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Welcome to the Department of Industrial Engineering at American University of Sharjah.

Our department offers an undergraduate program in industrial engineering and a master’s and PhD program in engineering systems management. These programs prepare students to apply their creativity in the design, implementation and control of data-driven solutions for complex systems, approach unstructured problems, and evaluate the impact of their solutions in the broader context of an organization or society.

A leader in providing a meticulous and forward-looking education, our department focuses on experiential learning, strong collaborations with industry leaders, and integration of sustainability, artificial intelligence and innovation within its curriculum. In our state-of-the-art laboratories, students experience hands-on learning that gives them a feeling of the real-world problems they will face in the workplace.|-BREAK-|

All of our programs are accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation of the UAE Ministry of Education's Higher Education Affairs Division. The Industrial Engineering (B.S.) program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,, under the General Criteria and the Program Criteria for Industrial and Similarly Named Engineering Programs.

Industrial engineering is considered one of the fastest growing professions in the world, integrating people, capital, materials, equipment and information in an efficient way to produce and distribute high-quality goods and services at a low cost. The industrial engineering undergraduate program offers an application-oriented and industry-driven curriculum, with teaching and research strengths in areas including supply chain and logistics engineering, quality and maintenance engineering, and manufacturing. In keeping up with the market needs, the program has extended its focus in recent years to include areas such as data science, smart manufacturing, healthcare and energy systems. The industrial engineering program complements the extensive engineering majors AUS offers, making the college and university unique in the region in the variety of engineering programs available.

The Master of Science in Engineering Systems Management program is the first of its kind in the entire region. It is the premier choice for engineers whose goal is to work in areas that integrate technical engineering skills with managerial and economics skills. The curriculum is designed to enhance management and technical skills of all engineers, regardless of their discipline, to meet the needs of the marketplace in the UAE and other Gulf countries.

The PhD in Engineering - Engineering Systems Management (PhD-ESM) was launched in 2018. It was developed to produce the next generation of leading academics and industry experts in the different fields of ESM. The program addresses fundamental research problems of national and global importance for the 21st century, including but not limited to supply chain management, sustainable construction project management and smart cities management. The PhD-ESM students are motivated to work with faculty at the forefront of their fields, who are engaged in a wide range of disciplines and hail from some of the world’s best universities. The faculty’s commitment to research, in cooperation with other academic institutions and major industrial and government organizations, creates an ideal environment for candidates to acquire cutting-edge knowledge and cultivate their own research interests.

The programs’ highly qualified faculty have the required knowledge and expertise in their fields of specialization to deliver quality education. They have earned their degree from leading universities in the United States, Canada and Europe. Faculty research efforts are broad, interdisciplinary and current.

The department prepares its students to undertake professional certifications such as Certified Supply Professional (CSCP); Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD); Project Management Professional (PMP); Certified Associate in Project Management (MAPM); Associate Certified Analytics Professional (aCAP), Lean Sigma Green Belt; Industry 4.0; SAP Certified Associate; and Certified Value Specialist (CVS).

Our graduates are the top choice of employers in the UAE. They are highly employable and have joined the workforce with local and multinational companies both in the UAE and abroad. Examples include GE, SAP, Schlumberger, Amazon, Schneider Electric, Petrofac, Henkel, Siemens, Cummins Middle East, Procter & Gamble, PwC, EY, Nielsen, Bee'ah, Adnoc, Expo 2020, Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority, and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority.

Beyond the classroom, our students benefit from a wealth of other opportunities. Students are actively engaged in four professional program related chapters, which are the Institute of Industrial Engineering AUS Chapter, the American Society for Quality Student Chapter, the Supply Chain Management Club and the Industrial Engineering Club. They also have opportunities to participate in exchange, study abroad, internships, business incubation programs, research, and a large number of student clubs and honor societies for extracurricular activities. Also, our students have competed in and won many local and international competitions, such as the L'Oreal Brandstorm Challenge, ASQ Case Study, APICS Case Study and Unilever Hackathon.

If you are looking for an ever-evolving career that is in high demand, explore the options we have available to you.

Abdulrahim Shamayleh, PhD, CSCP
Head| Department of Industrial Engineering


Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
Master of Science in Engineering Systems Management
PhD in Engineering - Engineering Systems Management


Meet our acclaimed faculty, renowned for progressing important sub-fields of industrial engineering through world-class research and scholarship. Students of industrial engineering at AUS enjoy close relationships with faculty, assisting with hands-on projects and contributing to articles published in peer reviewed journals.

Professor Vian Ahmed
PhD, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
Ms. Dina AL-Momani
Laboratory Instructor
MS, University of Jordan, Jordan
Dr. Faisal Alkaabneh
Assistant Professor
Dr. Hussam Alshraideh
Associate Professor
PhD, Pennsylvania State University,


Our students are provided with practical learning experiences, helping to develop professional know-how and skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. This learning sees our graduates well-placed for success in the workforce or further education. Our focus on university-industry collaboration ensures our market-ready graduates can apply strong analytical and technical skills to address real-life challenges. Here are just some examples of where our alumni are now.


Manufacturing Industry
  • Cummins Middle East
  • ABB
  • Ignition
  • Masafi LLC
  • Marai SA
  • Danone Middle East
  • Schneider Electric
  • GE
  • GEA
FMCG (fast moving consumer goods)
  • Proctor & Gamble (P&G)
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • RB
  • Henkel
  • Nestle
  • L’Oréal
  • Ferrero
  • Unilever



Consulting Services
  • Ernst & Young
  • PwC
  • McKinsey
  • HNW
  • Deloitte
  • KPMG
  • PDCA Group
  • Global Management Consultant
Oil and Gas
  • Petrofac
  • ENOC
  • Baker Hughes
  • Saudi Aramco
Graduate Schools
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Concordia University, Canada
  • Boston University, USA
  • International University of Applied Sciences, Germany 
Logistics & Supply Chain
  • DHL 
  • FedEx
  • Aramex
  • Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq)
  • Dubai International Financial Centre Authority (DIFCA)
  • Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK)

Hear from our Students and Alumni

Student Extracurricular Activities

Student Clubs and Chapters
  • Industrial Engineering Club
  • Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers Chapter
  • American Society of Quality Chapter
  • Supply Chain Management Club
INE Study Tours
  • Italy, January 15–21, 2019
    • Industrial Engineering students at Sapienza University of Rome
    • Melete Srl 
  • Portugal, January 7–15, 2018
    • Industrial Engineering students at University of Porto
    • Volkswagen Auto-Europa and Adidas factory

    South Korea, March 31–April 7, 2017

    • Industrial Engineering students at Seoul National University
    • Hyundai and Samsung
National and International Competitions

    American Society for Quality (ASQ) annual student competition EMEA

    • Two INE teams won the first place award for two consecutive years 
    • The INE team placed first in the 2022 competition
  • ASCM Supply Chain Global Case Study Competition
    • A team of four INE students competed with 470 teams worldwide. They were ranked 8th in Asia and qualified for the regional round which was held in London, UK, on February 15, 2019.

    Unilever Gulf Young Entrepreneur Awards Sustainability Hackathon 

    • INE team won the first prize 
  • APICS Supply Chain Global Challenge (2016) 
    • 2400 students (over 600 teams) from almost 570 universities representing more than 70 countries registered for the challenge
    • Two INE teams participated in the qualification phase and both qualified to the national rounds
    • INE team passed all national rounds and ranked 10th in Asia and 33 worldwide


Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Optimization of sustainable cold supply chain models with temperature-controlled transportation and refrigeration technologies (Dr. Moncer Hariga, Dr. Rami Assad and Dr. Abdelrahim Shamayleh)
  • Optimization of sustainable food supply chain models under new carbon tax regulatory policies (Dr. Moncer Hariga)
  • Optimization of integrated water supply chain planning with technical, economic and environmental considerations (Dr. Moncer Hariga, Dr. Mohamed Ben Daya, Dr. Rami Assad and Dr. Naif Darwish)
  • An investigation into contributing factors of excess inventory within the cosmetic industry in the UAE (Dr. Vian Ahmed)
  • Real-time green vehicle routing optimization for IOT-based temperature-controlled items (Dr. Mahmoud Awad, Dr. Malick Ndiaye, Ra’afat Abu Rukb)
  • Modeling a machine-to-machine handover in the last-mile delivery problems (Dr. Malick Ndiaye)
  • Applications of blockchain technology in logistics and supply chain (Dr. Malick Ndiaye)
Quality Engineering
  • Manufacturing processes cost optimization with consideration to quality and environment (Dr. Noha M. Hassan, Dr. Mahmoud Awad)
  • Fault detection of complex systems (oil and gas tools, fire water pipelines, fuel systems, 3D printers, construction) using machine learning (Dr. Mahmoud Awad, Dr. Hussam Alshraideh, Dr. Noha M. Hassan)
  • Economic allocation of reliability growth testing (Dr. Mahmoud Awad, Dr. Abdulrahim Shamyleh)
  • Business process re-engineering for service processes (Dr. Mahmoud Awad)
  • Remaining useful life prediction of mechanical components (cutting tools, brakes, etc.) oil using machine learning and similarity approach (Dr. Hussam Alshraideh, Dr. Mahmoud Awad, Dr. Abdulrahim Shamyleh)
Materials, Manufacturing and System Automation
  • Novel sandwich panel core design with polymeric foam and structural reinforcement (Dr. Noha M. Hassan, Dr. Zied Bahroun)
  • Designing an impact resistant hybrid fiber reinforced composite using nanofillers and carbon nanotubes (Dr. Noha M. Hassan, Dr. Zied Bahroun, Dr. Mahmoud Awad, Dr. Rami Asad)
  • Production of acidic biochar for soil (PABSA) [Dr.  Noha M. Hassan, Dr. Mahmoud Awad, Dr. Yassir Makkawi (CHE), Dr. Adil K. Tamimi (CVE), Dr. Kazi P. Fattah (CVE)]
  • Optimizing process for manufacturing a novel porous aluminum metal matrix composite foam with graphene reinforcement (Dr. Noha M. Hassan, Dr. Mahmoud Awad)
  • Development of sustainable engineering cementitious composite [Dr. Noha M. Hassan, Dr. Adil K. Tamimi (CVE), Dr. Kazi P. Fattah (CVE)]
  • Energy and performance optimization for high-speed machining of a metal matrix composite (Dr. Noha M. Hassan, Dr. Mahmoud Awad)
  • Automation and advanced manufacturing systems (Dr. Noha M. Hassan)
  • Sustainability-Oriented Innovation in Healthcare: A Supply Chain Approach (Dr. Abdulrahim Shamayleh and Dr Abdelkader Daghfous)
  • Managing Disruption Risks in the Healthcare Supply Chain (Dr. Abdulrahim Shamayleh and Dr Abdelkader Daghfous)
  • Predictive Maintenance of Medical Equipment (Dr. Mahmoud Awad and Dr. Abdulrahim Shamayleh)
  • An AI based Early Detection and Diagnosis System for Multiple Sclerosis Disorder (Dr. Hussam Alshraideh and Dr. Abdulrahi Shamayleh)
  • Biomarker Discovery in Healthcare Utilizing Big Data Gadgets – The Case of Diabetes in The United Arab Emirates (Dr. Hussam Alshraideh and Dr. Abdulrahi Shamayleh)
  • Healthcare Resources Planning Utilizing Big Data Analytics (Dr. Abdulrahim Shamayleh and Dr Abdelkader Daghfous)
  • Pneumonia detection using x-ray machine learning (Natalie Barakat, Dr. Bassam Abu Naba, Dr. Mahmoud Awad)
  • Quality of Life and Psychological Wellbeing of Cancer Survivors
  • Prediction of COVID-19 Hospital Length of Stay and Risk of Death Using Artificial Intelligence-Based Modeling (Dr. Hussam Alshraideh and Dr. Abdulrahi Shamayleh)
  • Risk assessment of comorbidities on 30‐day avoidable hospital readmissions (Dr. Hussam Alshraideh)
  • Improvement of Dialysis Dosing Using Big Data Analytics (Dr. Hussam Alshraideh and Dr. Abdulrahim Shamayleh)
  • Healthcare Disruption: Assessing Covid-19 Impact on Healthcare Delivery (Dr. Abdulrahim Shamayleh and Dr Hussam Alshraideh)
Data Analytics
  • Cutting tools predictive maintenance using decision trees and similarity approach ( Dr. Mahmoud Awad, Dr. Hussam Alshraideh)
  • 3D printing Fault detection using Machine learning – Dr. Mahmoud Awad
  • Artificially Intelligent Manufacturing Process for High-Quality Low-Cost Production (Dr. Noha M. Hassan)
  • Biomarker Discovery in Healthcare Utilizing Big Data Gadgets – The Case of Diabetes in The United Arab Emirates (Dr. Hussam Alshraideh and Dr. Abdulrahi Shamayleh)
  • Development and implementation of a sustainable smart storage system for fruit quality preservation (Dr. Noha M. Hassan, Dr. Zied Bahroun)
  • Risk assessment of comorbidities on 30‐day avoidable hospital readmissions (Dr. Hussam Alshraideh)
  • An AI based Early Detection and Diagnosis System for Multiple Sclerosis Disorder (Dr. Hussam Alshraideh and Dr. Abdulrahi Shamayleh)
  • Biomarker Discovery in Healthcare Utilizing Big Data Gadgets – The Case of Diabetes in The United Arab Emirates (Dr. Hussam Alshraideh and Dr. Abdulrahi Shamayleh)
  • Pneumonia detection using x-ray machine learning (Natalie Barakat, Dr. Bassam Abu Naba, Dr. Mahmoud Awad)
  • Prediction of COVID-19 Hospital Length of Stay and Risk of Death Using Artificial Intelligence-Based Modeling (Dr. Hussam Alshraideh and Dr. Abdulrahi Shamayleh)
  • Traffic system modeling and integration of IOT (Dr. Noha M. Hassan, Dr. Malick Ndiaye)
  • Forecasting Solid Waste generation in the UAE Using Machine Learning (Dr. Vian Ahmed)
  • Social Media Analytics for Understanding Students’ Learning Experiences (Dr. Vian Ahmed)
  • A Digital Decision-Support Tool Towards Developing a Smart Campus (Dr. Vian Ahmed)
Engineering Management
  • Stochastic Cash flow modelling for risk assessment of in construction projects (Dr. Vian and Dr Salwa). 
  • Tracking sustainable development decisions in industry projects (Dr Salwa and Dr. Vian)
  • Decision support tools for social sustainability and metal health and wellbeing of employees in the construction industry (Dr. Vian)
  • The impact of Covid-19 on organizational management, processes and practices (Dr. Vian, Dr Moncer and Dr Hussam).

Professional Training


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