American University of Sharjah

Program Areas and Courses

General Education Program

Natural Sciences

Goal F. Recognize the value of the natural and physical sciences

Outcome F.1. Explain how scientific hypotheses are conceived and tested

Outcome F.2. Explain how basic scientific concepts are related to contemporary issues

Goal G. Employ quantitative reasoning as a conceptual tool for analysis and description

Outcome G.1. Analyze data to identify quantitative and qualitative relationships

Goal H. Develop the skills and abilities to thoughtfully seek information, critically analyze sources, and clearly formulate complex ideas

Outcome H.4. Structure clear and persuasive arguments based on an analysis and presentation of evidence


Two courses (for a minimum of six credits) from the list below:

ARC 354 Environmental Energies and Building Form

BIO 101 General Biology I

BIO 102 General Biology II

BIO 103 Introduction to Human Biology

BIO 210 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

CHM 101 General Chemistry I

CHM 102 General Chemistry II

CHM 104 Basics of Chemistry

ENV 100 Principles of Environmental Science

ENV 19401 Introduction to Sustainability 

ENV 201 Fundamentals of Environmental Science

ENV 29402 Sustainability Science 

IDS 29401 Scientific Concepts behind Environmental Rhetoric in the UAE

PHY 100 Conceptual Physics

PHY 101 General Physics I

PHY 101L General Physics Laboratory I

PHY 102 General Physics II

PHY 102L General Physics Laboratory II

PHY 103 Astronomy

PHY 104 Physics for Architects

PHY 113 Introduction to Astrophysics