Registrar's Services | American University of Sharjah

The Office of the Registrar provides the following services:

  • verifying and issuing of official transcripts
  • certifying student enrollments
  • confirming the awarding of degrees and managing the registration process
  • maintaining and providing the timely and accurate official records of the academic progress and accomplishments of the university's students

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Final Examinations

Final examinations are administered as per official final examination published by the Office of the Registrar on the AUS website.

Summer 2021 Final Examination Information

The Summer 2021 final exams take place on July 14 and 15 with the makeup exam day on July 17. The specific timing and location of your exam will be posted on ilearn before Sunday, June  27. 

Please see the resources below for more information, including COVID-19 protocols:


If an instructor allows a student who arrives late for a final examination to take the examination as scheduled, no additional time beyond the period scheduled by the Office of the Registrar will be provided.

Maximum Number of Exams

If a student is scheduled for more than two examinations in one day, more than three examination in two consecutive days, or has a time conflict with common examinations, then the student must report to his/her associate dean by the end of the 11th week of classes to make the necessary adjustments to his/her schedule

Illness Prior to and During Final Examinations

Students are responsible for taking final examinations during the period scheduled by the Office of the Registrar. If an incapacitating illness prohibits taking a final examination, the student must notify the Associate Dean of the student’s home school/college and provide complete documentation to University Health Services (UHS) in advance of the scheduled examination.

Students who begin a final examination are expected to complete it unless a sudden and incapacitating illness requires urgent medical attention. A student whose condition is so serious that medical care is necessary must report immediately to UHS.

If UHS determine that the medical condition prior to or during the scheduled examination period is serious enough to render a student incapable of taking or completing the examination then, based on the recommendation of UHS, the relevant Associate Dean will determine whether a make-up examination can be completed as per the make-up examination schedule or an I grade should be awarded and the make-up examination should be scheduled at the beginning of the next semester or summer term.

The opportunity to complete a make-up examination will not be provided if compelling medical evidence indicates that taking or completing the examination was an option.     

Failure to Appear for a Final Examination

A student who fails to appear for the examination, will not be permitted to take the examination unless the Associate Dean of the school/college responsible for the course determines that extraordinary circumstances exist and a make-up examination is warranted. 

Transcripts and Degree Attestation


To get a copy of your academic transcripts, please complete the Transcript Request Form. Transcripts are released only with the signature of the student concerned. A nominal fee applies.

Degree Attestation

If you need to have your degree attested by the UAE Ministry of Education, you must follow the procedures outlined on the ministry's website. All transactions concerning the attestation of the documents and qualifications issued by private higher education institutions in UAE should only be delivered to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Abu Dhabi through the offices of Empost.

Transfer of Credits

Applicants admitted to AUS undergraduate studies who have completed IB Higher Level, GCE A-Level, the Lebanese Baccalaureate, the French Baccalaureate, the Spanish Baccalaureate, the German Abitur or the American Advanced Placement tests may be awarded credits for freshman-level courses. Qualified applicants must meet the Advanced Standing Credit Transfer Policy.

Applicants admitted to AUS undergraduate studies as transfer students are eligible for transfer credits evaluation. The complete transfer policy is available from the Office of Enrollment Management / Undergraduate Admission.

Advanced standing and transfer students may be exempted from taking certain placement tests depending on subjects/courses completed and grades earned.


Congratulations to the Class of Spring 2021!

Our warmest congratulations on your much deserved success. AUS wishes you the very best for the future.

You can use this page to find out everything you need to know about receiving your diploma, as well as the special events we will be holding to honor this important milestone in your life. These events include a recognition event and an online celebration event. Please check this page regularly for updates.

Make sure you check the Deadline Dates section below so that you do not miss any deadlines related to receiving your diploma or taking part in the special events.

Eligibility to Participate

To participate in the commencement, students must:

  • file the Application for Graduation as they register for what they expect to be their final semester of study
  • register for their final courses/internship/thesis/project in what they expect to be their final semester of study
  • have not walked or qualified to walk in a preceding commencement
  • master's students: must be confirmed for graduation by their college/school (contact your graduate program director)

Note: All graduating students who are registered in their final courses up until the end of the withdrawal period (10th week of classes) of their graduation semester are eligible to walk in the commencement of their graduation semester even if they do not pass their final courses. Nevertheless, meeting all your degree graduation requirements is a must to earn your university diploma.

Attestation Certificate

The attestation certificate is a certificate issued by the Office of the Registrar to confirm graduation. It bears a smart chip at the back and is to be attested by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education (MOE). These are to be issued a little earlier than the diploma. The attestation certificate can be used for higher education admission and job searches.


Smart Chip Fee

The Ministry of Education (MOE) requires the SMART Document Attestation chip to be installed on your attestation certificate before MOE can attest it. This chip will prove to the MOE that the AUS attestation certificate you are carrying is authentic.

The MOE requires this chip to be placed on the attestation certificate of each student who has graduated from Fall 2007 onwards. The chip costs AED 200. Students deemed prospective candidates for graduation will have been billed for the smart chip some time after the end of the add and drop period of their expected final semester at AUS. It is important for students to check and see that they have been billed. If you paid the fee in one semester and did not graduate in that semester, you do not need to pay for the chip again. 

Attestation Certificate Distribution

You will be informed through your AUS email when attestation certificates are ready for collection. All holds on a student record should be cleared before the attestation certificates can be collected. You may request that the attestation certificate to be couriered to you.

Attesting the AUS Attestation Certificate

For the most current information on how to attest your attestation certificate with the Ministry of Education (MOE), please click here.

Getting More Attestation Certificates

You may request for more than one copy of the attestation certificate and in either English or Arabic at a minimum fee. To do so, please complete the Attestation Certificate Request Form, pay the required fee at the Cashier, and submit the form to the Office of the Registrar. For online payments, please contact Student Accounts.


Stated on your diploma are:


  • degree (i.e., BA, BS, MBA, MS, MUP, PhD)
  • major and option, if applicable
  • date of graduation
  • honors, if applicable
Honors Policy (Baccalaureate Students)

Latin honors are calculated based on your cumulative GPA at the end of the semester preceding your commencement.

Honors are granted to those undergraduate students achieving the following academic GPA:

  • Summa Cum Laude (GPA 3.9–4.0) 
  • Magna Cum Laude (GPA 3.7–3.89) 
  • Cum Laude (GPA 3.5–3.69)

Contact your program office for further information.
Questions regarding diplomas and the honors policy should be addressed to the Office of the Registrar.

Diploma Distribution

Graduates will receive a decorative leather diploma folder during the commencement ceremony. The folder you receive during commencement will be empty. You will be informed through your AUS email when diploma/certificates are ready for collection. All holds on a student record should be cleared before the diploma can be collected.

Diploma Replacement

If the original diploma is lost or misplaced, a replacement can be issued once a police report is presented and submitted with the Replacement of Diploma Request Form to the Office of the Registrar.

In the event the original diploma is damaged, the Replacement of Diploma Request Form needs to be submitted to the Office of the Registrar with the damaged diploma attached.

A fee of AED 250 must be paid for the replacement. In addition, another smart chip fee needs to be paid on top of the replacement fee for students who graduated from Fall 2007 onwards.

To download the Replacement of Diploma Request Form, please click here.

The difference between the original diploma and its replacement is identified by the word "Replacement" printed on the top right corner, as shown in the links below.

Diploma Sample  |  Replacement Diploma Sample

Please note that the time taken for the replacement to be prepared might vary depending on the availability of the concerned authorities' signatures. 

Regalia and Rings

Information on ordering graduation regalia and rings is listed below.



Students who wish to purchase the AUS graduation regalia may do so from Schools Solutions International (SSI). SSI has the option to ship the official AUS regalia to a student's home country (additional charges may apply). An email with ordering information was sent to all graduating students. Information on pricing and delivery is provided below.


The graduation ring allows you to distinguish yourself as a proud AUS graduate. The ring is optional and is available to both bachelor's, master's and PhD graduates.

The ring comes in a standard design especially made for AUS graduates. It is made of white lustrium (a chrome-nickel alloy) with an oval synthetic gemstone and the name of the university around it. On one side of the ring band are the AUS seal and year of your class (i.e., your graduation year). On the other side are your degree letters (i.e., bachelor of arts or bachelor of science, etc.) and the initials of your school. In addition, you can have an engraving on the inside of the ring band.

The synthetic gemstone comes in 12 colors, each in three stone cuts. 

Students who wish to purchase the graduation ring only may do so using the regalia ordering link included in the email with ordering information that was sent to all graduating students.


The prices for the graduation regalia and rings from SSI are as follows:

Undergraduate/Bachelor’s Regalia

  • Package Price (Gown, Cap, Tassel, Stole): AED 190 VAT inclusive.
    Click here to view image.

Individual Bachelor's Items (VAT inclusive): 

  • Bachelor's Gowns: AED 125
  • Black Cap: AED 30
  • Black Tassel with Year Date: AED 30
  • Stoles/Sachets: AED 40

Graduate (Master's) Regalia

  • Package Price (Gown, Cap, Tassel, Hood): AED 240 VAT inclusive
    Click here to view image.

Individual Master's Items (VAT inclusive):

  • Master's Gown: AED 125
  • Black Cap: AED 30
  • Black Tassel with Year Date: AED 30
  • Hoods: AED 100

Graduate (PhD) Regalia

  • Package Price (Gown, Tam, Tassel, Hood): AED 600 VAT inclusive
    Click here to view image.

Individual PhD Items (VAT inclusive):

  • PhD Gown: AED 300
  • Black Tam with Gold Standard Tassel: AED 200 [Optional: Black Tam with Gold Metal Bullion: AED 730]
  • Hoods: AED 100

Class Rings (both graduate and undergraduate)

  • Class Rings: White Lustrium Metal: AED 890 VAT inclusive 
  • Metal upgrade options available (prices vary based on selection; details in the link)

Home Delivery (UAE): AED 25

Outside UAE: Delivery charges will be communicated to the student based on location if required.

How to Order and Pay

Students can purchase their graduation regalia directly through the School Solutions International (SSI) Company. SSI has the option to ship the official AUS regalia to a student's home country (additional charges may apply). An email with ordering information will be sent to all graduating students.

Payments (cash/credit card) will be made directly to SSI as directed when you place the order.

SSI only offers regalia for purchase. Renting these items from SSI is not an option.

Students who wish to purchase the graduation ring only may do so using the regalia ordering link included in the email with ordering information that will be sent to all graduating students.

Vendor Contact Details

For any inquiry or complaints about the gowns and rings purchased from SSI, please contact SSI directly and copy Mr. Ahmad Rashidi, [email protected].

Mr. Roy Kalbakji, SSI
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Tel: +971 4 282 9290

You may also visit their head office at:    

Al Fattan Plaza Building
Office Number 307
Garhoud, Dubai, UAE

Deadline Dates

February 14–25, 2021

Submit the Application for Graduation and a copy of UAE ID card to the Office of the Registrar. CEN submit to Ms. Nevine Ezzat; CAS and CAAD to Ms. Amal Muzaini; and SBA and master's degree candidates to Ms. Lynn Lukwaro.

March 30, 2021

Deadline to order graduation regalia 

May 19, 2021

Deadline to submit photo for inclusion in the special graduation video

May 19, 2021

Deadline to complete form confirming participation in Graduate Recognition Event

Graduate Recognition Event

Important information regarding participation at the recognition event can be found below. Please check this page regularly for updates regarding the event.

Dates and Times of the Recognition Event

The recognition event will run from June 6 to 10, 2021 and will take place in the AUS Main Building Rotunda.

Registering for the Event

To help us plan for the event, graduating students must complete this form by May 19, 2021. Once we know which students plan to participate, we will upload a schedule on this page with the date and time for all recognition event sessions. Graduating students will be grouped by college/school and major/degree program. Please note that due to physical distancing requirements, students will only be able to participate in their designated time slot.

Event Schedule

Click here to view the schedule. 

Taking Part in the Event

Graduating students will need to arrive at the AUS main gate 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their session. When it is time to enter the Rotunda, students will enter via the east wooden door and check in at the registration desk. They will then be directed to the seating area designated for graduating students.

During the event, each graduating student’s name will be read out, with that student then walking on stage to have their photograph taken with the Chancellor. The graduating student will then proceed to a photo wall where their photo will be taken for insertion into the yearbook.  Students must then exit the building through the door next to the Registrar’s Office (towards the post office).

Following the conclusion of the event, participating students will be required to leave promptly so that physical distancing and gathering requirements are maintained.

Health Requirements and COVID Measures

Students who have confirmed that they will attend the graduate recognition event on campus will have received an email containing a link to the Graduation - COVID-19 Health Declaration Form (AUS VPN required). The following will be required to take part in the event:

  • complete the declaration form at least two days prior to accessing campus; and,
  • attach either documentation of completed COVID vaccination (two doses) or a negative PCR test result dated within 72 hours of campus access

The form will be reviewed by University Health Services. Once approved, you will receive a QR code for campus access via your university email address. Students will not be permitted to enter the campus without the QR code.

Strict social distancing and gathering protocols will be adhered to prior to, during and after the recognition event. The event space will be sanitized between each event. Masks must be worn at all times. Do not attend your event slot if you feel unwell.

Access to the Campus and Parking

Students will need to access the campus via the AUS main gate. To be granted access, students will need to show their QR code (details on how to obtain this code are provided above) and their AUS ID. Security guards at the gate will have a list of students who are scheduled to enter the campus at that time, along with their corresponding AUS ID numbers.

The following parking areas will be made available for graduating students during the recognition event: P2, P4, P7, P9, P10 and P12. Click here to view the parking map.

Photographs and Yearbook

During the recognition event, there will be an opportunity for each graduating student to have their photograph taken while they are on stage with the Chancellor.

There will also be an opportunity for graduating students to have their photograph taken for the yearbook during the event. This means that graduating students taking part in the recognition event will not need to provide their own photograph for the yearbook.

For those graduating students not attending the recognition event, the photograph they submit for the online celebration video will also be used for the yearbook. Details on how to submit this photograph can be found in the email sent to graduating students on March 18, 2021.


Graduating students can choose to wear full regalia for the recognition event, traditional dress or formal attire. The email sent to graduating students on March 18 advised students to order their regalia early given delivery times. More information on regalia can be found here.

Livestreaming for Family and Friends

As social gathering restrictions limit attendance at the recognition event, we recognize the importance of providing family and friends with an opportunity to view the event online. We will therefore be livestreaming all sessions of the recognition event. The livestream will start at 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily from June 6–10, 2021. To tune-in to the livestream, visit

Please note, that by taking part in the event, students are consenting to being featured in the livestream.

Online Celebration

To acknowledge the achievements of the graduating class of Spring 2021, we invite you and your family and friends to join a special online celebration to be held on Saturday, June 12, 2021 at 10 a.m. To join the online celebration, visit

In addition to the celebration video to be launched on June 12, this webpage also features stories, images and other materials honoring the AUS Class of Spring 2021. You will see that the page also includes a virtual celebration pack that you and your family can use to let the world know about your achievement through social media.

Be sure to check this page regularly as more content will be added over the coming weeks.

We look forward to celebrating with you on June 12.