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Discover what your new life on campus might look like. Take a look at what both our male and female residents love about life in the AUS residential halls.


Welcome to your home away from home!

The AUS residential halls provide a safe, comfortable and convenient place for students to live. Over 1,400 students live in separate men’s and women’s halls, enjoying the rich multicultural atmosphere and the support of our dedicated staff.

Students living in the halls enjoy the benefits of being conveniently located not just near their academic buildings, but also close to AUS’ Sports Complex and on-campus dining options. Several room options are available to both undergraduate and graduate students, including designated halls especially for our first-year students.      

Living on campus means students are never far away from all that AUS campus life has to offer. Read on to learn how you can enhance your university experience by residing on campus.


Are you a student who will be coming to live in the AUS Residential Halls for the first time? You are at the right place to get information.
Our role is to make your time at AUS more comfortable, prevent any stress and help you make a seamless change from home to the residential halls. In this section we hope to provide all the useful information.


Once you have applied to AUS and received a Letter of Admission from the AUS Office of Enrollment Management, you can apply for on-campus accommodation using one of the following two options:

For New Students

You can apply for student housing on campus online once you have received an acceptance letter from the AUS Office of Enrollment Management, along with your AUS email username and password. You can apply for on-campus accommodation using one of the following two options:

Online Housing Application for New Students

We encourage all new applicants to use the online Housing Application Form if they wish to stay in the residential halls on campus. You will be able to do this when you receive your AUS email username and password.

1. Please go to and login using your AUS email username and password.
2. Once logged in, go to Current Applicants and then Housing Application Form for Applicants.
3. Read the Housing Agreement.
4. Select the Residential Hall and Room Type preferences.
5. If you are applying for a sharing or semi-private room and know the AUS ID and name of your roommate, please enter it where asked on the form.
6. Enter remarks or additional information in the Remarks field.
7. Click Submit Application if you have completed all the required information.

Note: You have an option to save the form and submit it later.

Once we process your application, we will send you an email to your registered email address confirming your room details.

Important: Please ensure that all necessary pre-registration fees have been transferred to AUS. This includes the Refundable Maintenance Deposit Fee of AED 1,000 and the Seat Reservation Deposit of AED 5,000. Submitting the Housing Application Form along with the required fee does not guarantee that a room will be assigned, as this is subject to availability. All applications are subject to being processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

*Note: Applicants who cancel their room reservations after the deadline set by the Student Residential Life Department will be charged AED 500, which will be deducted from the Maintenance Deposit Fee.

If you have any questions related to the application process or the residential halls, please see the other FAQs on this page, email [email protected] or call +971 6 515 2244.

For Current AUS Students Living Off Campus

If you are already an AUS student and want to stay in the residential halls, please download the Housing Application Form from here. Complete the form and send it to [email protected]. Ensure that the AED 500 Room Reservation Fee has been paid.

For Current Resident Students

Students in the residential halls who want to renew their agreement for the upcoming semester will have to log in to the Banner system and apply for a renewal of agreement for the specified semester and during the period of application submission announced by Student Residential Life. It is important to note that the accommodation agreement is valid for full-time registered students only.

If you have any questions related to the application process or the residential halls, please visit our  or write us at [email protected] or call +971 6 515 2244.

For Students Who Have Graduated

Students can stay in student housing for a short period after graduating. This is to support graduating students as they finalize graduation tasks or handle any personal paperwork.

Graduate student housing fees
Short stay: AED 90/- per day.
Long stay: AED 80/- per day (monthly rate).

Please note:

  • Housing is applicable to single graduate students.
  • Housing is applicable on private rooms only.
  • Housing is subject to room availability.
  • The stay is for a maximum of two months.

If you are interested in staying in the residence halls after graduation, please send us an email at [email protected] and a member from our team will reach out to you.

For Graduate Students

There are dedicated residential halls available for graduate students. Students on full-time Graduate Assistantships (with six waived credits or more) receive a 50 percent discount on residential hall fees, based on the duration of their contract (subject to availability of dormitory rooms and on a first come, first served basis).

Forms, Fees and Rules

Residential Halls Forms
Residential Halls Fees

The residential halls fees and payment information is available here.
For further clarification on fees or payments please contact [email protected].

Sponsored students who are not sure about their room fee coverage should contact the Office of Enrollment Management by logging your query to

For information on financial grants or scholarships applicable on the room fee, please contact the Office of Financial Grants and Scholarship at [email protected] or view their webpage here.

Rules and Regulations

Our residential halls are home to a community of young men and women who come from varying cultures and backgrounds.

Like in any community, there are certain rules and regulations. They are primarily for the benefit of the students and the campus community as a whole and should be understood and followed by all resident students.

To view the policies governing resident student conduct, please click here.

Activities and Facilities

Every one of our residential halls is fully equipped with a computer lab, laundry room, snooker and pool table, table football, Wi-Fi connectivity, and vending machines stocked with snacks. Most residential halls have fitness rooms, too.

Additionally, the TV lounge has a cable TV with all the major networks such as BBC World and CNN. The campus has a wide variety of sit-down restaurants and fast food outlets created to suit various lifestyles and budgets. A full list of the outlets on campus with their timings is available here. Students can also order takeaway food (home delivery) from numerous outlets off campus.

We offer resident students a number of leadership and employment opportunities, as well as frequent events and entertainment. By living on campus, resident students also have the liberty of arranging their work schedules around classes and can enjoy the convenience of working where they live.

Support and Security

We understand that moving out of home for the first time (or even not the first time!) can sometimes be a little daunting. The team at AUS works hard to ensure our residential students are supported and guided, on an academic, social and emotional level. Parents can be assured that their students are in safe hands with curfew, around-the-clock security and friendly staff on hand. Residential students will have their transition to university life made easy, with countless opportunities to make life-long friends.

Much support is given to new international students who often have a lot of questions and concerns during their first weeks on campus. The Student Residential Life Department has created the International Buddy Program (IBP) to ease this transition, with current international residents helping new ones. Returning buddies help their new international buddies through the transition into the AUS, especially during the first few weeks of the semester. International students residing on campus will receive more information regarding IBP.

Learn more about the support and security you can expect in the AUS Residential Halls.

Resident Assistants 

The Resident Assistant (RA) is responsible for a community in one of our residential halls and reports to the Residential Hall Coordinator (RHC). The role of the RA is to facilitate and maintain a positive living environment in the residential community; an environment that is conducive to the academic, social and personal growth of residents. 

RAs work to support the mission of the Student Residential Life Department, and that of American University of Sharjah. Our student staff members serve as community facilitators, leaders, role models, educators and mediators. They provide both educational and social programming opportunities, and encourage students to strive for excellence and responsible decision making, thus encouraging our residents to play a role in the community at AUS. 

Resident Assistant Application

Positions for the 2023-2024 academic year have been filled. Positions for 2024-2025 will open in Spring 2024.

Resident Assistant FAQs
What are the position requirements?

Student interested in the Resident Assistant Role must:

• Be an undergraduate student enrolled a minimum of 12 credit hours at American University of Sharjah.

• Have a minimum semester and cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher to apply for and retain the position.

• Be in good disciplinary standing with the University.

• Have lived in residence halls for at least one semester.

• Must attend one Informational Session during application period.

• Live on campus during employment.

What are the job responsibilities?

Resident Assistants are responsible for the following key areas:

• Community/student development—RAs create programs and activities designed to meet the needs of residents on their floor. As a community developer, RAs facilitate a floor WhatsApp group chat with their assigned residents, as well as have meaningful conversations with community residents and encourage community involvement.

• Resource and education—As a peer mentor, RAs connect residents to other campus opportunities to promote a positive AUS experience. RAs also serve as a referral agent to other campus resources such as the counseling center, Academic Resource Center, Library etc.

• Facility management—RAs work with other hall staff to ensure that there are no facility issues on their floor or building. RAs are required to complete room inventory checks and safety checks on a regular basis.

• Policy enforcement/safety—RAs are attentive to resident safety and hall security, as well as ensure residents follow University and housing policies to maintain a respectful environment. RAs educate residents on their actions and decisions while informing them about how their actions impact an entire community.

• Administrative tasks—RAs are required to complete weekly reports, duty logs and SRLD surveys other department paperwork, as well as assist with check-ins and check-outs of residents.

What is the benefit of being an RA?

• RAs will receive a free private room for every semester of service.

• As an RA, you will have the opportunity to serve in a role that is recognized around the world as one of the top leadership positions on a university campus. Through this role, you will improve your skills in the following areas: teamwork, ability to work with a diverse group, management and leadership skills, interpersonal communication and public speaking, advising and helping skills, and event planning. These skills will be widely beneficial during your future job search!

What is the time commitment?

The nature of the RA position is such that its responsibilities are determined not so much by a time clock or a calendar, but by the needs of residents. Some periods, such as training, opening and closing will require more time than average, but other responsibilities will arise that cannot always be anticipated and scheduled. Key time commitments include:

• Duty—Each RA will have duty shifts about once or twice a week. Duty entails staying in the hall to be accessible, doing rounds and responding to any issue, incident or need. Duty allows RAs to easily interact with residents during the week and weekend, and creates opportunities for them to assist students looking for peer support.

• Opening, closing and breaks—RAs serve an instrumental role in getting the halls ready to open and close during breaks and at the end of the school year. As such, RAs arrive early and depart late as needed by the SRLD department.

• RA training—In the fall, RAs arrive 1-2 weeks before new student move-in and orientation for training. Training is usually scheduled from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and includes evening responsibilities such as prepping the hall. A shorter version of training also happens in January.

• Regular meetings—Meetings include weekly staff meetings and bi-weekly one-on-one meetings with hall RHC as well as training sessions throughout the semester.

What happens if an RA fails to meet the expectations stated in the agreement?

In return for the opportunity to serve as a RA, you will get a free private room for every semester of service, in one of our residences on campus. You will be expected to sign an agreement that outlines the requirements of the position and what would happen if you fail to meet the contract. This will be discussed further if you are hired.

Whom should I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact Complex Managers, Abigail Smith ([email protected]) and Ahmed Soliman ([email protected]). You may also view our Instagram page @ausliveon for more information about the Resident Assistant Role.

Hear From Our Students

“I chose to live in the halls to be close to the university and experience a sense of community with other students. Living in the halls has given me numerous opportunities to connect with other students, make new friends and engage in extracurricular activities. It has also allowed me to easily access resources such as the library, computer labs and fitness center.”
~ Qusai Al Tah, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

“I have been living in the AUS residential halls since the first day of university. Living in the halls is the best option for me as the rooms are extremely comfortable and I have a sense of security and well-being here. I would recommend living in the AUS residential halls to all AUS students.”

~ Khalid Aldamasi, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Residential Halls Photo Album

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Rooms
What type of rooms are available in the residential halls?

There are three main room types in the men’s and women’s halls: private, semi-private and sharing.

Private room: Single occupancy with private bath and kitchenette

Semi-private room: Single occupancy with a shared bath and kitchenette

Note: The bath and kitchenette are shared between the two occupants of adjacent semi-private rooms only.

Sharing room: Double occupancy with a shared bath and kitchenette.

Note: The two occupants of this room share the bath and kitchenette facility available inside this one room.

What do the floor plans of the rooms look like?

The typical layouts for the three room types are shown below. Slight variations may exist in the design and furniture based on the various residential halls available at AUS.

Private and Sharing Room Floor Plan

Private and Sharing Room Floor Plan

Semi-Private Room Floor Plan

Semi-Private Room Floor Plan

What size are the rooms?

-A private room measures 30 square meters.

-A semi-private room measures 58 square meters.

-A shared room measures 30 square meters.

What is the difference between each residential hall and how do I decide my room type preference?

The online housing application requires you to mention your preference for a specific hall block. All residential halls consist of two blocks. For example, residential hall AB Women consists of “A Women” and “B Women” interconnected blocks.

Although the room types and designs are quite similar for all halls, please note certain differences as follows:

  • MN and PQ men’s residential halls do not have private rooms and only have sharing and semi-private rooms.
  • All women’s residential halls have similar design and room types.
  • PQ men, I women and MN men (graduate students) have some additional rooms with bathrooms for students with academic accommodation. Furthermore, I Women has an elevator facility to go to first floor.
What is provided in my room?

All residential halls bedrooms have similar standard furnishings. You will have a single bed, a study desk, a rolling chair, a wardrobe, a bedside table, roller blinds and an air-conditioning unit. A new bedding set consisting of one quilt, a mattress protector, a pillow and a bed sheet set are also provided for new resident students. For returning resident students, a set of washed linen (except pillows) will be provided. Private rooms also have a sofa and a coffee table. A small fridge and a hotplate are available in each room. The fridge is shared if a person is in a sharing room.

What type of electric plugs and voltage are used?

We have the three-pin British Standard electric plugs and a voltage rating of 230V, 50 Hz.

Facilities and Services for Resident Students
What are the facilities and services in the halls?
  • High-speed Wi-Fi in all common areas and student rooms
  • Computer rooms with network printers
  • Laundry rooms with heavy duty washer and dryers (free to use but detergent is not provided)
  • Once a week room cleaning by Cleanco staff
  • Fitness room
  • Table tennis and foosball table
  • Vending machines for snacks/soft drinks/coffee/tea (coin operated)
  • Large screen TV with satellite TV channels in the student lounge
  • Free-to-air satellite channels available inside all rooms (TV not provided)
Is there Wi-Fi access in student rooms?

Wi-Fi is available in all student rooms as well as common areas of the residential halls, such as the TV lounge and computer labs. You can contact the IT Department if you are unable to configure your computer to this Wi-Fi.

Are meals available in the residential halls?

All the residential halls are self-catered. There are kitchenettes in all rooms as well as shared common kitchens. However, meals can be ordered from several restaurants (both off campus and on campus) until midnight. Food outlets are available in the Student Center, and a coffee shop is located in the Library Building and SBA building.

Do you have a common kitchen in the residential halls?

Yes. Each residential hall has a common kitchen, and all rooms have kitchenettes with a hotplate and a sink.

Is there a shop on the campus for hall residents?

Two minimarts are located on campus: one in the Student Center and one located in front of the women's residential halls. They offer a variety of grocery items, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other household items. Also on campus are a men's barbershop, a pharmacy and other commercial outlets.

Do you provide wheelchair access for academic accommodation?

We request any applicant who has a physical disability to contact the Student Residential Life Department through [email protected] to get further clarification prior to applying for a room in the residential halls. The room size and entrances are large enough to accommodate wheelchair users on the ground floor. There is a ramp at the entrance of each residential hall. Residential halls have limited number of rooms with a bathroom designed specifically for students with a disability.

What transportation is available on campus?

A convenient campus bus service runs between the residential halls and the academic buildings. Additionally, there is bus service to Sharjah malls and the Dubai Metro during the school week, and to Abu Dhabi and Al Ain on the weekends. The University City service also runs buses to and from different parts of Sharjah to campus. You can also call taxis to pick you up from the residential halls for off-campus trips. More information on transportation, including schedules, can be found here.

How can students receive packages or mail on campus?

Packages can be delivered directly to a student's residential hall.

Letters and mail are delivered to the campus post office, located on the ground floor of the Mailing Building. Please use the following address:

[Student Name]

American University of Sharjah

PO Box 26666

Sharjah, UAE

Are shopping malls easily reachable for students living on campus?

There is a scheduled bus service between the halls and malls/supermarkets in Sharjah. The schedule is posted on the hall notice boards as well as here.

Is there a room cleaning service in the residential halls?

Yes. Each student's room is cleaned once a week according to a set schedule.

Do you provide bed linens and towels?

We only provide a new set of bed linen once to each new resident (i.e., bed sheet, pillow, pillowcase and a quilt). The washing of the linens during the semester must be done by the resident.

What are the laundry facilities in the halls?

Our laundry facilities are open 24/7 and are free to use, they are located at the end of the hallways of each block.

Laundry Service:

Sahara Laundry provides pickup and drop-off services from and to the halls. Sahara Laundry services are available on campus from Sunday to Friday with the following working hours:

Morning: 7:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Evening: 3:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

Saturday: Closed

If you have any laundry that needs to be taken care of, simply contact Sahara Laundry at the following number to know more about their charges and schedule a pickup: 050 186 3317.

Reserving, Changing or Cancelling A Room
How do I apply for accommodation in the AUS residential halls?

For New Students

You can apply for student housing on campus online once you have received an acceptance letter from the AUS Office of Enrollment Management, along with your AUS email username and password. For details on how to apply for a room in the residential halls, click here.

Once we process your application, we will send you an email to your registered email address confirming your room details.

Important: Please ensure that all necessary pre-registration fees have been transferred to AUS. This includes the Room Reservation Fee of AED 500 and the Seat Reservation Deposit of AED 5,000. Submitting the Housing Application Form along with the required fee does not guarantee that a room will be assigned as this is subject to availability. All applications are subject to being processed on first-come, first-served basis.

If you have any questions related to the application process or the residential halls, please see the other FAQs on this page, email [email protected] or call +971 6 515 2244.

For Current AUS Students Living Off Campus

If you are already an AUS student and want to stay in the residential halls, please download the Housing Application Form from here. Complete the form and send it to [email protected]. Ensure that the AED 500 Room Reservation Fee has been paid.

For Current Resident Students

Students in the residential halls who want to renew their agreement for the upcoming semester will have to log in to the Banner system and apply for a renewal of agreement for the specified semester and during the period of application submission announced by Student Residential Life. It is important to note that the accommodation agreement is valid for full-time registered students only .

What is the room fee for the residential halls?

The residential halls fees are posted here .

How will I know whether my Housing Application Form has reached you?

We will acknowledge receiving your housing application form via an email to your AUS email address. If you do not receive this acknowledgement, you can contact us at [email protected]. Receiving this acknowledgement does not mean a room has been reserved for you.

How do I know that a room has been reserved for me?

We will send a confirmation to you by email to your AUS email account. If you did not receive this in time, please follow-up by emailing [email protected].

Will I be assigned any room type or hall I want?

Although we try to allocate accommodation based upon your preferences, it is not always possible to assign your choice of room type or the specific hall you may have requested.

The chances of you getting your preferred choice depends upon availability. The room assignment is processed in the following order:

  • The students who are already residing in the residential halls get first preference for their existing room for the coming semester
  • The next preference is for students who are applying for the first time.
What if I don’t get one of my preferred room choices?

We recommend that you accept what you are offered if you definitely want to live in a residential hall, as we are unable to reallocate rooms before the start of the term. Once the term has begun, if you are still unhappy with your room, it may be possible for you to transfer to another room/hall. However, this would depend upon availability at that time.

What if I want to transfer to another room?

Students are allowed to switch rooms once only in the first two weeks of the semester. The Residential Halls Management will entertain the request for room transfer based on a valid reason. Students reserve the right to request a change in their room type or residential halls prior to checking in. Students who want to upgrade their room choice are required to pay the difference prior to moving. Students who want to downgrade their room choice will be compensated according to the withdrawal policy stated in the Housing Agreement.

Do you guarantee me a place in a residential hall?

Although most applicants get a room in the residential halls, room assignments are subject to availability since a limited number of rooms are available.

What is the cancellation procedure?

To cancel your room assignment before checking into the residential halls, please send a written notification to [email protected] or in person to the Student Residential Life Department.

Cancelling your room assignment after checking in is termed as withdrawal, and this must be done by approaching your Residential Hall Supervisor in person to document the cancellation and process your check-out. A room fee refund is applicable when you withdraw from the residential halls as follows:

Withdrawal persiod

How long can I stay after my room assignment is cancelled?

You will have 48 hours to vacate your room once the Housing Agreement has been cancelled.

Living in the Halls
When can I move into my assigned room?

Residential halls open one day before the university orientation date in fall and spring semester. Check the online academic calendar for the specific date.

Can I choose my own roommate? If I don't know anyone at AUS, how will my roommate be assigned?

Yes, students can choose their own roommate when they fill in the housing application form on Banner, detailing their preferred roommate’s name and ID (if they are applying for either a shared or semi-private room). If no roommate preference is mentioned on the housing application, a random student will be assigned, according to availability.

How do I find the location of my residential hall?

The notification sent to you regarding your assigned room also confirms the residential hall name. The online campus map shows the location of all the residential halls. There are separate residential halls for men and women.

Will my room be safe and secure?

University security operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Security staff regularly patrol the campus. No one is allowed in your room without your presence unless it is for cleaning or maintenance purposes or in special circumstances mentioned in your Housing Agreement and the Student Handbook . Doors of the rooms operate through an electronic access using a smart card.

Can I have guests stay in my room?

The only guests who can stay overnight in your room are friends who live in other AUS residential halls. They can visit you in your room for the purpose of study, based on the approval of the Residential Halls Coordinators.

How do I connect my personal computer to the campus network in my room?

All residential halls rooms have network sockets with high-speed Internet access. You will need to connect your PC/laptop using a network cable. Students should provide their own cable. There is no additional fee for this network usage.

Can I bring my car to the AUS campus?

Yes, you can but you will need to register your car with AUS Security. Parking areas are available at each residential hall.

Can I bring my bicycle or electric scooter?

Bicycles and electric scooters are allowed. Bicycles must be stored outside the residential halls. Bicycle parking racks are available outside most buildings on campus.

  • Residents are responsible for leaving electric scooters outside the residence in the parking lot, or they can store them inside their rooms. During leaves, residents must ensure that the electric scooters are completely shut down.
  • Residents are not allowed to park their scooters in the corridors, in order to prevent any blockage or obstruction of the evacuation paths. It is also prohibited to ride scooters inside the residence under any circumstances.
  • SRLD can't store the electric scooters in the residence halls stores due to the lack of relevant safety conditions.
  • In addition to the above points, electric scooters must be registered with AUS Security.
Am I allowed to bring my own furniture or fixtures for my room?

No additional furniture or fixtures are allowed in the rooms, but you can bring your other personal belongings such as a TV, an iron and ironing board, a kettle, linens and towels.

Can I put up my own pictures/decorations in my room?

As long as the pictures/decorations are easily removable and leave no stains or holes in the wall and furnishings, there will be no objection. If the wall is damaged due to the use of nails or if there is damage to the wall or furniture, there will be charges at checkout time.

Are the halls single-sex or mixed?

All the residential halls are single sex. Men's and women's residential halls are completely separated on campus.

Do you provide accommodation for couples or families?

Currently we do not have residential halls for couples or families.

Are there quiet hours in the residential halls?

Quiet hours are designated daily between 12 midnight and 7 a.m. Excessive noise can be reported to the staff on duty at any time.

Staying During Breaks or Between Semesters
Can I stay at AUS during vacations?

Your stay in the residential halls during semester breaks and when the university is officially closed must be approved by Student Residential Life management.

During short semester breaks of three weeks or less, you can stay in the hall as long as you are registered for courses and have reserved a room for the next semester. You will be charged AED 30 per night during this overstay period.

Any student who wants to stay during the short semester breaks of three weeks or less but who has not reserved a room for the next semester must pay AED 90 per night. A maximum three-night stay is allowed in such a case.

Students who want to stay during the summer term must attend summer courses or be enrolled in an AUS-approved internship. Those students enrolled in AUS-approved internships must submit the following documents if they plan to live in the residential halls during the summer:

  • letter from the college/school confirming your internship
  • letter from parents confirming that you can stay in the residential hall during summer
  • letter from the employer confirming the internship period
Do I have to vacate my room during breaks between semesters and during short university holidays?

Your Housing Agreement is for one semester and must be renewed before the end of that semester. If you don't renew your agreement within the set period, as announced by residential halls management, you lose the right to stay in the residential halls. We cannot guarantee that the same room or any other vacant room will remain available.

During the break between fall and spring semesters, you may store your belongings in the residential halls subject to availability of storage space and in coordination with the residential halls staff. However, you need to ensure that you have a room reserved for spring semester.

For summer term, please check to see if your residential hall will be open for summer term students. If it is and you are not staying, you need to vacate your belongings from the room completely. You may contact residential halls staff for temporary storage during this period. If the residential hall is closed for summer, you need to properly pack your items and take all your valuables since there will be maintenance of your room by external vendors.

During other short breaks when the university is closed, most residential halls remain open; however, AUS has the right to close any residential halls building based on the number of students staying in it and for operational requirements.

We strongly encourage you to take all valuables when the university is closed, or you are staying out of the residential halls. AUS will not be liable for any of your belongings that you leave behind in the residential halls.

Can I leave my belongings in my room during the vacations?

Limited storage may be provided, subject to availability, for international students without local residence. These packed belongings should not exceed four items which include boxes or a mix of boxes and free-standing items. Students who wish to leave any belongings in the hall must sign a Waiver of Liability, which is available from the Residential Hall Coordinator.

Any student belongings left uncollected in storage for more than eight weeks will be donated to a local charity, as per Residential Halls policy.

Contact Us


Student Residential Life Department 
American University of Sharjah 
PO Box 26666, Sharjah, UAE
Email | [email protected]
Tel +971 6 515 2244

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