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Small class sizes ensure that individual attention is given to our students and that strong mentoring relationships between faculty and students are formed.
Dr. Abed Al-Nasser Abdallah

Welcome to the Department of Accounting at the School of Business Administration.

Accounting is the language of business, and at the heart of every organization, be it public, private or governmental. There are many reasons why you should choose accounting as your major. Accounting provides flexibility, whether you are in fashion, politics, sports, finance and banking, construction, non-profit or government. Despite a common misconception, you do not need to be a math genius to major in accounting. Accountants are respected business professionals, and accounting is known to be one of the most trustworthy professions. You will become a trusted advisor to others where you work, and your opinion will matter in making business decisions. Accountants have a much better understanding of money, finance and businesses than any other major. Many accountants end up becoming financial planners, fund managers, banking specialists, fraud investigators, external or internal auditors, and tax experts. Another common misconception about accounting is that it is boring and requires you to be in front of the computer, number crunching. Although it does require a certain amount of number crunching, accounting is far from boring, as it engages people and organizations in negotiation, counseling and creative business decision-making based on well-calculated numbers and facts.

The bachelor’s degree in accounting at American University of Sharjah is designed to equip students with the necessary tools to think critically, communicate well, compile and analyze data, and make logical decisions and professional judgments in an ethical way. Completing this undergraduate degree will open many doors for careers in the world of accounting, finance, business and government. For more information about the requirements to receive a bachelor’s degree in accounting, please click here

Although accounting jobs are in high demand, there is a stiff competition. That’s why students need to distinguish themselves and obtain one of the certificates that are acceptable in the market. These certificates may include, but are not limited to, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Internal Auditors (CIA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA). The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) requires five years of education, which prepares students to be external auditors and qualified to work in public accounting firms such as “The Big Four.” That is why our Department of Accounting established the Master of Science in Accounting (MSA), which qualifies students to take the CPA exam and receive a license from one of the USA jurisdictions. For more information about the MSA, please click here . For the truly ambitious, our five-year accelerated program enables students to obtain both their BSBA in Accounting degree and the MSA degree within five years.

At the Department of Accounting, we nurture and mentor our students. Our classes are small as part of our approach to learning,  which centers around the students’ needs. This ensures that learning is tailored towards individual needs, and creates a strong channel of communication between students and professors. 

Our faculty are highly qualified, both academically and professionally, and come from reputable universities in the US, Canada and UK. Our faculty conduct and publish high-quality research in reputable journals and in different accounting areas. Our students in the Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) program take part in faculty research as co-authors or Graduate Research Assistants. 

I invite you to contact our department for further information (click here), and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our undergraduate (BSBA) and graduate (MSA) programs in accounting. We will be here for you and help you determine if this exciting field of business is right for you.

 Join our accounting programs, so you can learn, and earn.


Dr. Abed Al-Nasser Abdallah

Head of Department


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Mahnoor Mehmood

“AUS has always been and will always be my second home! It goes without saying that I still miss the campus and faculty (my other family) who were, and still are, always there for me whenever I need advice. The moral lessons taught are still helping me manage my work and social life and I can’t thank AUS enough for molding us that way." – Mahnoor Mehmood, accounting major, class of 2016, Associate Financial Analyst at Abbott.

School of Business Administration

Mariam Mohsen

“Being a student at the School of Business Administration at AUS is a great opportunity. The learning experience I receive at AUS is unique and interesting through the different business and other major courses that are offered. The professors at SBA make classes really interesting by bringing real life examples into class. AUS does not only offer textbook knowledge but also integrates this knowledge with activities done on campus like different workshops, lectures, and gatherings. I am really pleased with my choice of joining SBA and am very excited to see what experience and knowledge I will receive in the next 2 years.” – Mariam Mohsen, a sophomore majoring in accounting.

School of Business Administration
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