American University of Sharjah

Program Areas and Courses

General Education Program

Arts and Literature

Courses in this area must meet the UAE Commission for Academic Accreditation's requirement to ensure that all undergraduate students complete the equivalent of one or more university-level courses in the humanities or arts

Goal D. Appreciate the roles of creative endeavors in enriching the human condition

Outcome D.1 [study of arts/literature] Identify, interpret, and explain themes in works of literature or art

Outcome D.2.[study of arts/literature] Explain how artistic and literary traditions have influenced individuals, cultures or societies


Outcome D.3. [engagement in arts/literature] Demonstrate an understanding of creative processes through the production of works of art or literature

Outcome D.4. [engagement in arts/literature] Reflect upon and explain the decisions made during the creative process


Three to six credits from the following courses:

ARA 103 Arabic Music_Historical  Context

ARA 201 Arabic Literature in Translation

ARA 206 Modern Arabic Prose

ARA 207 Arabic Drama

ARA 209 Modern Arabic History through Literature

ARA 301 Arabic prose until 3rd C AH

ARA 304 Modern Arabic Poetry

ARA 306 Arabic Travel Writings

ARA 312 Modern Arabic Lit_Prose and Poetry

ARA 332 Women Writers from the Gulf

ARA 350 Literature of the Arabian Gulf

ARA 39413 Arabic Rhetoric

ARA 403 War_Peace in Arabic Lit_Film

ARC 49802 Architecture and Culture in Contemporary Japan 

ART 101 Survey of Art

ART 111 Freehand Drawing

ART 141 Introductory Painting

ART 142 Painting: The Practice of Color

ART 203 Da Vinci and the Age of Discovery

ART 211 Intermediate Drawing

ART 280 Introduction to Pottery

ART 29301 Art and Architecture in Italy

ART 29404 Figurative Drawing

ART 361 Michelangelo: Painter, Sculptor, Architect

ART 362 Bernini: Architect, Sculptor, Designer  

ART 39408 Contemporary Art  

ART 39409 Art and Life of Caravaggio

DES 101 Design Foundations For Non-majors

DES 111 Descriptive Drawing I (for non-CAAD majors)

DES 112 Descriptive Drawing II (for non-CAAD majors)

DES 121 Introduction to Architecture and Design History (for non-CAAD majors)

DES 122 Modern Developments in Architecture and Design (for non-CAAD majors)

DES 131 Design Foundations I (for non-CAAD majors)

DES 132 Design Foundations II (for non-CAAD majors)

DES 221 Printing and Reproduction Methods in Design 

DES 29301 Seeing and Drawing History in Italy

ENG 185 Playing with Texts

ENG 210 Introduction to Literature

ENG 214 Nineteenth Century American Literature

ENG 215 Contemporary World Literature

ENG 301 Creative Writing

ENG 308 British Literature Until 1600

ENG 309 British Literature: 1600-1800

ENG 310 Nineteenth Century British Literature

ENG 311 Twentieth Century British Literature

ENG 314 Twentieth Century American Literature

ENG 316 Modern Drama and Beyond

ENG 378 Literature as Film

ENG 393 Shakespeare on Film

ENG 39404 The Politics of Literature: George Orwell

ENG 39405 Transnational Identity in South Asian Literature 

ENG 39406 The Dystopian Imagination 

ENG 410 The American Novel

ENG 421 Early English Novel

ENG 430 Modern British Novel

FLM 100 The Art of Film

FLM 201 History of Film to 1945

FLM 202 History of Film since 1945

FLM 203 History of Arab Film

FLM 206 Cities and Cinema 

FLM 210 Narrative Structure in Film

FLM 310 Film Production I

FLM 360 Screenwriting

FLM 401 Significant Film Genres

IDS 39404 The Symbolists

MCM 378 Literary Journalism

MUM 39401 Introduction to Mobile Application Design  

MUS 100 Elements of Music  

MUS 101 Class Voice and Music Notation

MUS 102 Oud and Buzuk Class 

MUS 170 Class Piano 

MUS 200 Introduction to European Classical Music

MUS 202 Survey of World Music

MUS 203 Introduction to Arabic, Turkish and Persian Classical Music 

MUS 270 Class Piano and History  

MUS 302 Women and Performing Arts

MUS 377 Piano Literature

MUS 39403 Conducting and Rehearsal Procedures

MUS 39404 Studio Piano (1 credit)

MUS 39408 Music Composition and Technology 

MUS 39409 Musical Theatre and Performance 

MUS 470 Chamber Music with Piano I

THE 101 Theatre Appreciation

THE 102 Dramatic Process

THE 141 Stagecraft

THE 230 Dramatic Literature

THE 242 Elements of Theatrical Design

THE 245 Technical Theatre Laboratory

THE 246 Costume Design

THE 251 Rehearsal and Performance

THE 253 Musical Theatre Production

THE 255 Voice and Movement I

THE 29411 Costume I

THE 301 Musical Theatre History

THE 346 Theatrical Makeup and Special Effects

THE 361 Playwriting

THE 39403 Advanced Costume For Theatre and Fashion

THE 39408 Acting Styles 

WST 250 Women's Voices Across Cultures