Department head's message

We are committed to disseminating mathematical knowledge through excellence in research, innovative teaching in a friendly learning environment, and services to the university and community at large.
Abdul Salam Jarrah, PhD

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the American University of Sharjah!

The department provides, based on the American model, core education in mathematics and statistics that equips the students with the quantitative and reasoning skills to be life-long learners and successful professionals in their fields. The department conducts internationally recognized research, and engages with the wider community through professional consultation, academic collaboration, and other outreach activities.

In addition to many preparatory and general education mathematics and statistics courses offered to all disciplines on campus, the department offers courses leading to several degrees:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  2. Master of Science in Mathematics
  3. Minor in Actuarial Mathematics
  4. Minor in Applied and Computational Mathematics
  5. Minor in Data Science

We are very proud of our alumni and their accomplishments. Some of them occupy competitive positions at local, regional, and international companies in industry, finance, media, and other fields. Others are dedicated teachers in high schools and higher education institutions in the region. While some others have successfully joined post-graduate programs at major institutions in North America and Europe including Texas A&M University, University of British Columbia, University of Maryland, Cornell University, University of Lille, and others.

We are committed to disseminating mathematical knowledge through excellence in research, innovative teaching in a friendly learning environment, and services to the university and community at large. They have diverse background and professional experience from leading institutions in US, Canada, and Europe, and their research findings appear in top-rated international journals in their field of expertise. To learn more about our faculty members, please visit their profiles.

The department is a member of the American Mathematical Society. It is active in hosting and organizing professional international conferences, special events, and seminar series. The department is continuously seeking to enhance the students’ learning experience through student conferences and general public lectures. Our Mathematics Learning Center offers free (in-person and online) tutoring services to all freshman and sophomore math students.

For further information about our programs, research, and service activities, feel free to contact or visit us. We are in the New Academic Building (NAB) in the College of Arts and Sciences. Thank you.



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College of Arts and Sciences

Nadia Akbarmolaei

Although mathematics used to seem to me a difficult conundrum, but after majoring in it I have changed my perspective. Mathematics helped me open my eyes and view every course as a life story and every problem as an experience. It influenced my decisions and choices by teaching me how to think logically and rationally. It challenged me and helped me become a great critical thinker and a creative problem solver. I have been inspired a lot by the great theories and thoughts in math and this has encouraged me to pursue research and continue towards higher education in mathematics and statistics. I am proud that I chose mathematics as my major.

Master of Science in Mathematics (MSMTH)
College of Arts and Sciences

Jalal Al Hallak

I was fortunate enough to have studied for the Master of Science in Mathematics at American University of Sharjah. The program not only enriched my knowledge, but also made me realize the beauty of mathematics. I am deeply grateful to my professors for their help during my studies, for their patience, commitment, readiness to support, and face-to-face meetings. Without their continuing advice and support, mathematically as well as personally, I may not have accomplished as much as I did.

College of Arts and Sciences

Rana Itani

Ever since I completed my bachelor’s degree in mathematics, my dream was to pursue my studies in the field I loved the most. With my traveling to UAE and having a family of my own, I felt that my dream was no longer achievable. That, of course, was before I knew about the master’s program in mathematics that AUS offered. I joined AUS believing that this place would provide me with the full support I might require and all my expectations were met. AUS faculty soon became my second family. The experience I had studying at this place was far beyond amazing. I was able to enhance my mathematical knowledge and advance my teaching skills with the chance offered to me by joining the graduate teaching assistantship. I am truly thankful to AUS for the three amazing years I spent at its fabulous campus and I would definitely recommend the graduate program in mathematics to all young mathematicians who are eager to sharpen their knowledge.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
College of Arts and Sciences

Aazim Haque

Studying mathematics sometimes made me wonder if I would ever be able to find a job outside academia, but seeing that I now work as a data analyst at a media agency, I can say I was definitely wrong. The logical mindset and analytical skills I had fresh out of AUS allowed me to become a valuable member of my team and start contributing in ways even my more experienced colleagues could not. The things you learn by studying mathematics are incredibly fundamental, but also in short supply in the professional world, so they will help you stand out no matter where you end up working.


College of Arts and Sciences

Khalid AlQassimi

When I joined the university, I least expected myself to be part of the mathematics department. After rigorous discussion and research, I concluded that graduating with a mathematics degree not only allows me a world of job opportunities but also develops a new way of thinking. Now that I've found my department, I wouldn't trade it for the world.