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Multicultural Learning Program

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Student Multicultural Learning Program

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Student Multicultural Learning Program

Our Student Multicultural Learning Program provides numerous opportunities for students to gain firsthand knowledge of cultural diversity.

It also expands their understanding of the cultural, historical and sociological backgrounds of the UAE and of other countries around the world. By providing them with opportunities to discover and explore new horizons, we ensure that our students gain practical knowledge, skills and experiences that augment their perception of cultural diversity which helps them become effective citizens of a global society. Our students also learn about diversity in business, government, politics and lifestyle that exist in other societies around the world.

Our program aims to bring together individuals and groups of students who are interested in multicultural learning and provides them with opportunities outside the classroom to realize their personal goals.

Our program benefits include:

  • Providing students with opportunities wherein they learn to respect and appreciate cultural diversity.
  • Expanding students' understanding of unique cultures, ethnicities and heritage.
  • Providing students with a deeper understanding of ethnic diversity.
  • Providing students with the opportunity to explore other countries and discover its culture, history and places.

We organize a number of events and activities. Some of these include:

  • Local field trips - visits to popular historical sites, museums, cultural centers and heritage areas in the UAE.
  • International trips - tour of specific countries that are undertaken during long university breaks.
  • Multicultural events and programs in collaboration with embassies and consulates in the UAE.
  • Multicultural events and programs in collaboration with cultural clubs and associations in the UAE.