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Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations

Interest-Oriented Clubs

Club Name


Accounting Club

Increase awareness of the importance of the accounting field, and provide vital professional and social interaction within the accounting industry for career-oriented AUS students

Achievement Academy Club

Encourages Achievement Academy students to be proactive and learn to socialize and practice English in their daily lives

Advertising Club

Organizes and promotes activities related to advertising

Aerospace Engineering Club

Gives AUS students the opportunity to gain a clearer and greater understanding  of the aerospace engineering field

American Institute of Architecture Students Club

Promotes architecture and design through various activities

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Club Promotes the personal and professional growth of chemical engineering students as well as increasing the community awareness on the importance of chemical engineering in society

American Society of Civil Engineers Club

Provides essential value to our members, their careers, our partners and the public by developing leadership, advancing technology, advocating lifelong learning, and promoting the civil engineering profession

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Club
Creates a dynamic community of mechanical engineering students active with events, services and gatherings

Arabian Leopard Club

Produces the Arabic version of the student newspaper "The Arabian Leopard".  The club aspires to be a medium for students to develop their Arabic writing skills and display their creativity, as well as a forum for students' contributions that can help preserve and promote Arabic language and culture.

Astronomy Club
Introduces students to the field of Astronomy and organizes related events

AUS Debating Society

Develops the debating skills of our members and encourages them to apply those skills in intercollegiate debate competitions by providing a debate training ground for our members

AUS Fine Arts Club
Creates a common ground for AUS students interested in the world of fine arts

AUS Games Club

Organizes recreational activities for students on campus

AUS Marketing Club

Creates an atmosphere that enables students to develop their knowledge and understanding of marketing

Biology Club
To promote the field of biology and organize related events to students and specially for biology major students

Book Club

Gives members of the AUS community a platform to discuss literature and to encourage and support participation in activities held by the club

Business Management Club

To promote the business management major and organize fun and academically related events

Chemistry Club

To present the science of chemistry in a fun and interesting way and show its relevance to everyday life

College of Arts and Science Student Association

Brings CAS students together through events and activities

Computer Club

Provides an atmosphere and forum for discussion and implementation of computer science methods, theories and techniques, and creates new developments and advancements in the AUS IT development stream.

Computer Engineering Club Provides a platform for computer engineering students to meet and enjoy fun and academic events
Drama Club
Organizes events with dramatic scope like plays for interested students

Economics Club

Organizes and promotes activities relating to the field of economics

Engineers Without Borders Club Organizes outreach events and engineering projects to give back to the society
Entrepreneurship Club
Encourages students to find the entrepreneur within them by organizing lectures and other related events
Environment Club Increases environmental awareness and engages in environmental activities on and off campus
Environmental Sciences Club
The Environmental Sciences Club aims to enlighten students on what it is like to be an environmental scientist today by hosting seminars and inviting  guest speakers to discuss scientific research, highlight significant and relevant environmental issues.
Filmmakers Club
The Filmmakers Club is a place for students interested in editing, filming or acting in a film. The club allows students to experience the actual process of making a film

Finance Club

Provides a platform of professional and social development for students studying finance at AUS 

Gastronomy Club
Gives a chance for students with interest in culinary arts to practice their skills and develop them
Industrial Engineering Club
The club focuses on educating students about industrial engineering through workshops and sites visit

Innovators Club

Encourages talent and skill development, and creates an atmosphere of challenge and innovation among students

Interior Design Student Association Club
A platform for interior design students to meet and get to know each other and help each other while enjoying a wide range of events

Leopard Club

Gives students hands-on opportunities to write, edit and design the official student newspaper

Management Information Systems Club (MIS)

Enhances students' knowledge of information systems and improves their computer and internet skills

Mass Communication Club (MCM)

Spreads awareness about mass communication to all AUS students by organizing related activities and events

Math Club

Encourages undergraduate activities in math and organizes social activities where members can share mathematical interest

Modern Visual Arts Club

Provides students with knowledge about the connection between recent visual art trends and the environment

Motor Sports Club
Provides motor sports enthusiasts a chance to share their interests and introduce it to other students
Movie Club
Aims to recreate the movie experience to all AUS students by screening a wide selection of movies from all over the globe

Music Club

Trains aspiring musicians and organizes concerts for the AUS community

Performing Arts Club
To promote preforming arts between their members

Petroleum Engineering Club

Raises awareness among students about the importance of the regional petroleum industry and helps students of all majors visualize positions they can hold in the industry based on their educational qualifications

Philosophy Club
Educates students about various philosophers throughout history by holding discussion panels and talks

Photography Club

Develops an understanding and appreciation of the art of photography; and gives students an opportunity to express themselves in a visual way and to increase the expertise of the photographers. It also enables them to share their knowledge with one another

Power Hit Radio Club

Entertains the student body by mixing, playing and hosting musical events

Project Management Institute Club
Organizes various events and activities to test and educate students about project management

Realms Literary Club

Publishes a student literary magazine of poetry and prose

Renewable Energy Society
Holds seminars and organizes trips to sites to witness first hand various renewable energy applications

Student Residential Life Association

Publicizes and arranges activities that enhance the on-campus experience of resident students

The Studio Club
The club aims to push the boundaries of what it means to express oneself.  it dedicates itself to creating "movie makers" rather than just movies alone.

Toastmasters Club

Allows students to learn critical skills in the art of public speaking, effective communication, leadership and professional presentations

Traditional Poetry Club
Aims to expose all students to traditional Arab poetry through planned events and activities
Women Empowerment Club
A platform to empower women and share stories of successful women from different fields