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A finance degree opens career opportunities for our graduates in many areas, including corporate and international financial management, personal financial planning, investment and advising services, financial risk management and trading.
Osamah AlKhazali

Welcome to the Department of Finance at the School of Business Administration.

Finance can be defined as both the art and science of managing money. Money is the lifeblood of any business, and finance is the study of how that lifeblood circulates. Finance is concerned with the entire process of raising money for organizations, allocating and subsequently investing in the most efficient manner. It is also concerned with banking, insurance, real estate, innovation, entrepreneurship, markets and personal finance.

A finance degree opens career opportunities for our graduates in many areas, including corporate and international financial management, personal financial planning, investment and advising services, financial risk management, and trading. Finance majors are typically employed by financial institutions such as commercial and investment banks, brokerage firms, insurance and real estate companies, as well as various government entities. Finance knowledge is required for an abundance of job prospects as virtually every organization and industry includes finance functions. The Department of Finance offers an undergraduate major that prepares students well for these careers, providing them with hands-on experience in the classroom.

As a CFA Institute Program Partner, we ensure that our curriculum is continuously updated to incorporate the main CFA Level I teachings. Our state-of-the-art Interactive Trading Floor (ITF) provides students with real-time access to financial and economic data from around the world, helping them to develop a profound understanding of how international financial markets work. In the ITF, we refine students’ analytical skills, introduce them to various trading techniques, and improve their data modeling and forecasting abilities. We also provide students with the opportunity to become Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters certified. We offer to date, the first and only Bloomberg Experiential Education Program in the region.

Our dedicated finance faculty are focused on delivering the best educational experience to our students. They regularly publish their research in renowned academic and professional journals and participate in national and international conferences. Faculty specialties include corporate financial management, financial markets and valuation, investments and asset pricing, conventional and Islamic banking, and international finance.

Our finance department is globally recognized, with US News & World Report ranking AUS as the top university in the Arab region for studying finance.

Osamah AlKhazali, PhD 
Head of Department


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School of Business Administration

Zeena Raef Abou El Naja

“One thing I learned from AUS is that success is not attained by achieving a single goal, but rather creating new goals once one is achieved. The more you achieve, the more you strive for what’s next, and that is the key to success.” – Zeena Raef Abou El Naja, finance major, Class of 2016, Transaction Banking International graduate, Standard Chartered Bank

School of Business Administration

Vana Borghosizian

“My SBA experience was incredibly rewarding. I am grateful for the developmental opportunities available in SBA offered by our supportive professors as well as student organizations, such as the Finance Executives.” – Vana Borghosizian, a senior majoring in finance.