American University of Sharjah

Study Abroad at AUS

Study Abroad at AUS

Visiting Scholars/Guests-in-Residence

We welcome visiting scholars to our campus.

Visiting scholars include personnel that are not hired as AUS employees, yet need to have access to AUS facilities in order to conduct their research and/or help AUS faculty in research-related activities.

Currently this category includes:

  • selected scholarship recipients (e.g., the Fulbright program) and research assistants
  • visiting faculty (e.g., Fulbright scholars, faculty on sabbaticals)
  • doctoral students conducting dissertation research
  • future graduate students who are awaiting their admission into AUS graduate programs

All relevant departments and personnel must ensure that the Office of International Exchange Programs is notified at least 12 weeks prior to the scholar's arrival date on campus.

For visiting scholars forms, please click here.