American University of Sharjah

Program Areas and Courses

General Education Program

Human Interaction and Behavior

Courses in this area must meet the UAE Commission for Academic Accreditation's requirement to ensure that all undergraduate students complete the equivalent of one or more university-level courses in the social or behavioral sciences

Goal E. Reflect on the consequences of individual and collective human action

Outcome E.1. Explain the ways in which individuals, groups, institutions or societies behave and influence one another

Outcome E.2. Analyze and describe how social, cultural, political or economic conditions affect individuals

Outcome E.3. Analyze and explain human behavior in a variety of contexts

Goal H. Develop the skills and abilities to thoughtfully seek information, critically analyze sources, and clearly formulate complex ideas

Outcome H.1. Communicate effectively in written English

Outcome H.3. Evaluate written communication, identify key ideas and establish hierarchies of information

Outcome H.4. Structure clear and persuasive arguments based on an analysis and presentation of evidence


Six to nine credits from the following courses:

CMP 235 Ethics for Computing and Information Technology

ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics

ECO 202 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECO 301 Intermediate Microeconomics

ECO 302 Intermediate Macroeconomics

ECO 305 International Trade

ECO 306 International Monetary Economics

ECO 310 Development Economics

ECO 312 Economics of Labor

ECO 315 Economics of the Middle East 

ECO 320 History of Economic Thought

ECO 323 Health Economics 

ECO 325 Public Economics

ECO 326 Economics and the Law

ECO 327 Industrial Organization

ECO 330 Money and Banking

ECO 333 Islamic Economics

ECO 340 Real Estate Economics

ECO 345 Public Choice

ECO 351 Introduction to Econometrics

ECO 39409 Economic History of the Middle East

ECO 39412 Behavioral Economics 

ECO 404 Economics of Environmental and Natural Resources 

EDU 315 Emotional Intelligence

ENG 223 Introduction to Language Study

ENG 226 Development of the English Language

ENG 234 Language in Society

ENG 302 Stylistics

ENG 321 Cultures in Contact

ENG 332 The Psychology of Language

ENG 334 Meaning in Language

ENG 372 English and Globalization

ENG 385 Language and Gender

ENG 405 Discourse Analysis

IDS 29402 Environmental Law 

IDS 39406 Psychology and Design 

INS 322 Global Political Economy

INS 330 Women and Politics

INS 350 Moot Court

INS 39404 Disease and Disaster in History

INS 39405 Human Rights in World Politics

INS 39406 Fascism and the Populist Radical Right in Europe 

PHI 204 Ethics for Professionals

PHI 206 Ethics and Information Technology

PHI 303 Political Philosophy

PHI 309 Ethics and the Environment

POL 201 Introduction to Political Studies

POL 202 Introduction to International Relations

POL 208 Introduction to American Government

POL 300 Comparative Politics

POL 302 Law and Diplomacy

POL 304 International Organizations

POL 305 Public International Law

POL 307 Wars, Conflicts and Diplomacy

POL 308 American Foreign Policy

POL 309 The American Political System

POL 310 The European Union and the Politics of Integration 

POL 409 Politics and Civil Society in the Middle East

POL 49401 Political Economy of Development and Democracy

POL 49403 Comparative Politics of the Middle East and North Africa 

PSY 101 General Psychology

PSY 102 Social Psychology

PSY 19401 The Science of Success

PSY 210 Scientific Method in Psychology

PSY 301 Abnormal Psychology

PSY 302 Developmental Psychology

PSY 303 Health Psychology

PSY 304 Personality Psychology

PSY 305 Cognitive Psychology

PSY 306 Organizational Psychology

PSY 307 Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination

PSY 308 Cultural Psychology

PSY 309 Psychology of Bilingualism 

PSY 310 Psychology Research Experience

PSY 311 Biopsychology

PSY 312 Psychology of Creativity

PSY 323 Psychology of Religion 

PSY 39406 Psychology of Teaching and Learning

PSY 39408 Psychotherapy and Counseling

SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology

SOC 210 Religion and Society

SOC 302 Environmental Sociology

SOC 304 International Organizations

SOC 380 Urban Sociology

SOC 29403 Intro to Chinese Culture and Society

WST 300 Women, Science and Technology