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As part of the university's community engagement strategic initiative, AUS introduced the Sharakah program to foster partnerships with select schools in the UAE.  Through Sharakah, AUS engages school teachers and students by offering a wide range of events, activities and programs, from teacher workshops and training, to academic events and sports competitions for students, as well as sponsorship for school publications and events. Additionally, AUS offers exclusive scholarships for students from the Sharakah partners schools.

Our special relationship has proven to be exceedingly popular with schools and students throughout the Emirates.

Read on to find out more about what Sharakah has to offer your students and your school.



The Sharakah program offers a wide variety of activities for high school students and teachers from our partner schools. Our past events range from educational initiatives like the math competition MathFest and our celebration of physics at FUNtastic FZX, to our annual Sharakah Sports Festival and more. We also help students get ready for placement tests through our study skills workshops and offer training programs that support teachers in their professional development.


Academic Events

Sports Events

Sharakah Partner Schools

Al-Futtaim Education Foundation
  • Deira International School
  • Universal American School
Athena Education


  • Al Zuhour Private School
  • Al Wahda Private Schools
  • Al Resalah International School of Science
  • Al Resalah American International School


  • American International School
  • International Academic School 
  • Grammar School 
  • Al Sadiq Islamic English School 
Emirates National Schools

Abu Dhabi

  • Emirates National School - AD city
  • Emirates National School - MBZ city
  • Rawafed Private School

Al Ain

  • Emirates National School


  • Emirates National School

Ras Al Khaimah

  • Emirates National School


  • Emirates National School
GEMS Education Schools

Abu Dhabi

  • GEMS American Academy
  • GEMS Cambridge International School
  • GEMS United Indian School
  • GEMS Winchester School
  • Sheikh Zayed Private Academy-Boys 
  • Sheikh Zayed Private Academy-Girls
  • The Cambridge High School

Al Ain

  • Our Own English High School


  • Al Khaleej National School
  • Cambridge International School
  • GEMS Al Barsha National School-Boys
  • GEMS Al Barsha National School-Girls
  • GEMS Dubai American Academy
  • GEMS FirstPoint School
  • GEMS Founders School
  • GEMS International School
  • GEMS Metropole School
  • GEMS Modern AcademyD
  • GEMS New Millennium School
  • GEMS Our Own Indian School
  • GEMS United School
  • GEMS Wellington Academy-Al Khail
  • GEMS Wellington Academy-Silicon Oasis
  • GEMS Wellington International School
  • GEMS Winchester School
  • GEMS World Academy
  • Jumeirah College
  • Our Own English High School
  • Our Own High School 
  • The Millenium School
  • The Westminster School
  • The Winchester School-Jebel Ali

Ras Al Khaimah

  • GEMS Westminster School


  • GEMS Millennium School
  • GEMS Westminster School
  • GEMS Cambridge International Private School Sharjah
  • Our Own English High School-Boys
  • Our Own English High School-Girls
  • Wesgreen International School-Boys
  • Wesgreen International School-Girls
Individual Schools

Abu Dhabi

  • ABC Private School
  • Ajyal International School - Al Falah
  • Ajyal International School - MBZ city
  • Al Dhafra Schools
  • Al Ittihad National Private School
  • Al Ittihad National Private School-Shakbout
  • Al Nahda National School-Boys
  • Al Nahda National School-Girls
  • Al Najah Private School
  • International Community School
  • Rawafed Private School
  • Sharjah American International School

Al Ain

  • Al Dhafra Schools- Al Ain Campus
  • Al Ittihad Private School
  • Liwa International School-Falaj Hazza
  • Madar International School


  • Al Ittihad Private School- Al Mamzar
  • Al Ittihad Private School- Jumeirah
  • Al Maaref Private School
  • Al Mawakeb School- Al Barsha
  • Al Mawakeb School- Al Gharhoud
  • Al Mawakeb School- Al Khawaneej
  • Al Salam Community School
  • American School of Creative Science
  • Dar Al Marefa Private School
  • Dubai International School- Al Garhoud
  • Dubai International School- Al Quoz
  • Dubai National School- Al Barsha
  • Dubai National School- Al Twar
  • Greenwood International School
  • International School of Arts and Sciences
  • National Charity School Dubai for Girls
  • National Charity School Dubai for Boys
  • Nibras International School
  • Philadelphia Private School
  • Sharjah American International School

Ras Al Khaimah

  • RAK American Academy for Girls


  • Al Durrah International School
  • Al Ma'arifa International Private School- British curriculum
  • Al Ma'arifa International Private School- American curriculum
  • Al Shola Private School
  • Al Shola School, Al Falah, Sharjah
  • Dawha School
  • Delhi Private School
  • Manarat Al Sharjah School
  • National Charity School
  • Providence English Private School
  • SAMA American Private School
  • Sharjah American International School
  • Sharjah International Private School
  • Taryam American Private School
  • Victoria English School
  • Victoria International School of Sharjah


  • Al Shola  School, Ajman
  • Al Shola American School, Ajman
  • The First Academy

Umm Al Quwain

  • Sharjah American International School
International Schools


  • Al Hekma International School
  • Bahrain Bayan School


  • American Program Boys - Jabal Amman
  • American Program Girls - Jabal Amman
  • American Program Boys – Jubaiha
  • American Program Girls - Jubaiha
  • British Program Boys – Jubaiha
  • British Program Girls – Jubaiha
  • International Baccalaureate Boys – Jubaiha
  • International Baccalaureate Girls – Jubaiha
  • National Program Boys – Jabal Amman
  • National Program Girls – Jabal Amman
  • National Program Boys – Jubaiha
  • National Program Girls – Jubaiha

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Manarat Riyadh National
  • Manarat Riyadh International
  • Manarat Jeddah National
  • Manarat Jeddah International
  • Green Hills
  • Manarat Madinah National
  • Manarat Madinah International
  • Manarat Khobar National
  • Manarat Khobar International
  • Faisaliah National
  • Faisaliah International
  • Manarat Dammam National
  • Noor Islam National
  • Saudi International School - Dhahran
  • Saudi International School – Ajyal

What the Students Say


Scholarship Information for School Counselors 

As a Sharakah partner school, you are invited to nominate students from your school to be considered for a Sharakah scholarship offered by AUS. We are very happy to extend this opportunity to your school and hope that it will enhance your efforts in supporting your distinguished and deserving students who are interested in joining AUS. Find out more about the scholarship and grant opportunities available to your students who qualify.

Sharakah School Scholarships

Your school can select/nominate one of your exceptional AUS applicants to receive a Sharakah School Scholarship named after your school. This scholarship covers 45 percent remission on tuition, lab fees and on-campus housing (sharing room for women and men; single and double for men only). To be eligible, applicants must be evaluated by an established school committee, within the following guidelines:

  • demonstrated outstanding personal qualities and leadership abilities in school and the community
  • have made scientific or literary contributions to his/her local community
  • received special honors or awards for community service and school extracurricular activities
  • achieved a minimum high school average equivalent to 90 percent and above in either (1) at least two of the last three years or (2) final year of secondary education

a)      Every Sharakah School can select/nominate one student for a Sharakah School Scholarship (nominated applicants should have applied to AUS and received an AUS ID number eg.@0000... )

b)     Sharakah Schools must form a committee to finalize their selection/nomination and send the applicant’s information by completing a digital form. To receive the digital form, please send your request to [email protected].

c)     The recommended applicant named by the school will be awarded the scholarship in writing and must accept it by the established AUS deadline.

d)  The awarded applicant will not be eligible for a financial grant or merit scholarship in addition to the Sharakah School Scholarship. 


Other Grants and Scholarships Available  

AUS offers the opportunity for a university education to those who have the necessary talent and commitment, but perhaps not the finances. Two out of three students at AUS receive grants and scholarships each year. For more information on the range of scholarships and grants available to qualifying students, please click here.

Within established guidelines, AUS will work to help financially challenged students from your school who are interested in joining the university. To help us in this regard, we would truly appreciate your support in sharing information about our scholarship and grant opportunities to interested parents and students. 

We are happy to work collaboratively with you on cases that require special consideration. We encourage you to connect directly with the Office of Financial Grants and Scholarships to discuss the cases of applicants who have special circumstances.


AUS is pleased to offer its Sharakah Partners partial sponsorship for projects that fall under the following categories:

  • school yearbook and other institutional publications
  • events and activities that are directly related to students in Grades 10, 11 and 12
  • use of the AUS auditorium for graduation ceremonies (venue only, subject to availability)
  • school open days and fairs that are directly related to students in Grades 10, 11 and 12

To submit a request, please complete this form.

We look forward to receiving your sponsorship requirements by the third week of February. 

For more information, [email protected].

What Our Partners Say

Contact Us

The Sharakah program is open to high schools and general secondary schools in the UAE and abroad. If your school would like to apply to be part of the Sharakah program, please complete this application form.

Find out more about the Sharakah program:
Click here to book an online meeting with a Sharakah officer.
Email | [email protected]
Tel | +971 6 515 1001/ +971 50 627 5286

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