Department head's message

We believe that the principles behind the skills that we teach our students will prepare them for lifelong learning. Skills learned today will need to be adapted to new situations in a world that is constantly changing.
Roger Nunn

Writing Supports Lifelong Learning

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of writing. Competent writers communicate their thinking clearly and convincingly. They use sound arguments supported by evidence to persuade their readers that they have something important to contribute. The goal of the Department of Writing Studies is certainly to help our students learn the skills that are vital to success in their academic studies.  Students are judged mainly by what they submit in writing. However, more importantly, we believe that the principles behind the skills that we teach our students will prepare them for lifelong learning. Skills learned today will need to be adapted to new situations in a world that is constantly changing.    

Writing Improves Thinking

The ability to write clearly, concisely and precisely is a vital workplace skill for graduates. The benefits of writing, however, are not limited to accessing profitable and satisfying employment opportunities. Thinking and writing go hand in hand. Equally important to the process of learning to write well is the exercise of critical thinking. Our students improve their thinking skills by reading interesting works by accomplished writers, both professional and amateur, and learning various critical writing techniques and styles.

Writing is Exciting

We believe that writing is an exciting skill to practice and learn. Videos, websites, blogs and other forms of information technology are important elements of instruction. Our students become skilled at responding to new ideas and debating opinions with their peers in lively classroom discussions and activities.


Writing is Creative

While they learn how to reference the work of expert researchers and authors, they also learn to use referencing to support their own argumentation. With the guidance from our faculty, our students become involved in a process leading them to greater confidence in their ability to engage and persuade audiences using their own original "voice." Equipped with this persuasive and creative power, students will be better prepared to assume important roles that improve lives in both local and global communities.

Roger Nunn, PhD

Head of Department


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College of Arts and Sciences

Alia Al Hazami

BA in International Studies, Minor in English Literature and Women Studies Anticipated graduation: 2018

"The writing courses I have taken at AUS have helped me on a personal and academic level greatly. My major, International Relations, is based heavily on research, critical thinking, and writing. Personally, I have learned to constantly challenge the truth and read texts tentatively. Academically, WRI 101 and 102 have enabled me to excel in my courses and develop my ability in forming an argument. Now, I am able to think of research questions and develop theses on the spot!"

College of Arts and Sciences

Maria Hanna

Summa Cum Laude,  ELE, Graduating Class of 2017

"Even though I thoroughly enjoyed my writing courses in the freshman year, it was only at the end of my journey through AUS that I realized I would have never made it through any degree without the knowledge I gained in my writing courses. Throughout these courses, I really developed my ability to write to-the-point thesis statements, form strong arguments, and convey my ideas clearly. Not just that, I also learnt how to accurately summarize, which I later found quite beneficial when reading technical articles.  Writing courses also stressed the significance of accurate citation. Hence, I finished my writing courses a stronger, more credible writer, equipped with some of the tools I needed to excel in my own Engineering major."

College of Arts and Sciences

Fatemeh Zargarian

The Department of Writing Studies at American University of Sharjah has allowed me to develop more as a writer. I was never allowed to freely express my thoughts when it came to writing; nevertheless, through the writing courses offered, I was able to escape the restricting box and write about topics that interested me. Also, I gained the skill of pinpointing simple mistakes, which allowed me to write well-developed papers.

College of Arts and Sciences

Mariam Al Eissaee

As a student from a public school that studied in Arabic, the writing class I took was essential for my academic studies; it helped me prepare for taking my other courses at AUS and improved my writing skills, which benefited me with writing reports in other courses.