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Information technology

Computer Accounts

Your university computer account provides you with access to a wide range of university computing resources.

These include access to an email account, a network account and shared folders. Your account is created automatically when you enter the university as a student or when you are hired as a member of the faculty or staff.

There are three important elements connected to your computer and e-mail account:


Your username consists of a combination of letters and numbers based on your name.

  • For faculty/staff, it consists of letters based on the name.
  • For students, it is based on the unique university ID.


To protect the security of your account, your username must be used in conjunction with a password that only you know. When your account is created, a temporary password is assigned. The account letter sent to you when the account is created explains how to determine your temporary password. Your new password should have a minimum of eight characters and consist of some combination of letters and numbers that you can remember easily, but that cannot be guessed easily by others.

It is strongly recommended that you change your password immediately upon receipt of your account.

Email Address

Your AUS email address consists of your username followed by "". If your username is ayman your e-mail address will be For students, it will consist of your ID number followed by "".

The AUS account form is available online.

Click here to download the User Network & E-mail Account Request Form. Complete the form and pass it to the IT Help Desk to setup your new account.