American University of Sharjah

Department of English

Department of english
We give our students the exciting opportunity to expand their understanding of the English language and its literature to prepare them for academic and professional success.

Our department offers courses that expand students' understanding of various world cultures and their global interactions through English translations of world literature. Our courses also prepare students for further studies in the arts and humanities and give them a solid foundation in the English language used for worldwide interaction in their profession. We also contribute to the university's general education requirements by offering a range of undergraduate courses.

Our Bachelor of Arts degree in English with concentrations in language or literature is popular among students. We also offer minors in English language, English literature and in education, as well as a much sought-after Master of Arts in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) program at the graduate level.

Students who major in English can pursue a variety of careers upon graduation including teaching, creative writing, writing/editing, publishing, television and radio work, translation, advertising, law, diplomacy, business and education, among others.

With a diverse and highly-qualified faculty and a comprehensive curriculum, we make sure that our students are equipped with the best theoretical and practical knowledge during the course of their degree. We strive hard to ensure that we do not comprise on our goals, which are:

  • enhance students' oral and written communication skills
  • develop students' ability to use English fluently and accurately
  • increase students' English proficiency in a variety of media, genres and contexts
  • prepare students to think critically and to view and analyze information objectively as well as subjectively
  • develop students' ability to synthesize information from a variety of disciplines in order to foster independent thought and creative ideas

So if you are looking for a major that will prepare you to communicate well with others and provide you with the wherewithal to succeed in a wide variety of academic and professional arenas, then our program might just be what you are looking for.