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The Eighth International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering February 2-3, 2016, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

The Eighth International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering will bring together engineering material scientists, engineers and technologists to exchange ideas, discuss the latest developments in materials and present their work to the international materials community. The conference encourages scientific research focused on materials properties and applications taking into consideration the severe environment in the region.

The conference, organized by the College of Engineering, will cover many aspects of traditional and high performance materials; their properties, behavior, production and quality control. The basic themes of the conference include but are not restricted to:

Corrosion (cracking, oxidization, etc.)

Mechanical Behavior and fracture mechanics of materials

Sustainable materials

Micro / Nano materials


High performance materials

Functional graded materials

Construction/Structural materials

Insulation materials

New energy materials

Effects of harsh environment on materials Applications/Electronic/Magnetic materials

Polymers and composites.

Thermal behavior of materials

Smart/Intelligent materials/Intelligent systems

Nondestructive testing and evaluation

Repair and retrofitting

Asphaltic materials

Glass performance

Computational methods

Recycling material

Ferroics and multiferroics

Magnetic materials

Low-dimensional systems

Multifunctional nanomaterials

Nanoelectronics and information technology


Layered and composite nanostructures

Computational nanoscience and nanotechnology

Social impacts of nanotechnology

Surfaces, interfaces and colloids

Sol-gel technology

Thin film technology

Polymers and amorphous materials


Ceramics and glasses

Textile engineering

Extractive metallurgy

Melting and casting

Powder metallurgy

Steels and steel production technologies

Heat treatment

Mechanical behavior of materials

Science and technology composite materials

Nondestructive evaluation of materials

Materials characterization

Computational materials science and engineering

Ceramic/Glass arts

Electronic integrated arts

Sculpture/Dimensional studies


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