American University of Sharjah

Department of English

Department of english

Dr. Kathleen Hewett-Smith

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Professor and Department Head

PhD in English Literature and Literary Theory, University of California, Irvine

Kathleen Hewett-Smith's research and teaching interests include the study of contemporary Anglophone South Asian literatures, as well as the politics of international liberal arts education. She has also had a long career as a scholar of 14th-century English Medieval literature. She has taught and worked in academic and international education administration in the United States, United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Bangladesh, Russia, South Africa, Hungary and Kyrgyzstan. The author of a book and several articles, her current research project explores the intersection of politics, aesthetics and history in the long postcolonial novel.

Dr. Khawlah Ahmed


Associate Professor

Khawlah Ahmed, PhD in English, State University of New York, NY, USA

Khawlah Ahmed has a multidisciplinary academic background with degrees in English education, English literature and sociology, and certificates in teaching computer management instruction, teacher effectiveness training and self-esteem training, as well as a New York State Permanent Teaching Certification. She has been teaching for more than 15 years and worked in many capacities, as administrator (such as dean, associate dean, and director), education specialist, coordinator, and undergraduate and graduate faculty member, for government and private institutions in the USA and the MENA region. Her research interests focus on theories and approaches to teaching, incorporating technology that may facilitate learning and teaching, curriculum development, cultural communication and culturally relevant pedagogy.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Issa

Ahmad al issa

Professor and Associate Dean

PhD in Rhetoric and Linguistics,Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA

Ahmad Al-Issa has taught graduate and undergraduate courses and seminars in applied linguistics and communication in the US, Germany and Jordan. His areas of research include cross-cultural communication, language and identity, global English, pragmatics, classroom research, teaching effectiveness and curriculum design. He is a member of many international organizations and a recipient of several international research grants. He has published many articles and book chapters, and presented papers and workshops in many parts of the world.

Dr. Firas A.J. Al-Jubouri

Dr. Firas A J Al-Jubouri

Assistant Professor

PhD in English Literature, Newcastle University, UK

Firas A.J. Al-Jubouri has taught English literature, language, ESOL and writing at institutions including Ahlia University, Bahrain, and Middlesbrough Community Learning Centres, UK. He also taught an IELTS course (community service) as a prerequisite for PhD students registered at Brunel University London, UK. His areas of research and teaching interest are Dystopian genre (George Orwell), Shakespearean Drama, 20th century colonial writing and the Anglo-Saxon Period through Shakespeare. Outside of academia, he participated in the London Paralympics 2012 as an Event Services Team Member. He received a letter from the British Prime Minister David Cameron acknowledging his part in making the games an international success.

Dr. Maher Bahloul

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Associate Professor

PhD in Linguistics, Cornell University, New York, USA

Maher Bahloul has taught in English, translation and linguistics departments for more than 22 years at institutions such as Cornell University and State University of New York at Binghamton, USA; King Saud University, Saudi Arabia; University of Sfax, Tunisia; and AUS. His areas of research and teaching interest are theoretical and applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, and teaching and learning through the arts.

Dr. Peter Crompton


Associate Professor

PhD in Linguistics, University of Lancaster, UK

Peter Crompton has taught English and linguistics since 1992 at colleges and universities in the UK, China, Saudi Arabia, Brunei and the UAE. His research interests include text analysis, corpus linguistics and language transfer. His publications involve the application of insights from corpus-based linguistic and discourse analysis to problems in language and literacy education, particularly in the areas of English for specific purposes and academic writing.

Dr. Abeer Fahim

Abeer Fahim

Assistant Professor

PhD, Durham University, UK

Abeer Fahim taught in the English Department at Durham University, UK, for four years before joining AUS. Her areas of research and interest include American literature and drama. She has worked as a tutor at Grey College, giving undergraduate students pastoral support. She was also a founding member of Café Poetique at Ustinov College and a member of the Ustinov Intercultural Forum.

Dr. Jana Fedtke

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Assistant Professor

PhD in Comparative Literature, University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA

Jana Fedtke's research and teaching interests include literatures in English with a focus on South Asian literatures and film, postcolonial theory, gender studies, and the theory and practice of world literature. Dr. Fedtke has taught and conducted research at universities in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh and Germany. She is currently working on a book on representations of asexuality in literature, film and New Media.

Dr. Nawar Al-Hassan Golley



PhD in Literary and Critical Theory, University of Nottingham, UK

Nawar Al-Hassan Golley has taught in literature, literary and critical theory, and women’s studies departments for more than 15 years at institutions such as the School of Oriental and African Studies and AUS. Her areas of research and teaching interests are critical and literary theory, colonial and post-colonial literatures and discourses, feminism and women’s studies, Arab women’s writings, autobiography and modern Arabic literature. Dr. Golley is the author of "Reading Arab Women's Autobiographies. Shahrazad Tells her Story."

Dr. Víctor Parra-Guinaldo

Dr. Victor Parra Guinaldo

Assistant Professor

PhD in Linguistics, Arizona State University, USA

Prior to joining AUS, Víctor Parra-Guinaldo taught the undergraduate courses First-Year Composition for ESL students, Sociolinguistics and Introduction to Linguistics at Arizona State University, USA. He is recipient of a Teaching Excellence Award and several fellowships. His scholarly interest lies in the area of diachronic linguistics, with a special interest in morpho-syntactic changes in the history of English. He has delivered papers at numerous conferences both nationally and internationally and had authored two peer-reviewed papers and a book of poetry by the age of 23. His most recent work deals with the relexification of diminutives.

Dr. Cindy Gunn

00005337 Cindy Gunn

Professor and Director of Faculty Development Center

PhD, University of Bath, UK

Cindy Gunn has taught Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and education courses for more than 22 years in Canada, the United States, Japan, Turkey, Thailand and New Zealand. Her main research paradigm is exploratory practice focusing on the contributions teachers and learners make to classroom research. Her main research interests are reflective teaching and learning, materials development and technology use in education.

Nicholas Karavatos


Assistant Professor

Master of Fine Art in Poetics, New College of California, San Francisco, USA

Nicholas Karavatos has taught at secondary and tertiary institutions, as well as language and performance academies, in the United States, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. He has been publishing poetry since the age of 22, has played in rock bands and folk ensembles, and currently travels widely giving poetry readings and collaborative intermedia spoken word performances. His first book was published in 2009.

Dr. Betty Lanteigne


Associate Professor

PhD in Rhetoric and Linguistics, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA

Betty Lanteigne has taught linguistics at undergraduate and graduate levels in the United Arab Emirates for over five years, supervising master’s research in applied linguistics. Her areas of research and teaching interests are sociolinguistics and language assessment, pragmatics, stylistics and applied linguistics. Prior to her academic career in linguistics, for ten years she taught English as a second/foreign language at language institutes in the USA (Oregon, Missouri, and Pennsylvania), and at Hebron University in Palestine, Qatar University in Qatar, and Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait.

Dr. Gary Linebaugh

Dr. Gary Linebaugh

Assistant Professor

PhD in Linguistics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Gary Linebaugh has taught linguistics and English as a second language at Sohar University in Oman, Southern Illinois University Carbondale in the USA, and Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador in Venezuela. His research is focused on phonology and phonetics as well as second language teaching and learning. Prior to his graduate studies, he taught in China, Mexico, Hungary and Papua New Guinea. He worked in accounting and finance before becoming a teacher.

Dr. Tharwat M. El-Sakran

Tharwat M. El-Sakran


PhD, University of Bangor, UK

Tharwat M. El-Sakran's research interests are in the fields of translation, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), English for Specific Purposes (ESP), discourse analysis, intercultural communication and socio-linguistics. He has published four books and a substantial number of research papers in peer-reviewed journals. Along with his colleagues, he is currently engaged in the teaching of technical communication skills through engineering multidisciplinary projects. In such projects the focus is on teamwork, personality management and development, and student-centered learning.

Dr. Maya Aghasi

Dr Maya Aghasi

Assistant Professor

PhD in Comparative Literature, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Maya Aghasi’s research interests include narratives of conflict, literary theory, cross-cultural encounters, and gender and women’s studies, and she works in English, Arabic and French. She has a variety of teaching experience in both the US and Lebanon, teaching courses from introductory composition to master’s level seminars. She has presented her research in various international conferences and is currently working on a book titled, The Politics of Looking: Gender, Race, and Bodies in Literary Narratives.

Dr. Adnan Ajšić

Dr Adnan Ajsic

Assistant Professor

PhD in Applied Linguistics, Northern Arizona University, USA

Adnan Ajšić's research and teaching interests include analytical and pedagogical applications of corpus linguistics, (critical) discourse analysis, language ideologies, language policy and planning, sociolinguistics and sociocultural approaches to second language acquisition. He has published journal articles and book chapters in leading international outlets, as well as presented papers at major international conferences. Dr. Ajšić's educational, research, and teaching experience spans Europe and the United States, private and public institutions of higher learning, and undergraduate- and graduate-level courses. He has also served as an interpreter and translator for the United Nations. He speaks Bosnian, English and German.

Dr. Daniel L. Keegan

Dr Daniel Lindfors Keegan

Assistant Professor

PhD in Drama and Theatre, University of California, Irvine, USA

Daniel Keegan studies and teaches Shakespeare, Renaissance literature, world drama and performance theory. Before AUS, he taught at the University of Wyoming and UC Irvine, among other institutions. His writing has appeared in Shakespeare Quarterly and was presented at the Shakespeare Association of America’s 2015 “NextGen Plenary,” a juried panel of early-career scholars. His current book project, The Prophetic Stage: Constituting Performance In and After Shakespeare, investigates the Renaissance use of prophecy as a model for dramatic performance and the consequences of this model for current performance theory. He has performed in or directed half of Shakespeare’s 39 plays.

Dr. Sun-Hee Bae

Dr Sun Hee Bae

Assistant Professor

PhD in Linguistics, Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA

Sun-Hee Bae has taught in the Department of Linguistics and at the Institute for English Language Programs at Harvard University. Her areas of research and teaching interests are phonetics/phonology, syntax/prosody, psycholinguistics and language acquisition.

Dr. Hayo Terband

Visiting Assistant Professor

PhD in Medical Science, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands

Hayo Terband has taught in linguistics and medical health science departments for five years at Utrecht University. His areas of research and teaching interest are speech science, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics and speech-language pathology. Dr. Terband has been awarded several research grants and has published more than 20 journal articles and book chapters. Furthermore, he co-organized several eminent international conferences and is currently associate editor of Folia Phoniatrica et Logopeadica, the scientific journal of the International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association (ICPLA).

Dr. Kristen Doyle Highland

Assistant Professor

PhD in English Language and Literature, New York University, USA

Kristen Highland teaches courses in literature, American literary history, and academic writing. She has taught at New York University and the University of Delaware. Her research and writing focuses on 19th-century American literary culture, examining diverse material and social aspects of the literary—including the book as object, book spaces and institutions—and their relationship to local cultural formation and practices of reading. She also works in the field of digital humanities, exploring the use of mapping technologies in studying literature. She has published her work in the journal Book History and in The Oxford Companion to Popular Print Culture, and presented at numerous professional conferences.