American University of Sharjah

Program Areas and Courses

General Education Program

Computer Literacy

Goal I. Investigate how digital technology can facilitate inquiry and the advancement of knowledge

Outcome I.1 Demonstrate how digital technology can contribute to understanding

Outcome I.2. Demonstrate the ability to use digital technology to enhance analysis, description and presentation


One of the courses listed below:

ARC 201 Architectural Design Studio I

BIS 101 Business Information Systems

CHE 240 Computer Methods in Chemical Engineering

CMP 120 Programming I (formally Introduction to Computer Science I)

COE 210 Programming I

CVE 211 Fundamentals of Graphics and Computer Programming

DES 230 Digital Media in Communication Design

IDE 201 Interior Design Studio I

MCE 226L Computer Applications in Mechanical Engineering I

MCM 100 Introduction to Digital Media Design

MTH 103 Calculus I

MUM 201 Multimedia Design Studio I

QBA 201 Quantitative Business Analysis

STA 201 Introduction to Statistics for Engineering and Natural Sciences

STA 202 Introduction to Statistics for Social Sciences

VIS 201 Design Studio I