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This program is more than just a performance program. It is a place to nurture creativity and develop strong and effective decision-making and leadership skills.
Anthony Tassa

The Performing Arts Program provides students from any AUS major program the opportunity to explore personal creativity. With myriad opportunities to take leadership roles and develop the soft skills necessary for success in the real world, this program is more than just a performance program. It is a place to nurture creativity and develop strong and effective decision making and leadership skills.

The Performing Arts Program offers minors in music and theatre, each requiring 18 credits of study. Students may pursue studies in any number of areas: singing, piano, choir, Arabic music, acting, costume and scenic design, stage management, and playwriting. This study includes participation, either on stage or backstage, in three program events. The program offers a marvelous opportunity for our students to not only excel in a creative endeavor, but to be part of a program on campus that develops ensemble, comradery, and will certainly make the university experience more well-rounded.

In addition, the program features top-tier international guest artists every year through its AUS International Festivals. The theatre and music festivals alternate years and offer our students a plethora of experiences, matched only by the finest universities in the region. Guided by skillful professional faculty members, we invite AUS students from all across campus to join us, become part of something truly special, and get into the action!

Anthony Tassa,

Professor in Performing Arts and Coordinator, Performing Arts Program


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College of Arts and Sciences

Kholoud Sawaf

My time at the Performing Arts Program was my first introduction to combining artistic instincts with training. I was so inspired and moved by the environment, work and the education offered at the Performing Arts Program at AUS, that it became a home and stirred me to pursue theatre as a graduate degree -- as I later did. That’s how life changing events happen to us; a moment of true inspiration.

College of Arts and Sciences

Kevin Rose Dias

The Performing Arts Program is a sanctuary for those AUS artists who dare to dream big but at the same time need a warm, simple place to begin. I walked into the program never having been on a stage before and walked out having had solo performances in over seven concerts and productions with an audience of over a hundred people per show. The faculty encourages professional performance practices and grooms you to a potential you never knew you had.