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Our on-campus facilities that include a state-of-the-art audio-visual studio and two Mac-based labs are meant to support quality media education that empowers our graduating students to join the market with full confidence.
Mohammad Ayish

Welcome to the Department of Mass Communication (MCM)!  As the sole professional program in the College of Arts and Sciences, we are keen on providing a media education program that both responds to UAE and GCC market needs and rhymes with international academic standards. The Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication program offers three concentrations in journalism, advertising and public relations in addition to an area in general mass communication. Our faculty combine the finest international communications industry experience with the best academic preparation in media education. At MCM, we celebrate cultural diversity as our faculty and students hail from over 16 nationalities. 

At the MCM department, we care very much about enhancing students’ learning experience through engagement with updated theoretical knowledge and hands-on training. We’ve embarked on upgrading our curriculum to match accelerating trends in the global communications landscape by emphasizing digital and social practices, mobile and multimedia journalism, storytelling and integrated marketing communication perspectives.  

Our on-campus facilities that include a state-of-the-art audio-visual studio and two Mac-based labs are meant to support quality media education that empowers our graduating students to join the market with full confidence.

We are also keen on fostering relations with media industries and the community at large. Our students are systematically exposed to new trends in the market through professionals’ classroom visits, field trips to media sites and a comprehensive internship program.  An Advisory Board comprising of leading media and communications figures has been set up to help the department align its learning outcomes with changing market trends. We very much care about engaging our students with professional media practices by motivating them to participate in national and international competitions. We’re extremely proud to see our alumni taking up positions in top-notch organizations like The Guardian, Bloomberg, Google, Ogilvy, Brunswick, Gulf News, The National, the Government Communication Office, Mubadala and many others.

As we move forward to a new phase of the MCM program development, we are determined to maintain a program that syncs with industry transitions; reflects international standards in media education and embraces the core values of the College of Arts and Sciences and of AUS at large.

Mohammad Ayish, PhD

Head of Department


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College of Arts and Sciences

Zain Al Masri


I completed my undergraduate degree with a major in mass communications (MCM) at American University of Sharjah. I chose to study at AUS because it stood out above the rest. I like the hands-on approach of the courses within the MCM program because it has taken my learning beyond theory. I have learned to apply my knowledge through experiences like giving presentations, working in teams, and active involvement in programs. Graduating with a degree in MCM made me better prepared to get into the workforce. What I enjoyed most about the MCM program is the variety of classes it offers and how it has given me the opportunity to meet people from all majors and backgrounds. The classes and connections I have made through AUS have strengthened my passion for advertising. Being surrounded by intelligent individuals in discussion-based classes has shown me how powerful young minds can be, and I feel inspired by my peers every day.

College of Arts and Sciences

Kareem Shaheen

The Guardian, UK

The journalism program at MCM was invaluable in instilling in me the fundamental skills necessary for a successful career as a journalist -- namely accuracy, objectivity and conciseness while working on deadline. I owe my career so far to the passion, wisdom and encouragement of the faculty, who in addition to teaching me how to be a good journalist also pushed me to publish my work and submit it to public scrutiny early in my years in the program. The contacts and skills I developed while I was at AUS helped set me on the path to being a successful journalist in an ever-changing media environment with an evolving set of challenges. I wouldn't trade my time at MCM for anything.

College of Arts and Sciences

Jamal Al Mawed

Regional PR and Corporate Communications Manager, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

The MCM program at AUS is without a doubt an outright leader in the region for comms degrees and it gave me a fantastic basis to start my career and achieve the success that I have. Even when hiring for agencies or brand-side jobs, MCM graduates tend to be prioritized as they have a reputation for being well-rounded.

College of Arts and Sciences

Mohammed Nazer

I had been a student at AUS for a few years prior to joining the Department of Mass Communications and I can honestly say no other department can compete with it. The best way to describe this department is "home." The professors and students are always there to help and support you with academic and non-academic issues; you are never left alone or lost. There are fun gatherings and useful events that everyone can partake in. An open door policy that goes all the way up past the heads to the deans themselves, and alumni who are willing to support new students at the drop of a hat. This is not just my major, not just another department, this is my family. If I fall, I have many hands to lift me up again.