Department head's message

We are committed to educating our students to the highest international standards so that they can compete successfully in the global marketplace.
Dr. Fadi Aloul

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at American University of Sharjah (AUS).

The department offers three degree programs: a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCoE), a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS), and a Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MSCoE). All undergraduate programs are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Our undergraduate and graduate programs are also accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation of the Ministry of Education's Higher Education Affairs Division in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Our department continuously works on improving our undergraduate and graduate curricula to better meet the needs of today's students and employers. Many of our courses have laboratory components that enrich the students' learning experience by allowing them to be exposed to theory and practice. We strive to provide our students with an outstanding educational experience that prepares them for the highest personal and professional achievements.

CSE currently has a total of 14 full-time faculty, six lab instructors and an administrative assistant. Eleven of the 14 members obtained their PhDs from leading universities in the US and Canada, with three receiving their degrees from leading universities in UK and Europe. The faculty members come from diverse background and have the required knowledge and expertise in their fields of specialization to deliver quality education. Most faculty have prior industry and teaching experience in the US, Canada or elsewhere. All our lab instructors have a master's degree and are highly qualified. We are proud that our faculty have received prestigious awards such as the Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC)/Airbus Diversity Award, Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Young Arab Researchers, AUS Excellence in Teaching and Research Awards, Sheikh Khalifa - UAE's President - Award for Higher Education (an award given annually to one faculty from all UAE Universities for excellence in teaching, research, and service), Sheikh Rashid's Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement, and the IBM faculty Research Grant Award.

Our student body consists of approximately 450 students and is quite diverse, representing more than 50 nationalities. The percentage of female students is among the highest worldwide, reaching 35% in our programs.

Our graduates are highly employable and have joined the workforce with local and multinational companies both in UAE and abroad. Examples include Etisalat, Du, HP, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Cisco, Oracle, GE, Accenture, Emirates Airlines, Dell EMC, Thuraya, MBC, HTC, Astro Labs, Fujitso, Schlumberger, Dubai Islamic Bank, Petrofac, Xerox, Baker Hughes, and Nielsen. In addition, the following local universities and governmental agencies have employed our graduates: University of Sharjah, American University of Sharjah, Abu Dhabi University, Khalifa University, Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai Smart Government, Injazat, Town Planning and Survey Authority, Telecommunication Regularity Authority, Road and Transportation Authority, Bee'ah, Prime Minister's Office, Free Zone Authority, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Expo 2020, Dubai Parks, UAE Council of Scientists, Abu Dhabi Police, Dubai Police, Sharjah Police, Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Ministry of Justice, Civil Aviation Authority, Yahsat, and Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre.

Many of our graduates have also enrolled in and completed graduate programs at prominent universities in North America and Europe (e.g. Stanford University, Columbia University, Iowa State University, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, University of Toronto, Missouri University of Science and Technology, McGill University, Carleton University, Concordia University, University of Ottawa, and University College London).

Other graduates have chosen the entrepreneurship track and started their own companies such as, Keno, Aebiss, Tayar, CG-Interactive, and DanaTek.

We are proud of our students and their achievements, including those earned in many local and international competitions (e.g. AUS Awards for Excellence in Graduate Studies, Sandooq Al Watan Research Award,  Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB) Annual Student Research Award, Microsoft's Imagine Cup, ACM/Gulf Programming Contest, IEEE UAE Student Day, Cyber Quest Security Competition, GE DigiNation Hackathon, Accenture Hackathon, KPMG Innovation and Collaboration Challenge Competition, Dubai Police Capture the Flag Cyber Security Challenge, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Hackathon, MBRSC Space Hackathon Challenge, Mobile Application Contest, and Emirates Think Science Competition). Other students, both undergraduate and graduate, actively participated with faculty in their research and published in top journals and conferences.

In order to further empower our students, the department houses several recognized industry certification programs: Cisco, HP, Red Hat, Amazon AWS, IBM, SAP and VMware. These valuable titles and certifications are very helpful in enhancing our students' skills and job prospects.

Thank you for visiting our website. I encourage you to visit us in person. We look forward to you joining the exciting field of computer science and engineering at AUS.

Fadi Aloul, PhD

Head of Department


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College of Engineering

Alaa Youssef

From my experience, I can confirm that the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is the best department at AUS. Each course had a well-prepared, inspiring instructor,  each lab was a unique unforgettable experience, and the recent changes in the department couldn't be more promising. I am more than pleased to experience this greatness!

College of Engineering

Muhammad Yaseen

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is one of the first departments to become its own sort of brand within AUS. The department’s professors and students are leading initiatives towards change and innovation.The effect of this leadership isn't just limited to CEN and AUS, but also causing a ripple effect in the IT industry in MENA.

College of Engineering

Ali Nahle

“Engineers are problem solvers.” I will never forget this first line I learned as a freshman who had just enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering program many moons ago.

Engineering is far more than learning the technical knowledge; it’s about building the analytical skills of the solution-thinking process: identifying the problem, its root-cause, and the impact it’s causing. It's about collecting the facts, studying the variables and creating a risk mitigation plan. It includes examining the approach that would work best and building the blueprint that solves the problem to reach a desired outcome. All too often, it is requires working within strict time and resource constraints, teaching you to accept a certain margin of calculated error.

Engineers often emerge as the victorious in the most complex situations. It’s no coincidence then that a vast number of the successful executives and CxOs I’ve met have engineering backgrounds, many in computer science and computer engineering. I’m currently employed as a technology solution architect, and my main job is to solve problems by understanding a client’s business requirement and translating it into a technical solution to achieve a desired objective. My degree from AUS continues to play an invaluable role in my life every day.

College of Engineering

Jafar Mohammad Shunnar

I have to admit that when I joined AUS 13 years ago, I was quite skeptical about the university. While faculty profiles were impressive and the campus looked spectacular, it was still a young university with minimal track record. In particular, I was uncertain about the rigorousness of the program and whether the school would challenge my thinking or rather be a piece of cake. Backed by my father’s willing to make this substantial investment in me, I took this expensive bet. As I started my studies, those myths got debunked very quickly; I found myself scrambling to complete homework or prepare a presentation; courses were demanding, and the students' intellectual level exceeded my expectations. What really made my education, though, was not academics but student life. With over 90 nationalities on campus, there is a unique mosaic of students, and AUS did a great job of encouraging us to connect with each other. Furthermore, AUS taught me that success in life goes beyond getting an A in a course and extends to people skills, communication skills and attitude. AUS taught me not only to understand diversity but also embrace it and win at it. Now, I have to admit that studying at AUS has been one of the most important decisions I made in my life, and its legacy will continue to impact my thinking. Very few places in the Middle East can match this kind of experience.

College of Engineering

Sameer Alawnah

What I liked most about this school is that the student interests always come first. When I first arrived, the administrative team was very helpful and took care of my needs. The school has academic staff with high qualifications who try their best to graduate great generations. The syllabus is well organized to directly assist achieving the program objectives.