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With more than 50 percent of the world’s population now living in cities, the impact today’s urban areas will have on the people and planet of tomorrow is greater than in all of history. The work of civil engineers has therefore never before been more important.

Engineering solutions for a civilization that’s changing rapidly takes knowledge and experience. At AUS, civil engineering students are intimately involved in innovation that will usher the world’s cities into the future.

Irtishad Ahmad, PhD, PE, FASCE
Head, Department of Civil Engineering


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)


Our faculty are established researchers and educators, representing a multitude of nationalities and having hailed from some of the world’s leading civil engineering institutions. Our faculty are not only accomplished academics, but also possess in-depth industry knowledge, with many faculty involved in some of the region’s most iconic civil engineering projects. Students are beneficiaries of this blend of theoretical expertise and industry know-how, as they are provided with an education that meets the highest standards of educational excellence and an understanding of how theoretical concepts can be applied in the real world. Learn more about the Department of Civil Engineering faculty members.


Dr. Jamal El-Din Abdalla
Dr. Akmal Abdelfatah
Dr. Farid Abed
Dr. Ghassan Abu-Lebdeh


Our alumni are at the helm of industry in the Middle East and abroad, working and leading in organizations shaping the civil engineering landscape. Our graduates are also well-prepared to pursue advanced degrees in civil engineering and related disciplines, with some gaining entry into masters and PhD programs at AUS and other leading universities. Be inspired by the journeys of our alumni.



AECOM Middle East

AIMES Constructions LLC

Al Burhan Engineering Consultants

Al Isra Contracting Company

Al Khawajah Engineering Consultants

Darwish Engineering Emirates

Delta Emirates Contracting

Dubai Civil Engineering LLC

Emaar Development

Jouzy Consulting Engineers

Khatib and Alami - Egypt

Al Sikah Bldg. Cont. LLC

Arabtec Construction LLC

Arcadis Middle East Dubai

ARCO Engineering

ARUP Gulf Ltd.

DAMAC Properties

Al Safa Contracting LLC

RTA Dubai

Saudi Binladin group

SDM Smith Inc. Dubai Branch

Sharjah RTA

WS Atkins


From population growth to climate change, some of our generation’s greatest challenges will be met by the solutions of civil engineers. Our faculty are at the forefront of research projects that will shape all our lives for the better, from transportation solutions to water distribution solutions. Read on to learn more.

Construction Management
  • Innovative scheduling techniques and risk minimization in construction projects (Dr. El-Sayegh)
  • Sustainable Construction and Affordable Housing (Dr. Beheiry)
  • Information and Communication Technology in Construction, and Project Delivery Methods (Dr. Ahmad)
Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
  • Leak Detection in Water Distribution System (Dr. Mortula, Dr. Atabay)
  • Water distribution network studies (Dr Mortula, Dr. Ali, Dr. Atabay, Dr. Fattah)
  • Nutrient recovery from wastewater (Dr. Fattah)
  • Investigation of water quality parameters for coastal lagoon using Hydrodynamic Model (Dr. Atabay)
  • Co-composting of Different Organic Wastes (Dr. Mortula)
  • Decentralized wastewater treatment via constructed wetland (Dr. Fattah)
Geotechnical Engineering
  • Soil dynamics and earthquake engineering (Dr. Khan)
  • Soil stabilization using solid waste and investigating the behavior of internal erosion of soil  (Dr. Attom)
  • Mechanically stabilized earth slopes and retaining walls (Dr. El-Emam)
  • Site characterization and seismic response analysis (Dr. El-Emam)
  • Using Recycled aggregate as a geotechnical backfill material in pavement and other earth works (Dr. El-Emam)
Structural and Materials Engineering
  • Computing in civil engineering, earthquake engineering and strengthening of structures (Dr. Abdalla)
  • Design and production of sustainable concrete for 3D printing in construction (Dr. Tamimi)
  • Concrete made with recycled aggregate from concrete demolition waste (Dr. Tabsh)
  • Strengthening and rehabilitation of structures, structural fire safety, and finite element modeling of structures subjected to static, cyclic and fire loading. (Dr. Haweeleh)
  • Performance of concrete structures reinforced with BFRP/GFRP/CFRP rebars under the GCC harsh environments (Dr. Abed)
  • Behavior of materials and structures under severe loadings including low and high velocity impacts and high temperatures (Dr. Abed)
  • Nonlinear dynamic modeling and simulation in structural/earthquake engineering  (Dr. AlHamaydeh)
  • Live load distribution in steel girder bridges using finite element analysis (Dr. Tabsh)
  • Design and production of zero cement sustainable concrete ( Dr. Tamimi, Dr. Fattah)
  • Effect of honeycomb on the structural capacity of reinforced concrete beams and columns (Dr. Tabsh)
  • Nonlinear analysis of solids and structures at high loading rates and temperatures: Experiments, Theory and Finite Element Simulations (Dr. Abed)
  • Use of internal structural steel strip bands as shear reinforcement in RC beams (Dr. Tabsh)
  • Applications of nano-materials to produce sustainable structures (Dr. Tamimi, Dr. Fattah)
  • Modeling energy in green building using BIM (Dr. Tamimi)
Transportation Engineering
  • Modeling and quantifying public health impacts of transport system operations (Dr. Abu-Lebdeh)
  • GIS-based environmental modeling/monitoring of the Dubai Creek and the surrounding near-shore area (Dr. Ali)
  • Study on the vulnerability of roads to flooding using publically-available geospatial data, and LIDAR Mapping (Dr. Ali)

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