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Department of Physics

Department of physics
A solid knowledge of physics and astronomy helps students better understand the world around them.
Students in our department studying physics and astronomy relate to concepts they encounter in everyday life, such as Newton's laws of motion and Einstein's theory of relativity, and know more about the stars: why they "move" the way they do, why they change with the seasons, and how far away they are.

Our students also apply the concepts of physics and astronomy to other fields in the applied sciences and engineering. A strong background in physics and astronomy gives our students the foundational skills they need to make meaningful contributions to a variety of scientific and technological innovations. The applications of studies and research in physics and astronomy are just one of the many reasons these fields are in high demand.

The Department of Physics offers students a comprehensive minor in physics with the opportunity to focus on space physics or the physics of lasers and semiconductors. We also provide foundational courses for students majoring in fields that require a solid grounding in physics, such as engineering and the environmental sciences. In addition, our department offers exciting general science courses on conceptual physics and astronomy for students studying a variety of areas as diverse as business, architecture, humanities and social sciences.

Our highly-qualified faculty members conduct original research in their fields of expertise and explore a variety of pedagogical methods to develop innovative teaching approaches. Our department also strives to provide a supportive work environment for students, faculty and staff.

We invite you to explore all the opportunities that studying physics and astronomy has to offer.