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Through our programs, we provide our students with practical learning experiences that help them develop professional knowhow and build problem solving and critical thinking skills, creativity and innovation abilities, and entrepreneurship capabilities.
Dr. Moncer Hariga

Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Industrial Engineering. Since its inception in Fall 2012, the Department of Industrial Engineering has remained committed to excellence in teaching and research through its application-oriented and industry-driven academic programs. Our faculty members are highly qualified, experienced, and strongly committed to providing effective advising and mentoring for our students.

In addition to a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE) degree, the department offers multidisciplinary graduate programs leading to master’s and doctoral degrees in engineering systems management to meet the interests of students from all engineering majors. The department has over 250 students – with 53 percent of them being women – working towards their bachelor’s degree, and more than 50 and 30 students registered in the master’s and PhD programs, respectively.

The curriculum of our BSIE program is designed with the aim of graduating engineers with the knowledge and skills necessary to function as professional engineers in working environments where cost effectiveness, high productivity, continuous quality and reliability improvements, waste reduction, and efficient resource utilization are critical success factors for organizations. Our students are well prepared to pursue successful careers and future studies in several industrial engineering areas such as supply chain and logistics engineering; maintenance engineering; quality engineering; facility design and planning; production planning, scheduling and control; warehousing and inventory control; and manufacturing engineering.

Our Master of Science in Engineering Systems Management (MSESM) program has become the premier choice for engineers in the region whose goal is to work in areas that integrate technical engineering skills with managerial and economic skills. It also aims at advancing research and development efforts in the region.

Our PhD in Engineering—Engineering Systems Management (PhD-ESM) program helps prepare the next generation of leading academics and industry experts in engineering management, supply chain management, sustainable construction project management and smart cities management.

I hope that you will find interesting and relevant information about the department programs, faculty, facility, and research opportunities. If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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College of Engineering

Farah Eid

At first, my choice of industrial engineering was merely a process of elimination. However, looking back four years down the line, I would not have done it any other way. Being quite uncertain about my career path, I ended up changing my major three times before I finally made up my mind about industrial engineering. What appealed me the most about the major was the fact that as industrial engineers, we have the luxury to choose to work in a wide variety of industries. What gives industrial engineers this adaptability is the incorporation of both technical skills and business acumen. 

The high academic quality provided to me by the industrial engineering curriculum at AUS allowed me to grow an eye for detail and develop a mindset of continuous improvement. During my first internship at Aramex, one of the leading global providers of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, I successfully implemented my first Kaizen project on one of its inbound operations. I was then driven to join my family business for a short project right after graduation, where I was dedicated to apply my skills and knowledge to aid the business.

College of Engineering

Rayan Hamza

The decisions that we make shape us, and joining industrial engineering (IE) at AUS is definitely the best decision I have ever made in my life. The IE program at AUS has had an astounding effect on my interpersonal, academic and professional life. Interpersonally, IE grew my leadership, public speaking and teamwork skills. It is impressive how the department realizes that an engineer should be interpersonally proficient, and how it integrates those skills in its major courses. Academically, the IE program has helped me realize what career path I am interested in. Those topics include supply chain management and logistics, inventory management, strategic management, and the integration between the aforementioned and technology. Professionally, the IE program prepared me with worldwide renowned certificates such as SAP Terp 10, Six Sigma Green Belt, and inspired me to pursue the CPIM in the future. Also, the IE program has given me the competence to join FMCG leader Procter & Gamble (P&G) in the supply chain department.

IE is not only a major, but a way of life.

College of Engineering

Areej Mahmoud

My belief in the quote of Oliver Cromwell that states ”He who stops being better stops being good” made me chose industrial engineering as my major. Engineering is about solving problems. However, industrial engineering is about continuously improving and optimally finding solutions for the problems. At AUS, I got introduced to a number of tools and techniques that prepared me to tackle post graduate work challenges. I am currently working as a business analyst trainee in the Supply Chain Department of Cummins Middle East. Cummins is a global power leader that designs, manufactures, sells and services engines, electrical generator sets, as well as related components and technology. As a business analyst trainee, I work for the functional excellence of the Supply Chain Department, as well as other departments in the organization.

College of Engineering

Bayan Hamdan

I joined AUS back in 2012 when industrial engineering was just a concept. Having just opened the major that semester, there were no students or alumni to seek advice from. However, seeing that it integrated mathematics and engineering concepts, I decided to take the plunge and enroll in the program. After graduating, I realized that although it is a new department, we had a high standard of training and excellent opportunities to perform research at the undergraduate level, which put us in a competitive position for both the job market and higher education opportunities. Even though I was offered a position with a reputable, international company, I decided to continue my graduate studies and I am now studying at Masdar Institute on a full-grant scholarship to attain my Master of Science in Engineering Systems and Management.

College of Engineering

Ahmed Ababneh

My choice of the industrial engineering program at American University of Sharjah came about from my early infatuation with commerce and entrepreneurship, as I felt that this major provided the platform for the cultivation of engineering expertise and technical know-how within a business context. I believe that the curriculum incorporates both theoretical as well as practical areas of study that extend beyond the classroom and into the corporate world and industry. This academic experience has given me a comparative advantage in regards to employment opportunities in a highly competitive job market.

I currently serve as a Business Operations Demand Planner in the Supply Network Operations function within Proctor & Gamble, the world’s leading organization in fast-moving consumer goods and a pioneer in supply chain management. I am still, to this day, reaping the benefits of the hours of learning that I invested at AUS. I can confidently attest that my time as an undergraduate student had a focal role in the development of my merits as a person, as well as my professional skills as an industrial engineer.