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Congratulations! You’re a #ProudAUSer!

By joining the AUS community, you are becoming part of a proud tradition of academic excellence, community contribution and personal transformation. We can’t wait to see what you will achieve during your time with us.

This page provides important information on finalizing your admission and settling into life at AUS. If you have any questions about the process, please contact us—we want to hear from you.

Finalize Your Admission

To finalize your admission to AUS, you will need to do the following:

  1. Read your Admission Letter: Log in to your AUS account to check your Admission Letter for conditions and deadlines.
  2. Pay your Seat Reservation Deposit: Check your Admission Letter for the payment deadline.
  3. Attest your documents: To complete your file and register for courses, you will need to submit certified or attested secondary school grades and certificates as applicable.
  4. Apply for your Certificate of Equivalency: The UAE Ministry of Education requires all enrolled students to obtain a Certificate of Equivalency for their secondary education. Find out how to apply for the UAE Ministry of Education Certificate of Equivalency here.
  5. Transfer your credits: If you have achieved a minimum grade equivalent to B in IB Higher Level, GCE A-Level, the Lebanese Baccalaureate, the French Baccalaureate, the Spanish Baccalaureate, the German Abitur or the American Advanced Placement tests, you could be awarded course credits for first-year-level courses. For more information, click here. If you have any questions, you can ask them during your File Completion session.
  6. Book your English proficiency test/SAT: In case you have not already done so, you will need to complete and submit you valid score report from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT Achieve).  TOEFL and IELTS score reports are valid for two calendar years. For more information and to book/verify your TOEFL or IELTS,  please refer to the AUS Testing Center.  Note: If you score below the required English Language Proficiency (ELP) score for the semester of entry, you will be invited to join the Achievement Academy Bridge Program (AABP). Our admissions advisors can assist you with any inquiries about joining the AABP.
  7. Attend pre-orientation: Pre-orientation opens in July for new students joining in the fall semester and in December for the spring semester. During pre-orientation you will participate in scheduled training and information sessions, and complete a series of mandatory tasks, including:
    • Book your placement tests: Make sure you book the placement tests relevant to your major.
    • Complete your admissions file: You will not be able to register for courses in your first semester until your admissions file is complete. Your file is considered complete only when all the requirements mentioned in the admission letter have been received by the Admissions Office. Please refer to your admission letter and emails received from the Admissions Office to note and prepare all the missing documents, including important dates for early file completion. You must book an online meeting with AUS admissions staff to complete your application file. During this session you can discuss any holds you may have on your admission file.

Got questions?

If you need any assistance in completing these tasks, please contact us to book a meeting with an admissions advisor.

We can also assist you with other admissions related inquiries, such as:

  • Defering your application: You may defer your application to AUS for up to two semesters by request via
  • Changing your major: It's not uncommon for students to change their minds about their major once they have applied and even after they have enrolled. Now that you have been admitted to AUS, you cannot make changes to your original application before you enroll. If you want to change the major you have selected now, you will need to submit a new application for your new intended major. You will not need to pay the admission fee again, but you can only do this once before you enroll. As before, your new application will be evaluated against your school grades and availability of seats in the major you are interested in pursuing. You will be notified of the decision, and, if approved, you will receive a new Admission Letter showing the new major. If you decide to change your major after you have begun your studies at AUS, you can discuss this with your academic advisor and follow the process for changing your major with the Office of the Registrar.

Before You Arrive

We know you’re excited to get to campus, but before you do, there are a few key things you need to do. 

  1. Apply for your student visa if required.
  2. Apply for student accommodation, if you plan to live on campus.
  3. Apply for a financial grant or scholarship.

Opportunities for financial support are available for eligible AUS students, including first-year students.

  1. Complete the University Health Services Medical Form and organize health insurance

As a new student, you will be required to submit a Medical Record Form to University Health Services (UHS). You can wait to submit the form until you are physically attending classes on campus. The Medical Record Form must be endorsed and stamped by a physician. You can complete it in your home country with a licensed general physician or have it completed by AUS University Health Services.

Medical insurance is compulsory for all AUS-sponsored students (that is, students with a visa sponsored by AUS) and for all students who don’t have health insurance coverage of their own. Read more about the plans we have for students here.

  1. Make sure your laptop meets IT requirements

To access the software and electronic resources needed to study at AUS,  you must own an internet-capable laptop or similar device capable of running Microsoft Windows or macOS applications. 

You may choose to use an existing laptop or device. If you plan to purchase a new one, you should select a laptop with the recommended specifications according to your college/major here

If you have any questions and would like to discuss your laptop or software requirements, please contact the IT ServiceDesk at Tel +971 6 515 2121| [email protected] |

  1. Coordinate your airport pickup.  

New students can request pick-up service from Sharjah International Airport and Dubai International Airport (Terminals 1, 2 and 3). If you need pick-up service, please submit the Airport to Campus Transportation Form. An AUS representative will be assigned to welcome you at the airport. Rates for the transportation service are listed on the request form. Click here for any other transportation-related questions or email [email protected].

Orientation and Class Registration


Our week-long New Student Orientation takes place the week before classes start, and will include events for both you and your parents. The program is packed with important information and memorable activities to help you get your AUS experience off to a great start. We’ll introduce you to AUS and your college/school, help you connect with classmates, and introduce you to the various support services available to you. 

At orientation, you will also register for the classes you will take in your first semester. To be able to register for these classes, your application file must be complete.

Once your file is completed you will be contacted by your college or school to be registered for the courses that you will be taking in your first semester at AUS. You will be required to attend an Academic Orientation where you will find out the process for course registration. By the end of orientation week you will receive your class schedule for this semester. 

Orientation is extremely important to ensuring all new AUS students receive the best start to university life possible and is therefore mandatory. We will email you with all the information you need to participate in orientation closer to the event. 

Settling In

Once you’re on campus, we’ve got a lot of great resources designed to help you get a great start as a Proud AUSer.

You'll find a comprehensive list of support services on the New Student Orientation page, but we've highlighted some of this information below for your quick reference.

We also encourage you to check out the AUS Resources brochure and browse the information below.

ID Cards and Car Stickers

ID Cards

All students must carry an AUS ID card. You can request an AUS ID card by sending a passport sized photograph (with a white background) to [email protected].

The AUS ID card is more than just a university ID card. Use your AUS ID card at selected establishments to get generous discounts. Please click here for a list of participating retailers.

Car Stickers

If you are a faculty or staff member or a student, you must register your vehicle(s) and display a valid AUS parking sticker on the windshield. Registration entitles a person to drive on campus and to park in designated parking spaces. Please note that a car sticker does not guarantee a specific location or availability of a parking space. Hangtags are available for faculty, staff and students who own more than one car.

Opening a Bank Account

A branch of the Sharjah Islamic Bank is conveniently located on campus. The bank requires the following to open an account:

  • your valid original passport
  • your UAE national ID
  • a letter certifying your enrollment

Automatic teller machines (ATMs) are available on campus 24/7. For more information, contact Sharjah Islamic Bank at 06 599 9999.

Getting a Driver's License

To be eligible to obtain a UAE driver's license, you must be at least 18 years old. Here's what you'll need to do:

  • Complete the required eye test at one of the registered eye test centers. The nearest one is Grand Optics in Matajer Mall.
  • Gather the required documents:
    1. a photocopy of your UAE National ID
    2. a letter of enrollment—obtainable from the Office of the Registrar, in Arabic, or a copy of your AUS ID card
    3. your current driver’s license (if applicable)
  • Take the required documents to the Sharjah University City Police Office, which is located in University City (opposite Al Qasimia University), or to the Sharjah Driving Institute (SDI) located on the Mezzanine floor, Main Building Room MM-29. If needed, you can choose to get your driving training on the AUS campus from SDI.

Regulations for obtaining a driving license vary by nationality. The Sharjah University City Police Office will inform you of the latest regulations and guide you through the process required for obtaining your driving license.

Student Accounts

Student Accounts assists AUS students and their families in understanding:

  • tuition and fee charges on the statement of fees
  • the various payment and installment methods
  • the relevant due dates for payments 

We strive to deliver excellent customer service by providing accurate and timely information to students and responding to all financial-related queries.

Reading and agreeing to the AUS payment guide is one of the mandatory tasks that new students must complete during pre-orientation.

One Stop - The AUS Solution Center

One Stop - The AUS Solution Center is a great resource for students and their families. Centrally located in the AUS Main Building, this one-stop shop can help you get things done! Our friendly team can answer your questions on a variety of topics, including student accounts, financial grants and scholarships, housing, transportation, admission, IT services, library services, general information about our colleges/school, student employment, medical insurance, security services, graduate studies, visa services and more. The center is also equipped with iPads stations where students can complete important forms and make online payments. 

Visit One Stop on the mezzanine floor of the Main Building Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You can also reach us at [email protected] or +971 6 515 5555. 

IT Support Services

The IT Support Service Desk is your central point of contact for any IT-related issues you may be facing.  We recommend you check our list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) first, and if you still need support call +971 6 515 2121 or email [email protected].

Operating hours are 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

Academic Calendar

Here's a great tip for staying organized: print a copy of the academic calendar and keep it inside your student diary or organizer for easy reference.

You can download a copy at the link below.

Contact Directory
AUS Catalog

Because university life is made up of so many decisions, it is important to have a guide to help you through.

The university catalog is vitally important when it comes to choosing and planning your degree and academic life at AUS. The catalog is a comprehensive guide to the degrees and course structure, as well as an in-depth look at each course and the prerequisites required.

Campus Maps and Directions

Getting to campus and finding your way around our 123-hectare campus can be a bit overwhelming at first.

Check out this page for a list of maps and directions to help you get your bearings.

AUS Library

As an AUS student, you have access to one of the premier libraries in the region, with collections of books, e-books, journals and more to support your learning. Our librarians are here to help. Drop-in online to chat with a librarian by using the chat function on the Library website

Follow us on Instagram @auslibrary, Twitter @AUS_Library and Facebook @AUSLibrary to stay up-to-date with our services, learn pro-tips for your research, explore the Library and much more. 

Course Materials and Texbooks

Course textbooks and materials in print or electronic format are available from AllPrints, the on-campus bookstore.

First Year Experience (FYE)

The First Year Experience (FYE) program helps first-year students like you discover your potential so that you get the most out of your university experience. We do this by supporting you from the moment you begin your journey as a #Proud_AUSer. Learn more by clicking the button below.

You can also download our free publication How to Survive Your First Year at University: A Practical Guide for New Students here.

Academic Support Center

You may find that although you were academically successful in high school, the way we do things in university is a little different. The Academic Support Center (ASC) is here to help you refine your skills, improve your academic performance by offering a wide range of opportunities and resources to give you the help you need, and perform at your best capacity.

Support for Students with Disabilities


If you have a documented disability diagnosed by a qualified professional in the field, you may apply for academic accommodations through the Academic Support Center (ASC) in order to have equal access for educational opportunities at AUS. 

University Health Services (UHS)

University Health Services (UHS) provides supportive and consultative health care to the AUS community to make our campus a healthy and safe place to study, work and live. Services include outpatient services for both acute and chronic problems, short-term emergency care, minor surgical procedures, health education programs, counseling and much more.

One of the mandatory tasks you will complete in pre-orientation will be to read and agree to our student health insurance requirements.

University Counseling Services (UCS)

While university can be a wonderful experience, you may also have times when you are struggling with stressful situations or experiences involving your academics, family, relationships or social life. We offer free and confidential support for your mental health and well-being through our University Counseling Services. If you are feeling overwhelmed, we are here to help.

Student Life

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is responsible for providing you with the best student experience possible. Beyond the classroom, AUS students enjoy a vibrant and dynamic campus life with access to a wide range of extracurricular activities, clubs, teams and associations.  

These activities are an essential part of AUS student life. Whether you’re taking part in our annual Global Day event, attending or performing in our impressive line-up of concerts and events, or giving back to the community through our many volunteering opportunities, AUS offers you a memorable and impactful student experience. 

As an AUSer, you also have access to our state-of-the-art athletic facilities and highly trained instructors. We offer a schedule of recreational sports activities as well as the opportunity to represent AUS in our intercollegiate teams. Go Leopards!

Learn more about the extracurricular opportunities available to you as an AUSer at the links below.

AUS Traditions

We love any opportunity to bring the AUS community together and celebrate what it means to be a #Proud_AUSer.

Here are some of our favorites:

Week of Welcome: The first week of each semester is kicked off with a Week of Welcome! The week is packed with a wide range of events and activities for all AUS students, as well as a selection of exclusive events for our brand-new first-year AUSers. From quiz nights to cultural events and fitness sessions, there are plenty of options for everyone.

Club Fair: Every semester the Office of Student Affairs hosts a Club Fait to give students a chance to explore a wide range of extracurricular activities and connect with other AUSers with shared interests. Check out the list of clubs and associations that you can be part of.

AUS Leopards Day: The leopard is the AUS mascot. On AUS Leopards Day, we celebrate our mascot and invite everyone—students, faculty and staff—to wear their AUS pride in the form of university or college/school colors, Leopards uniforms or AUS-branded clothing. 

Global Day: A highlight of the AUS calendar, we love this celebration of our cultural diversity as one of the top five most diverse university communities in the world.

Career Services

From your first-year until after graduation, the Career Services Unit at the Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs (OAAA) can provide you with advice and guidance to help you secure rewarding professional careers and internship opportunities.

Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs

Do you have an idea that you think could really take off but you don’t know where to start? Our friends at the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa) offer workshops and opportunities to inspire and equip you to bring your idea to life.

Discover Sharjah

During orientation you will have the chance to join a tour of Sharjah's top tourism and cultural destinations to get a taste of what to expect from your new home.

There are many reasons why Sharjah has become a leading destination for university study, at both an undergraduate and graduate level. The third largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and part of the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area, Sharjah is a dynamic, international and exciting place for students of all ages and backgrounds.

Sharjah is widely regarded as the cultural capital of the UAE, hosting a number of world-class museums and exhibitions. It is also known for its natural beauty, located on the sparkling Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman and in easy driving distance to the sand dunes of the Arabian desert.

AUS is located just minutes from the heart of Dubai and the Dubai International Airport, providing students with easy access to the world-famous attractions of the neighboring emirate.

Sharjah has an active student community, providing a culturally diverse environment from students from all around the globe to meet, explore, develop and innovate. With a mix of languages, cuisines and cultural pursuits, Sharjah is rapidly establishing itself as a world-class student city.

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