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Shahin HodaShahin Hoda is an AUS electrical engineering graduate and continuing MBA student who studied abroad at Louisiana State University during Fall Semester 2009.

"I found my study abroad experience to be an eye opener. Adjusting to the environment in the US was easy because of the student activities we had during the orientation and the welcoming students. There were a lot of student organizations with a variety of events offered. The educational system makes you more independent as you have to learn to do everything by yourself and complete the assigned tasks on time. Everyone should go study abroad for a semester as you learn a lot and become more open to other cultures."  


Sarwar Hossein is an AUS English Language and Literature student who studied abroad at Kansas State University, USA, during Fall 2014.

"Going abroad you think you are going to learn about other cultures and other people, but actually, you end up learning about yourself." 

no image profileBasim Ahmed is an AUS mass communications graduate who studied abroad at James Madison University during Fall Semester 2009.

"I left with the intention of having a good experience and learning more about other cultures. I came back with all this and more. I became more open minded and helpful through this study abroad experience. The environment was great and the people were friendly and welcoming.  James Madison University is a huge campus with a large and active student body. The school spirit could be seen through the range of activities offered to the students, from parties and dinners to movie nights.  The International Students Association held a weeklong orientation for exchange and new students, filled with fun events and icebreakers. Also, I really liked the courses I was taking as they were diverse and interesting. During my stay, I lived in exchange student housing, so I got the opportunity to interact and learn from other exchange students."   


Michelle Bergeron Michelle Bergeron studied abroad at AUS during Spring Semester 2013.

"Before coming, I was unsure if studying abroad was the right choice for me. Now that I'm here, I wouldn't trade my experiences for anything.  So many of my dreams came true during my semester at AUS!" 

no image profileRemi Majeski studied abroad at AUS during Spring Semester 2013. 

"It has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience that has opened my eyes to endless possibilities"