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Why mathematics?

Studying mathematics at the university level provides numerous advantages and opens up a world of possibilities for your career. Here are some key reasons to consider:

Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at American University of Sharjah!

Our department follows the American model, providing a comprehensive education in mathematics and statistics that equips students with the quantitative and reasoning skills essential for lifelong learning and success in their chosen fields. We are actively engaged in internationally recognized research and collaborate with the wider community through professional consultation, academic partnerships and outreach initiatives.

Alongside a diverse range of preparatory and general education mathematics and statistics courses available to all disciplines on campus, we offer programs leading to two degrees and three undergraduate minors: |-BREAK-|

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Master of Science in Mathematics

Minor in Actuarial Mathematics

Minor in Applied and Computational Mathematics

Minor in Data Science

We take immense pride in the achievements of our alumni. Many have secured competitive positions in local, regional and international companies across industries such as finance, media and beyond. Others have become dedicated educators at high schools and higher education institutions in the region. Several have pursued graduate programs at renowned institutions in North America and Europe, including Texas A&M University, University of British Columbia, University of Maryland, Cornell University, University of Lille and more.

Our commitment to disseminating mathematical knowledge is demonstrated through excellence in research, innovative teaching in a supportive learning environment, and service to the university and the wider community. Our faculty members possess diverse backgrounds and professional experience from leading institutions in the US, Canada and Europe. Their research findings are published in top-rated international journals within their respective areas of expertise. To learn more about our faculty, we encourage you to explore their profiles.

As a member of the American Mathematical Society, our department actively hosts and organizes professional international conferences, special events and seminar series. We consistently strive to enhance students' learning experiences by organizing student conferences and offering engaging public lectures. The Mathematics Learning Center provides free tutoring services for first-year and sophomore math students.

For further information about our programs, research endeavors and service activities, we encourage you to reach out to us or visit our department, located in the New Academic Building (NAB) within the College of Arts and Sciences. Thank you for your interest.

Dr. Abdul Salam Jarrah
Professor and Department Head


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Master of Science in Mathematics
PhD in Mathematics (PhD-MTH)
Minor in Actuarial Mathematics
Minor in Applied and Computational Mathematics
Minor in Data Science

Why study mathematics at AUS?

Studying mathematics at AUS offers distinct advantages:

High-quality education and adherence to the American model

AUS is renowned for its commitment to academic rigor and offers a comprehensive, well-rounded education in mathematics.

Exceptional math programs

AUS offers a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Master of Science in Mathematics, and minors in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Actuarial Mathematics and Data Science. These programs are on par with prestigious American universities, ensuring access to top-quality education.

Engagement in cutting-edge projects and research

AUS provides students with opportunities to collaborate with faculty members, engage in cutting-edge projects and potentially publish their work. Research projects are integrated into the curriculum for bachelor of science students, while master of science students write a master's thesis.

Renowned faculty

Our faculty are renowned experts who have graduated from prestigious universities in the USA, Canada and the UK. They actively publish their research in top peer-reviewed journals and present their work at national and international conferences.

Internship program

AUS offers an optional internship program, enabling students to gain practical training in various industries, businesses and schools. This program enhances their professional development and provides real-world experience.

Successful alumni

AUS mathematics alumni have successful careers in diverse sectors, including IT, banking, insurance, teaching and further studies at prestigious universities worldwide.

Careers in Mathematics

A mathematics degree can lead to exciting career paths in diverse fields such as environmental studies, medicine, national security, astronomy, robotics, business and many more. With the mathematical knowledge and skills, graduates go on to pursue opportunities in some of the below areas:

  • data science
  • computer industry: software design, computer programming
  • cryptography and security
  • pharmaceutical industry, biomedical industry, public health
  • investment and finance
  • operations research/management science
  • actuarial science


Hear from our students and alumni


A mathematics degree can lead to exciting career paths in diverse fields. AUS alumni are highly regarded for their ability to make an impact on their communities and the world. Our graduates can be found working at prestigious organizations and universities worldwide. 


Sara Mahmoud | Spring 2021
Air Liquide




Emirates NBD



Madhu Bathija | Fall 2013
Hyderabad Airport

UAE Space Agency


Chalhoub Group

Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

International Luxury Group

Ayat Aljarousha |Spring 2011
Institute of Applied Technology

University of Birmingham

Northwood University

New York University Abu Dhabi

International School of Choueifat

American University of Sharjah


Dr. Zayid Abdulhadi
PhD, University of Laval, Canada
Dr. Taher Abualrub
PhD, University of Iowa, United States
Dr. Marwan Abukhaled
PhD, Texas Tech University, United States
Dr. Ghada Alobaidi
Associate Professor
PhD, Western University, Canada


Our department is actively involved in cutting-edge research. Explore our research initiatives and contributions.

Algebra, Logic, and Number Theory
  • Additive polycyclic codes over F4 (Dr. Taher Abualrub in collaboration with Dr. Arezoo Soufi Karbaski, Bu Ali Sina University; Dr. Nuh Aydin, Kenyon College; and Peihan Liu,  Harvard University)
  • Additive quadratic residue codes over Z2Z4 (Dr. Taher Abualrub in collaboration with Dr. Arezoo Soufi Karbaski, Bu Ali Sina University; Kenza Guenda, USTHB; and T. Aaron Gulliver from the University of Victoria, Canada)
Analysis, Functional Analysis, and Operator Theory
  • Algebraic properties of Toeplitz operators on Bergman spaces, operator norm and numerical radius inequalities of Hienz type (Dr. Abdelrahman Yousef)
  • Farthest point problem in Hilbert in Banach spaces (Dr. Abdelrahman Yousef)
  • Volterra operators and algebra generated by weighted composition operators (Dr. Gajath Gunatillake)
  • Hereditary completeness of exponential systems (Dr. Gajath Gunatillake in collaboration with Dr. Elias Zikkos, Khalifa University)
  • Maximum principles, overdetermined problems, and isoperimetric bounds for some fully nonlinear problems (Dr. Cristian Enache and Dr. Giovanni Porru, University of Cagliari)
  • The first eigenvalue of some nonlinear operators: the variational and maximum principle approaches (Dr. Cristian Enache)
Applied Mathematics
  • Blow-up, global existence and explicit time decay bounds for a class of anisotropic thermal conductivity problems (Dr. Cristian Enache and Dr. Eylem Ozturk, Hacettepe University)
Discrete Dynamical Systems
  • Nonautonomous discrete systems with applications to population dynamics (Dr. Ziyad AlSharawi in collaboration with Dr. Jose Canovas, The Polytechnique University of Cartagena)
Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science
  • Decentralized finance for actuaries (Dr. Stephen Chan in collaboration with the Society of Actuaries)
  • A risk classification framework for decentralized finance protocols (Dr. Stephen Chan in collaboration with the Society of Actuaries)
  • Integral equations in optimal stopping theory (Dr. Ghada Alobaidi in collaboration with Dr. Yerkin Kitapbayev, North Carolina State University)
Mathematics in the Life Sciences
  • Mathematical modeling of immobilized enzyme systems and their semi-analytical solutions (Dr. Marwan Abukhaled in collaboration with Dr. L. Rajendran, AMET University; and Dr. Michael Lyons, University of Dublin)
  • Mathematical Modeling of Pediatric Leukemia (Dr. Abdul Jarrah in collaboration with Dr. Fil Castiglione, Technology Innovation Institute; and Dr. Arckangelo Liso from University of Foggia)
  • Mathematical Modeling of Atherosclerosis (Dr. Abdul Jarrah in collaboration with Dr. Amin Majdalawieh)
Nonlinear Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
  • Mathematics of non-linear acoustics structure interaction (Dr. Amjad Tuffaha jointly with collaborators from University of Klagenfurt)
  • Compressible flow-structure interaction, (Dr. Amjad Tuffaha jointly with collaborators from the Czech Academy of Sciences and University of Southern California)
  • Primitive equations of the Ocean (Amjad Tuffaha jointly with collaborators from Darmstadt University and University of Southern California)
  • Approximation theorems of functionals defined on BV with L1 Caratheodory integrands (Dr. Thomas Wunderli)
  • Gradient time flows with bounded variation-valued gradient of functionals with L1 data (Dr. Thomas Wunderli)
Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
  • Numerical and analytical solutions of deterministic and stochastic fractional systems with various types of fractional derivative operators (FRG Project Dr. Marwan Abukhaled in collaboration with Dr. Omar Abu Arqub, Al Balqa Applied University)
  • Numerical Modelling of Radiative Transfer in Phase Change Materials (FRG Project, Dr. Youssef Belhamadia in collaboration with Dr. Mohammed Seaid, Durham University)
  • Accurate numerical modeling for solving electro-cardiology models (Dr. Youssef Belhamadia)
  • Reconstruction and convergence in statistical topology (Dr. Sadok Kallel in collaboration with Dr. Sana Louhichi, Grenoble Institute of Applied Mathematics IMAG)
Probability and Financial Mathematics
  • Convergence analysis, properties, and acceleration of time and/or spatial discretization of the underlying asset (Dr. Guillaume Leduc)
Statistics and Data Science
  • A Bayesian analogue to ANOVA Test (Dr. Ayman Alzaatreh in collaboration with Dr. Luai Al Labadi, University of Toronto Mississauga)
  • A Bayesian approach to feature selection in a classification setting (Dr. Ayman Alzaatreh in collaboration with Dr. Luai Al Labadi, University of Toronto Mississauga)
  • Composite lognormal distributions of cosmic voids in simulation and mock data (Dr. Stephen Chan)
  • Path posets for graphs (Dr. Sadok Kallel in collaboration with Ahmad Farhat and Dr. Pawel Dlotko, Dioscuri Center)
Algebraic Topology
  • Cubical homotopy and homology of graphs (Dr. Abdul Jarrah in collaboration with Dr. Helene Barcelo, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute)
  • String topology and configuration spaces (Dr. Sadok Kallel in collaboration with Dr. Martin Palmer, Mathematical Institute of the Romanian Academy)
  • The topology of graphical subspace arrangements (Dr. Sadok Kallel in collaboration with Moez Bouzouita, University of Tunis)


We actively engage in various outreach initiatives, including:

An annual event that celebrates mathematics through engaging activities and competitions

Solve challenging math problems and expand your problem-solving skills

Math Learning Center

The Mathematics Learning Center (MLC) offers free tutoring services to all AUS first- and second-year students. Our services include:

  •  Individualized tutoring sessions:Students enrolled in remedial and first year-level mathematics courses can benefit from personalized assistance.
  • Pre-exam review sessions: Join review sessions to prepare for selected courses.

For more information, please contact [email protected].


For more information about our department or programs, please contact us:

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
College of Arts and Sciences
American University of Sharjah
P.O. Box 26666
Sharjah, UAE

Department Head
Abdul Salam Jarrah, Ph.D
Tel +971 6 515 2397
[email protected]

Administrative Assistant
Nerissa Ramos
Tel +971 6 515 2163
[email protected]

For admission information, please visit, sign up and post your query.

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