American University of Sharjah

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)

Master of science in mechanical engineering msme

 The global economy and rapid changes in technology require an increasing number of engineers with technical expertise beyond the bachelor's degree level.

Our Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) program is designed for those whose goal is to work in the different subdisciplines of mechanical engineering, including thermal and green energy systems, fluid systems, solid mechanics, design and manufacturing, and dynamics and control. Our program enhances the technical skills of all mechanical engineers to meet today's demands as well as those of the future. Based on high standards similar to those followed in the United States, this program educates mechanical engineers on solving challenging mechanical engineering problems well beyond what they encounter at the undergraduate level.

Our Objectives

Graduates of the MSME program will be prepared to:

  • be successful professionals in a specialized area of mechanical engineering
  • maintain a desire for research, innovation, and lifelong learning
  • uphold the responsibilities of the engineering profession

 Our Aim

Upon graduation, an AUS MSME graduate should demonstrate the ability to:

  • perform research emphasizing creativity, independent learning and scientific methods in a chosen area of mechanical engineering
  • apply advanced mathematics and engineering knowledge in identifying, formulating and solving engineering problems
  • select and use techniques, skills and modern tools necessary for research or professional practice
  • communicate effectively
  • recognize the need for, and engage in, life-long learning
  • attend to professional and ethical responsibilities