American University of Sharjah

Department of International Studies

Department of international studies
Sharjah's history as an important trading center and meeting place of many cultures and the UAE's cosmopolitan life make AUS an especially appropriate and exciting place for international studies.

The Department of International Studies (INS) offers a very popular undergraduate program in international studies. Our 120-credit program consists of a diverse multidisciplinary curriculum. We encourage students to be leaders in international organizations by training them in developing a critical awareness of the global changes around them. Many our graduates enjoy prestigious jobs in renowned international organizations, while many others pursue graduate education at some of the best universities around the world.

Our interdisciplinary program offers students a unique opportunity to prepare for an increasingly complex global political and business environment, as well as solid academic grounding needed for graduate studies.

Our highly-qualified faculty members are committed to helping students develop their intellectual and analytical skills to help them excel as responsible thinkers in academia and the workplace. 

So come and join our exciting program and become one of the leaders of tomorrow!