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Sponsorship Liaison Services

Sponsorship Liaison Services

Sponsorship Liaison Services

Welcome to the Sponsorship Liaison Office (SLO).

We are responsible for coordinating between external sponsoring organizations and the students they sponsor at our university. We plan, develop and administer the sponsorship program and provide support to eligible students enrolled at AUS.

We offer a range of services. These include:

  • coordinating with sponsors to ensure effective implementation of their rules and regulations
  • following-up and monitoring the academic progress of sponsored students during their course of study at AUS.
  • providng counseling and guidance to sponsored students and their parents during the enrollment process
  • providing assistance with various administrative matters at the university, such as financial affairs and housing
  • organizing and manage meetings between students and their sponsoring organizations

Obtaining Sponsorship

Interested applicants must approach the sponsoring organizations directly. Once a scholarship is granted, the applicant must complete all admission formalities by the deadline specified. We are happy to assist applicants with the formalities involved.

Required documents to be submitted to the sponsoring entity

  • valid passport copy
  • copy of the family registration document (UAE nationals only)
  • copy of identity card (in color)
  • high school diploma attested by the Ministry of Education
  • Letter of Admission from AUS
  • academic transcript (graduate and transfer students)
  • a recent passport-size photograph

Retaining Your Sponsorship

  • Maintain the required semester minimum GPA as set by the sponsor.
  • Maintain the required minimum cumulative GPA as set by the sponsor.
  • Register for the compulsory number of courses each semester as required by the sponsor.
  • Agree and commit to the program/major approved by the sponsor.
  • Agree and commit to the terms and conditions of the employment contract, if required.
  • Complete the graduation requirements within the period specified by the sponsor.

Typical Fees and Charges Covered by Sponsors

  • Activity fee
  • Tuition fee
  • Medical Insurance (Plan I or Plan II)
  • Residential halls
  • Utility services
  • Text books
  • Transportation

Financial support is set by the sponsor. For more information about your sponsorship options and requirements, please contact your sponsor directly.

Sponsorship Programs Available

  • Study only
  • Study and salary
  • Study and post-graduation employment
  • Study, salary and post-graduation employment

Tips for Sponsored Students

  • You must read all received emails from the sponsoring organization and SLO and respond to all communication from both entities in a timely manner.
  • You must adhere to the sponsoring organization's terms and conditions as stated in the contract in order to retain the sponsorship.
  • You must obtain prior approval from the sponsor before making any changes to your academic status at AUS.
  • You must notify the sponsor in case you plan to withdraw from the program, or withdraw from any of the registered courses.