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The Master of Urban Planning program at AUS views current and future cities in the region to be laden with opportunities for its graduates to enhance the health of the environment, and the wellbeing of current and future generations.
Jerry Kolo

The Master of Urban Planning (MUP) program at AUS is in the business of equipping professionals with the knowledge, skills, experience and passion to work with policy makers, corporations, philanthropies and grassroots citizens in order to make cities livable, sustainable, sociable, affordable and equitable.

Cities are deemed to be among the greatest, if not the greatest, “inventions” of all time. They are places where the past, the present and the future converge.  They harbor natural, human, economic and physical resources necessary for innovation, entrepreneurship and prosperity. As a result, they are perpetual magnets for people of all aspirations, and their population continues to grow quantumly.

Cities are also enabling and competitive spaces. In light of this, the critical functions of government must include calibrating and managing resources and opportunities on one hand, and people’s needs and aspirations on the other. Urban planning is one of the foremost mechanisms by which governments seek to make cities an enabling environment for all people.

Cities have a long and rich history, and their present and future conditions are influenced by factors that cannot be completely tamed by humans. It is in the face of these factors that planners, as technocrats, must collaborate with all other societal stakeholders to formulate feasible plans to make cities livable for all.

The MUP program at CAAD is an exemplary program for educating urban planners in the region. Its graduates now permeate key public and corporate agencies shaping urban policies and plans in the region.  In line with the broad trajectory of AUS, the MUP program views current and future cities in the region to be laden with opportunities and prospects for its graduates to contribute to the advancement of the health of the environment, and the wellbeing of current and future generations.


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Shatha Al Suwaidi


As a civil engineer, I always knew that most challenging problems in cities were the planning of infrastructure and community facilities, problems that could only be addressed with good professional training as an urban planner. When I discovered that the MUP program at AUS was the best one in the UAE, with great faculty and educational facilities, I decided to join it.  Today, working as Director of Infrastructure Projects at Nakheel, one of the biggest real estate development companies in the world, and being responsible for the construction of roads, utility facilities, and sustainable communities, I have been able to apply the knowledge and skills I learned in the AUS MUP.

Master of Urban Planning
College of Architecture, Art and Design

Dr. Shaima AlHarmoodi

PhD in Project Management (British University in Dubai).

I entered the MUP program because I wanted fulfill my passion for urban sustainability, to provide me with the right knowledge to leave my imprint in UAE cities, and to give me the foundations to pursue doctoral studies. The AUS MUP prepared me to continue my academic journey towards obtaining a PhD in Project Management at the American University in Dubai.

Master of Urban Planning
College of Architecture, Art and Design

Omar Thiab

Senior Manager for CAD & Survey, Dubai Creative Clusters Authority

As someone with more than 30 years of professional experience in the field of civil  engineering, including 16 years in urban master planning, studying urban planning at AUS helped me to fill the gap between practice and theory. The MUP program has taught me about the various theories and schools of thought in urban planning along with the appropriate tools to apply those theories to real world problems. The program has helped me to think critically and to address urban planning problems in a methodical professional way. Given that one of my jobs is to review, critique, and approve large master plans for my company, the MUP has prepared me to undertake these tasks with confidence and knowing that I am applying the highest standards in the industry.

Master of Urban Planning
College of Architecture, Art and Design

Humaid Abdulla Al Hammadi

Land Allocation Unit Head, Dubai Municipality

As an urbanist, I've always been passionate about urban design and city planning. After graduating with my bachelor's degree in architectural engineering I wanted to pursue graduate studies in urban planning. I chose the Master of Urban Planning at AUS because it is the best in the region.  The MUP program gave me the right urban planning knowledge and skills to perform better at my job in the Dubai Municipality and proposing better policies for the city.

Master of Urban Planning
College of Architecture, Art and Design

Mohamed Hasan AlMutawwa

Manager, Green Economy, RTA Dubai

Because cities have grown dramatically in size and population, a proper specialization in urban planning is key to manage urban growth. Being a planner in Dubai, one of the fastest growing cities in the world, it is critical to master the profession of city planning. The MUP program taught me how to create vibrant places, encourage social equality, foster economic growth, and adapt cities to climate change.

Master of Urban Planning
College of Architecture, Art and Design
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