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Grant Opportunities

Research and Graduate Studies

Grant Opportunities

We provide internal and external grant opportunities for research.

Our Faculty Research Grant (FRG) programs provide our faculty members with research funding. There are three categories of FRG:

Provost's Challenge

The purpose of the Provost's Challenge grant is to support a single, truly exceptional, transformative project. This competition will award, in any academic year, one grant of up to AED 400,000 for one year, which may be renewable for a second year. The duration of an individual project must not exceed two successive academic years and the total grant request cannot exceed AED 800,000.


The purpose of the FRG2 awards is to help faculty carry out research projects during the course of the academic year. The grant provides up to AED 40,000 per project for one year. The total number of awards is not fixed and will be determined by the quality of proposals versus total funds available.

FRG3: Travel Grant

The purpose of the FRG3 travel awards is to help faculty travel to destinations off campus to conduct research or engage in data collection and analysis. The total number of awards is not fixed. The grant provides up to AED 15,000 per faculty member per year (maximum) for one year only. The grant is non-renewable.

External Funding Opportunities

Please click on the links below to find out more about external funding opportunities: