American University of Sharjah

Department of Arabic and Translation Studies

Department of arabic and translation studies

Through our diverse range of courses, we aim to bring the rich culture and heritage of Arabia to our students.

Our mission at the Department of Arabic and Translation Studies is to cultivate our students' knowledge and understanding of Arabic language and literature, Arab and Islamic studies, and Arabic/English translation and intercultural studies with the aim of preparing our graduates for academic and professional success.

For Arabic language and literature (including comparative literature) and Arab and Islamic studies, our students acquire the necessary linguistic, literary, historical and cultural knowledge of Arabic and associated cultural contexts and develop the ability to reflect critically on these areas. In our Arabic/English translation and intercultural studies, students acquire the knowledge of and the tools for the use of the two languages effectively in a variety of media, genres and contexts that pertain to translation as intercultural communication.

We currently offer minor programs in Arabic language and literature and in translation and also house the well-known graduate program in Arabic/English/Arabic translation and interpreting.