per group.
  5. The person who made the reservation must claim the court in person at the Sports Complex reception desk and deposit his/ her AUS ID 15 minutes before the reserved time slot. Courts not occupied within 15 minutes after the scheduled reservation time become available for other users on a first-come, first-served basis.
  6. Reservations are not allowed for two consecutive hours. Partners or groups may not reserve the same court for back-to-back hours.
  7. Users scheduled for a time slot must use that time slot or cancel the reservation before making another reservation.
  8. Disregard and abuse of the reservation policy may lead to the cancellation of reservation privileges in future.
  9. AUS students, staff, faculty and alumni are entitled to reserve the facility.
  10. All reservations end at 10:00 p.m.
  11. For all reservations, general and specific rules apply.