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Welcome to the Academic Support Center; we’re glad you’re here! Our goal is to help you think about university education as a world of possibilities. We recognize academic advising as a critical component of the educational experience at AUS. Discover how we can support your success.

ASC Mission Statement

In accordance with AUS’ strategic initiative to continually improve the quality of undergraduate learning and to produce lifelong learners, the ASC will seek to assist students in achieving academic success. The ASC will facilitate academic progression for all students by providing opportunities for advising, skills enhancement, personal resilience and connections to AUS resources and services. The ASC will support first-year students with their transition to AUS and will work with students who are facing academic challenges. The ASC will also coordinate Academic Accommodations for students with documented disabilities that are impacting their academic performance, to the extent permissible by available resources.

ASC Advising Policy

ASC seeks to support students in achieving academic success. We utilize a proactive approach and a semi-structured process to help students identify and progress towards their educational goals. ASC advisors facilitate academic exploration, learning and skills development through a series of targeted interactions. Advising sessions at ASC cultivate an empowering, inclusive, caring, respectful and professional environment to create conditions for growth as students take ownership of their educational experience.

ASC strives to meet international best practices through comprehensive policies and measurable outcomes that ensure integrity and accountability to our students, our institution, and to the field of academic advising. ASC advisors are committed to professional growth in conceptual, informational and relational components of NACADA’s Academic Advising Core Competencies Model.

ASC Advising Services

Advising for Students in Good Standing

Our services are extended to all AUS students, no matter what your academic standing is.

Discover the variety of services ASC offers to students in good standing:

  • One-to-one advising with an ASC Academic Advisor

Our academic advisors can discuss any academic concerns you might have, assist you with the transition and connect you to the right resources

  • ASC workshops

Our workshops address challenges you might be facing in university or interpersonal skills that affect your everyday life. Whether you want to enhance your test-taking techniques, improve your study skills or simply learn how to say no guilt free, you will always find  the right workshop(s) for you to join! Click here to discover our workshops.

  • Peer Mentoring

Our ASC junior and senior peer mentors are here to support and guide you when needed. As students themselves, they use their first-hand experience to advise you, whether by recommending strategies for success in their college/school at AUS or simply answering questions you might have from a student’s perspective.
Click here to view our peer mentors and to book an appointment. 

  • SII

The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) test is helpful for students who are reconsidering their field of study. By answering a questionnaire, the ASC advisor can explain to you what new frontiers would be suitable for you.


The Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) is designed to gather information about learning and study practices and attitudes. Help us, help you!

  • Academic Accommodations

If you have a documented disability, we can support you. AUS is committed to assisting all students to have equal access for educational opportunities at AUS.

Academic Thrive Program for Students on Probation

Are you on academic probation?
If the answer is yes, then you are part of the Academic Thrive Program and must meet with your ASC advisor.

For more information, click on Probation Survival Guide and review our Probation FAQs.




Probation Contract

Probation Contract

Reinstatement Contract

Academic Consultation (course choices, GPA calculation)

Academic Consultation (course choices, GPA calculation

Academic Consultation (course choices, GPA calculation

Mandatory Advising Sessions (*5)

Mandatory Advising Sessions (5)

Mandatory Advising Sessions (5)

Academic Success Plan

Self-Reflection Letter

Reinstatement Appeal

Possible Parent Meeting

Mandatory Parent Meeting

Mandatory Parent Meeting

*LASSI Testing

LASSI Testing

LASSI Testing

*(LASSI - Learning and Study Strategies Inventory)

Proactive Academic Initiatives

Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Do you qualify for disability support? Come find out at ASC.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a disability is defined as a physical or mental impairment that significantly limits a major life activity including walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, working, breathing, learning, performing manual tasks, etc. Students who have a documented disability diagnosed by a qualified professional in the field may apply for Academic Accommodations through ASC in order to have equal access for educational opportunities at AUS. The university is committed to supporting students with disabilities. For more information, please click here.

ASC reviews all appeals for academic and physical accommodations and works with the student to write an academic accommodations contract. ASC then works with other departments on campus to ensure the timely application of approved academic and physical accommodations. 

Students should consult with an ASC advisor for details.

The deadline to apply for academic accommodations is the fifth week of the semester.

Academic Intervention | Services for Students At-Risk

Are you worried about failing a course?

ASC identifies students who can be potentially at-risk academically and proactively reaches out to those students to provide all the support they may require to avoid being in academic jeopardy.

ASC advisors utilize a diverse range of advising tools and theories, such as developmental advising, strengths-based advising, coaching and prescriptive advising. ASC offers several modes of engagement with students, including one-on-one advising, peer advising and workshops.

We also have resources available to guide you and ensure that you reach your full potential during your academic journey at AUS.

To learn more, check out AUS Resources.

Undeclared Students

Not sure about your major? Come see us at ASC.

Undeclared students are students who have not yet decided on a major or met the conditions of admission into their major of choice, or students considering changing their major.

ASC offers the world-renowned Strong Interest Inventory questionnaire to help students who are reconsidering their field of study by measuring their interest level in various fields of study.

First Year Experience

The First Year Experience (FYE) program supports first-year students by offering them opportunities to engage meaningfully with the AUS community and learn skills that promote academic success. 

Learn more about the different services for first-year students and how you can make the most of them.

FYE Ambassadors

FYE Ambassadors are short-term ASC student workers who represent their college/school during our annual FYE Connect events and ASC Pop-up Kiosk. These sophomore, junior and senior students facilitate meaningful conversations with all students.. They also assist with the event logistics. 


Student Success Workshops

Want to learn new student success strategies? Attend the ASC Student Success workshops!

Open to all students, our interactive Student Success Workshops can help you master some of the most fundamental concepts for academic learning and lifelong success.

  You can also earn certificates for attending ASC Student Success Workshops:

  • Limited First Year Experience Pathway: Complete four different workshops with different learning outcomes during your first year. For more information on the Limited First Year Pathway, please contact [email protected]

  • Advanced: Attend 10 different workshops throughout your time at AUS.

  • Expert: Attend 16 different workshops throughout your time at AUS.

ASC Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors

Do you want to know the secrets to success at AUS from a fellow student? 
ASC Peer Mentors are here to help!

ASC Peer Mentors are academic achievers typically in their junior or senior year at AUS who use first-hand experience to advise fellow undergraduate students. Peer Mentors can recommend strategies for success in their specific college/school at AUS and answer questions from a student's perspective.

Appointment reservations can made online here or by calling the ASC Front Desk at +971 6 515 2096.

Huda Imran | Junior I

College of Arts and Sciences 
Major: English Language and Literature

"Hello everyone! My name is Huda Imran, and I am a junior majoring in English language and literature. I have spent the past two years at AUS balancing my academics, extracurricular endeavors, and personal life, so I would love to share all of my advice with you on how to be the best version of yourself. I am really excited to meet you and help make your AUS experience as fulfilling, enriching and successful as possible."

Office Hours

Omer Elsiddig | Junior I

College of Architecture, Art and Design
Major: Visual Communication 

"I am a junior I student in visual communication with a keen interest in architecture and exhibitions design. I am involved in various offices at AUS and have a great out-of-campus experience, too. Come along to get more oriented about process work, memorization strategies, exams preparation, research advice and other academic concerns."

Office Hours

Ibraheem Kanan | Senior II

College of Engineering
Major: Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Data Science

"I am a senior II student in mechanical engineering with a minor in data science. I enjoy learning about various fields of engineering, and I am also involved in numerous extracurricular activities at AUS. Don't hesitate to contact me for advice on how to thrive academically, how to enjoy your AUS experience, or even if you just want to have a good old chat!"

Office Hours

Aamuktha Samrajyam | Junior II

College of Engineering
Major: Chemical Engineering

"Greetings! I'm Aamuktha (alias Aamu), a third-year chemical engineering student who is profoundly passionate about three things: engineering, sustainability and dance! I thoroughly enjoy interacting with fellow students and would be thrilled to support you in mastering the ways of AUS that will lead you to success."

Office Hours

Rishi Chugh | Senior I

School of Business Administration
Major: Management Information Systems

"Hi everyone! My name is Rishi Chugh and I am a senior majoring in management information systems and minoring in finance and data science. I've spent two years working at the Academic Support Center serving as a Peer Mentor and delivering student success workshops on various different categories. With numerous experiences in clubs and organizations at AUS, I'm your person to talk to if you're looking to explore clubs and organizations on campus. I have also learned to manage my time exceptionally well during my time at AUS and would love to help you out as well."

Office Hours

Bhavika Vohra | Senior I

School of Business Administration
Major: Accounting

"Hello, I'm Bhavika Vohra, a senior majoring in accounting. I really enjoy connecting with people and am always up for a chat, preferably with an iced coffee! AUS provides an array of opportunities for students to explore, from clubs to leadership initiatives and community service. My favorite quote is 'Never let fear of striking out keep you from playing the game,' because I believe that with hard work and courage, you can overcome anything."

Office Hours

Chirag Khanchandani | Junior I

School of Business Administration
Major: Finance

"Hello, I am Chirag Khanchandani, a junior majoring in finance. I really enjoy traveling, long car drives and meeting new people, as I want each day to be uniquely special. AUS is a place that provides numerous opportunities and resources to learn new things every day. Seizing opportunities and giving my best is my life goal. I am excited to meet you and make a new friend."

Office Hours


ASC Events

Disability Awareness Day

The Disability Awareness Day aims to raise the profile of common disabilities facing individuals. The event is geared towards educating the AUS community about disabilities and various resources available at AUS and the UAE for individuals with disabilities.  

Learning to Learn

The Learning to Learn panel discussion is presented by the Peer Mentors. Peer Mentors engage the audience in a discussion on how to excel as students at AUS. The event is held every semester.

Student Meet and Greet

The Academic Support Center collaborates with the International Exchange Office (IXO) for a social student meet and greet mingle. This event creates an opportunity for a culturally diverse group of exchange students, peer advisors and staff to share their experiences and learn more about each other’s culture. It is also designed to support our exchange students by "checking in" with them mid–semester while further connecting them to the broader AUS community.

"ASC is Coming Home to You" Pop Up Kiosk

The ASC Pop Up Kiosk “ASC is Coming Home to You,” is a multi-day event, set-up for one day in each college. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness about ASC Services to students and provide them opportunity to connect with ASC staff, Peer Mentors, FYE Ambassadors and officers from Alpha Lambda Delta. Students engage in fun games, de-stress activities, exciting trivia and win prizes.

FYE Connect 

FYE Connect is a mid-semester check-in with first years. During this event, first year students connect with AUS faculty, staff administrators, and meet individually with an FYE Ambassador (an experienced student) to reflect on their start of their journey at AUS and learn about AUS services.

AUS Resources

Help us help you!

As an AUS  student, there are many AUS resources made available to guide you throughout your journey and ensure that your university experience is successful. We encourage you to learn more and make use of these free resources by downloading the AUS Resources handout.

You can also learn more about the available resources and services from a fellow AUS student through our Peer Advising sessions. Various AUS centers present useful workshops and can be contacted for more information on their workshop offerings.

Online Student Success Tools

Are you looking for online tools that can help you reach your full potential as a  student?  You are in the right place! Check out these top resources that we have compiled to support you in your academic journey.

Disclaimer: AUS does not endorse any of these resources. These are provided as a service to students for informational purposes only. ASC/FYE is not responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of the results obtained from the use of these resources.

Online Learning: Maximize your learning with various online programs that help deep understanding of concepts.

Boost your knowledge to cover a wide range of topics and  learn more about different areas of interest. These online tools can be used to deepen your understanding of concepts, but cannot be used to earn course credits at AUS.

Khan Academy

Offers tons of interactive practice problems, articles and videos that help students succeed in math, biology, chemistry, physics, history, economics, finance, grammar and many other topics. Requires a monthly subscription.

MIT OpenCourseWare

Provides all MIT course content, ranging from business, engineering, math and science to fine arts, humanities and social sciences.


Prepares students to get career-ready with in-demand skills through a catalog of 3,800+ courses, guided projects, specializations and professional certificates.


The largest online learning destination that helps students gain the skills they need to compete in today’s economy. Requires payment per course.

Study Skills: Ace your courses by enhancing your study skills through valuable resources.

Learn how to study smarter!

Through guides, assessments and tools, these resources are designed to do just that. They will equip you with major skills such as time management, memory techniques, test taking and preparation, and much more.


Free resources to help students feel empowered  by effectively managing their assignments, deadlines , study time and improving their studying  techniques.

My Study Life

A time management resource to organize your classes, deadlines and exams.

Study tips, tricks, skills and guides to help you manage your time, take better notes, study more effectively, improve your memory, take tests, and handle the stress of university life.


The Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) tool is designed to gather information about students' learning, study practices and attitudes. You are welcome to email [email protected] or contact the ASC/FYE if you wish to take a LASSI. 

Focus Keeper

Keep your productivity high by avoiding distractions and following the famous Pomodoro technique. This application is designed to improve your focus and boost your motivation to complete tasks. Requires monthly or yearly subscription.

Wellbeing: Resources for your health, happiness and wellbeing.

Do you want to increase your productivity levels and find motivation when needed? Here are some useful assessments, guides and practices that can assist you with that.

Character Lab

Science-based interventions to help students thrive. Actionable advice for parents and teachers.

Self Help

Self-help articles, guides and resources for relaxation techniques to overcome stress, anxiety, low mood, sleeping problems, panic, depression and post-traumatic stress.


An application that focuses on the key areas of meditation, breathing, sleep and relaxation, with the aim of bringing joy, clarity, and peace to your daily life. Requires monthly or yearly subscription.

Check out these videos and be inspired to learn, explore and push yourself to the limits!

Study Motivation

If you are saying  “It’s hard getting good grades!” you must see this.

10 Habits of All Successful People

Whatever success means to you, learn about these 10 habits of all successful people.

Develop a Strong Mind

Develop a strong mind and you will live a strong life.  

The Inspiring Story of Jack Ma

Learn how he overcame failure to become China's richest man.

Motivation–Self Affirmation and Value of Life

The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory!  A message to inspire you to live your dreams.


Keep up with ethical standards and professional practices of academic integrity in university life.

Distance Learning

Learn how to study effectively from home and make the most out of distance learning.

Resources For Instructors

If you have any concerns about your student's academic performance, study skills, attendance, or suspect that they need information about our academic accommodations policy at AUS, please use the following link to securely and confidentially provide us with your student's name and ID. Our team will address your concerns promptly and provide the necessary support.

Meet the Team

  • Rasha Tawfik, Director of Academic Support Center /First Year Experience
  • Amani AlNassar, Academic Advisor​
  • Binu Kabeer Ibrahim, Coordinator
  • Haniah Al Halabi, Academic Advisor
  • Jannah Ellyassa Alcantara, Administrative Assistant
  • Olga Dubskikh, Academic Advisor
  • Rama Sabano, Senior Advisor and Coordinator (First Year Experience)
  • Shahid Bux, Senior Advisor and Coordinator (Outreach and Peer Support)
  • Wency Villamora, Senior Advisor and Coordinator (Assessment)
  • ASC Peer Mentors 

Contact the Academic Support Center

For more information about our services, please email us via [email protected]. We will help you connect to the right person.
For consulting on academic probation, get in touch with your designated ASC advisor and schedule an appointment.

ASC Advisors

Amani Al-Nassar | [email protected]

Haniah Al Halabi | [email protected]

Olga Dubskikh | [email protected]

Rama Sabano | [email protected]

Shahid Bux | [email protected]

Wency Villamora | [email protected]

Working Hours
Monday to Thursday | 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Academic Support Center
American University of Sharjah
PO Box 26666, Sharjah, UAE
Tel +971 6 515 2096 / +971 6 515 2180

[email protected]

ASC Privacy and Confidentiality

ASC follows student privacy rules as outlined in the AUS Undergraduate Catalog and the AUS Privacy Policy.
ASC will inform parents of the academic status of their student when the student is on academic probation. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the contact information available on Banner is accurate.
ASC keeps thorough advising records.

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