American University of Sharjah

Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of architecture

Michael Hughes


Professor and Department Head

Master of Architecture, Princeton University, USA

Michael Hughes began his teaching at Cornell University after working professionally in the Los Angeles offices of Richard Meier and Frank Gehry. He is also co-principal of Catovic Hughes Design. Hughes’ research, teaching and creative activities involve a combination of design, community outreach, tectonics and material exploration. These interests inform a pedagogical agenda focused on an integrated approach to architectural education that emphasizes hands-on learning, sustainable practices and civic responsibility.

Camilo Cerro

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Visiting Assistant Professor

Master of Architecture, Columbia University, USA

Camilo Cerro is the principal of Dharmatecture LLC located in Brooklyn, NY. His areas of expertise are in residential, retail, sustainable and urban design. While teaching at AUS, Camilo is spending time researching social design for a book.

Brian Dougan


Associate Professor

Master of Architecture,Texas A&M University, USA

Brian Dougan has spent many years making baskets and pots, and has taught at four other universities including the Santa Chiara Study Center in Tuscany. His research interests include studio pedagogy and craft. He is, above all, interested in making and wants to share the joy with curious students. In addition, he was the drummer in the award-winning New England reggae band Dub Squad.

Marcus Farr

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Assistant Professor

Master of Architecture, Rice University, USA

Marcus Farr has 10 years of professional practice throughout the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia. This includes collaborations with the offices of James Burnett, SOM, Gensler, Carlos Jimenez Studio, HOK, Robert A.M. Stern, PDR and HKS. Relative publications include Landscape Architecture Magazine, Texas Architect, Architectural Record, Architect, Cite Magazine, The New York Times, and World Architecture Magazine. His teaching focuses on performative and sustainable building methods, professional practice and digital design/fabrication. His research focuses on sustainability through opportunistic material strategies and pedagogical understanding of tools.

William Eirik Heintz



Master of Architecture, Harvard University, USA

Eirik Heintz has taught in architecture departments for more than 20 years at institutions such as Louisiana State University and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. His areas of research and teaching interest include beginning design, representation and visual identity. He is a registered architect in the US state of Louisiana and a member of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

George Katodrytis


Associate Professor

AADip, Architectural Association, London, UK

George Katodrytis studied and taught at the Architectural Association in London and he has been a visiting professor at various schools around the world. He has built a number of projects as well as published widely on contemporary architecture, urbanism, cultural theory and digital media. The work addresses the “city,” especially as it is evolving in the 21st century. He has adopted digital technology and scripting as tools for establishing new formal and performative models in architecture.

Cristiano Luchetti

Cristiano Luchetti

Assistant Professor

Master of Architecture, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Cristiano Luchetti has taught architectural design for more than 12 years for several European and North American universities. His research refers to contemporary urban contexts, new sustainable strategies of development and re-adaptation, as well as vernacular and traditional architecture. As a registered architect, he has gained more than 15 years of experience in leading the design of a variety of large-scale projects in the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors in Europe, China, India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Dr. Ahmed Mokhtar

Dr Ahmed Mokhtar

Professor and Associate Dean

PhD in Building Engineering, Concordia University, Canada

Ahmed Mokhtar's area of teaching and research relates to the technical aspects of architecture, including building sciences, environmental control systems, building construction systems and building information management. Before joining AUS, he taught at Illinois Institute of Technology. Prior to academia, he worked as an architect with a large Middle East consultant and he continues to provide consulting to international architecture offices. Dr. Mokhtar is a LEED® Accredited Professional and an expert in green buildings.

Dr. John Montague

Dr John Montague

Assistant Professor

PhD, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

John Montague has taught in the Departments of Engineering, and History of Art and Architecture at Trinity College, and in the Departments of History of Art and the School of Architecture at University College Dublin. He has worked as a consultant historian on numerous conservation projects in Ireland, and published a number of books and articles on Irish and British architectural history, and on 18th-century mapping. He is currently preparing a book on the history of the Wide Streets Commissioners, an 18th-century planning body in Dublin.

Dr. Igor Peraza

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Visiting Assistant Professor

PhD, University of Kumamoto, Japan

A native of Caracas, Venezuela, Igor Peraza worked for five years at the Atelier of Arata Isozaki and led the Domus (Museum of Mankind) project on-site in La Coruña, Spain. In 2000 he relocated to Barcelona to work with Miralles Tagliabue as Director of the Santa Caterina Market project. Dr. Peraza went on to serve as Director of EMBT's Shanghai office, were he led a multitude of projects including the Spanish Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo, the New Campus of Fudan University in Shanghai, and the Museum for the Chinese painter Zhang Daqian. He has previously taught at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the European Institute of Design,Tongji University in Shanghai and served as a visiting professor at the Lebanese American University from 2013 to 2015.

Kevin Mitchell

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Associate Professor and Interim Provost

Master of Architecture,University of Washington, USA

Kevin Mitchell teaches in the areas of beginning design, architecture, interior design and history/theory. In addition to engaging in design activity, his research interests include the relationship between design and broader social, cultural and economic contexts, and the tensions that characterize attempts to reconcile place-specific approaches to architecture with the globalizing forces that affect the Gulf region.

Mariatheresa Mortera

Mariatheresa Castillo Mortera

Assistant Professor

Master of Architecture, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Maria Mortera has worked as a design consultant for luxury and corporate retail brands in San Francisco and Southern California. Her areas of research and teaching revolve around the empowerment of individuals through design and the built environment. From urban strip malls to marginalized communities, she focuses on the construction of space and the ways in which it fosters a sense of place and identity.

George Newlands

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Assistant Professor

Master of Architecture, University of New Mexico, USA

George Newlands is a licensed architect and has worked professionally in studios since 1990, starting at Antoine Predock Architect, and establishing his own firm, George Newlands Architect, in 2007. His creative work—including research, teaching and practice, whether architectural or artistic—shares the common denominator of the landscape and its synthetic ability in defining and shaping culture. In addition to his architectural education, he also has extensive education in the fine arts, studying at California College of Arts and Crafts and the University of New Mexico.

Robert Reid


Assistant Professor

Master of Science in Interior Design, Pratt Institute, USA

A registered interior designer originally from Canada, Robert Reid has had a diverse career that has included working on projects in the residential, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors, as well as graphic and product design. Believing a true measure of an innovative designer is his/her ability to assess a design problem from a critical perspective, conduct research and evaluate possible solutions in a methodical fashion, Reid thinks the outcome of a strategic design process can be any type of product or aesthetic. It’s the thorough investigation into the problem that leads to its unique solution.

Patrick Rhodes

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Assistant Professor and Director of Foundations

Master of Architecture, Southern California Institute of Architecture, USA

Patrick Rhodes' work emphasizes social, economic and environmental design and has been awarded, published and exhibited widely. In 2001, he formed Project Locus, a nonprofit corporation, to design and build community structures in areas of need. Over the past decade, it has developed a successful model for community-based design, operating within the margins of society among populations that are extremely underserved. He teaches empirically toward developing students who are critical, socially engaged, lifelong learners.

Juan Roldan

Juan Roldan

Assistant Professor

Master of Architecture, Polytechnic School of Madrid, Spain

Juan Roldán's practice has been focused on architecture, interior design and editorial design. He taught for eight years at EPS CEU University in the Architecture Department. He has been in charge of the Madrid Think Tank as Director of Communication and Coordinator of the recently launched the Master of Urban Interior Design (MoUID), a collaboration between EPS CEU and the Politecnico di Milano. His short film "Deployable Deck for Las Ventas Arena: An Unbuilt Project by Carlos Hurtado, 1999" recently won an award from the Madrid Architects Association.

William G. Sarnecky

William George Sarnecky

Assistant Professor

Master of Architecture, University of New Mexico, USA

William Sarnecky's areas of research and teaching interest are furniture design, architectural design and the architecture of immediacy. Prior to his academic career, he worked in critical practices in Los Angeles and maintained his own practice in San Diego. He is a licensed architect in the US state of New Mexico.

Gregory Thomas Spaw

Gregory Spaw

Assistant Professor

Master of Architecture, Harvard University, USA

Gregory Thomas Spaw is an educator, designer, scholar and entrepreneur. He has previous held the Ann Kalla Assistant Professorship at Carnegie Mellon University and taught undergraduate and graduate studios, seminars and electives at the University of Tennessee. Concurrent with his academic engagement, Spaw is a principal of SHO, a design collaborative that straddles the territories of teaching, research and practice. His previous professional experience includes work with the award-winning offices of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Preston Scott Cohen Inc., and Asymptote. His research focuses include digital visualization, parametric workflows, as well as utilization of advanced material and fabrication techniques.

Faysal Tabbarah


Assistant Professor

Master of Architecture and Urbanism, Architectural Association’s Design Research Lab, UK

Prior to joining AUS, Faysal Tabbarah held professional posts in architecture and design in London and the UAE. He teaches core architectural design studios, computational design seminars and structures for architects. His current research interests look into employing analog and digital computational design methodologies and non-linear fabrication to develop regionally specific and historically relevant proto-architectures.

Matthew A. Trimble

Matthew Trimble

Visiting Assistant Professor

Master of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Matthew A. Trimble has worked professionally for firms that include Neil M.
Denari Architects, Behnisch Behnisch and Partner, Preston Scott Cohen, Inc,
and dECOi Architects. Trimble is the founder of Radlab, a multidisciplinary
design and fabrication firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. Trimble has
previously taught at the Boston Architectural College, the Wentworth
Institute of Technology, the Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala
City, and the Rhode Island School of Design. His research and teaching areas
include algorithmic design, experimental fabrication, interdisciplinary
design, and industrial ecology.