Director's Message

Welcome to CAAD Labs, the region’s most comprehensive and well-equipped design education facilities.
Ammar Kalo

CAAD Labs are at the center of our “culture of making” and our commitment to providing comprehensive to design education. We offer students and faculty the opportunity to explore and experiment in their practice of cross-disciplinary design and facilitate the production of full-scale designs right here on campus at AUS.

Our facilities include three primary lab groups:

  • Material Labs (woodshop, metal shop, ceramics studio, casting lab)
  • Fabrication Labs (laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC cutting, industrial robotics)
  • Media Labs (audio/video production, photography, printmaking and media equipment center)

Stocked with a comprehensive range of high-end equipment and tools, CAAD Labs have attracted faculty from some of the most prestigious institutions around the world.

CAAD Labs are open to students from all CAAD programs, with many of our award-winning student projects produced within our facilities under the supervision of our dedicated full-time support staff.

As you visit our labs, you will find CAAD students welding, making prints, creating ceramics, working with wood and experimenting with a wide range of materials and techniques as they bring their designs to life.

We hope you will join us in our culture of making and we look forward to seeing you at CAAD Labs.

Ammar Kalo

Director of CAAD Labs


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