Celebrating the Class of Fall 2022 | American University of Sharjah

Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations to the Class of Fall 2022 on completing your degree as a #Proud_AUSer! 

We're excited to celebrate your achievements as you mark this significant milestone.

The official commencement ceremony of the graduating Class of Fall 2022 took place at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 7, 2023 at University City Hall, Sharjah.

This ceremony was live streamed. You can watch a recording of the ceremony by clicking here.


The 10:00 a.m. live ceremony has started

Message from the Chancellor

On behalf of American University of Sharjah, I extend my congratulations to the graduating class of Fall 2022, who are graduating during this special year when AUS celebrates its Silver Jubilee.

To the students who persevered despite obstacles, I wish you continued success. You have joined a growing community of American University of Sharjah graduates who have distinguished themselves through their personal and professional accomplishments. 

Commencement provides an opportunity to reflect on how parents, family members, professors, former teachers and friends have supported you during your education. The support and encouragement that you have received from your parents and family deserve special recognition, and American University of Sharjah recognizes their contributions to your education.  

Once again, congratulations on your remarkable achievement. I am proud to celebrate your accomplishments with you today.

I wish you the very best for the future.

Dr. Susan Mumm

Meet our Fall 2022 College Ambassadors

Reem Alblooshi | College of Architecture, Art and Design

I'm graduating with a...Bachelor of Science in Design Management.

My AUS experience in three words: Full of surprises

My favorite spot on campus is…the library.

My best memory at AUS is…meeting my friends at the Student Center to catch up between classes.

Looking back at my first year at AUS…I’m grateful for all the friends I’ve made, the professors who have guided me, and the memories I will forever cherish as part of my AUS experience. 

Because I studied at AUS…I know that I’m ready to face the next chapter of my life since the past four years have prepared me to handle whatever comes my way. 

After graduation…I plan to pursue my master's degree and open my own business.


Jad Jabbour | College of Arts and Sciences

I'm graduating with a...Bachelor of Science in Biology.

My AUS experience in one word: Life-changing

My favorite spot on campus is…the CAS Student Team's office. It's a very quiet room in the Arts building where I got most of my deadlines and tasks done. When I'm not really tight on time, I also love to hang around the second floor of NAB where all the tables are. It's a very lovely area that provides a perfect balance between socializing and studying. We BCE students practically live there.

Looking back at my first year at AUS…I have changed so much in so many different ways. I remember how I used to be very shy and avoid socializing (I used to put my headphones on whenever I had a break), but AUS has taught me how important it is to develop my social skills. In fact, the past two years were filled with opportunities for me to grow these skills—one example is the peer leadership program.

My best memory at AUS is…when I finished my second senior presentation, it was such a rewarding and wholesome experience to see all the hard work I put into my research project come to fruition, and what made the moment unforgettable was the amazing support I received from my family, friends and professors after I finished. I will never forget that day! 

Because I studied at AUS… I feel prepared for whatever lies ahead in my life, and I welcome any new opportunities that allow me to grow as a person and help others.

After graduation…I plan to pursue a degree in medicine, so I will start applying to multiple universities. My first priority is Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi. I also plan to get some shadowing experience in a hospital before I join med school so I can be better prepared for my next journey.


Razan Abu Alwan | College of Engineering

I'm graduating with a...Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.

My AUS experience in one word: Remarkable

My favorite spot on campus is...The area behind Sheraa. It is the place that I come to whenever I want to take a break from everything. Its calmness and the sound of leaves comfort me like no other place does.

My best memory at AUS is…rainy days at AUS. I think the perfect combination of AUS, sunset and rain is one that would always be engraved in my memory.

Looking back at my first year at AUS…I realize that I have grown so much. My four years at AUS have shaped me into the person that I am today which I love and I'm proud of.

Because I studied at AUS…I am confident that I will thrive wherever I go, applying all the knowledge I have learned from AUS to practical life.

After graduation…I am more than excited to see what the future holds for me out there!


Ahmed Memon | School of Business Administration

I'm graduating with a...Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majoring in Finance.

My AUS experience in one word: Enriching

My favorite spot on campus is…the bridge between CAAD and the Student Center.

My best memory of AUS is…Global Day Spring 2022. I had always heard amazing things about AUS's Global Day but ever since I joined AUS it was continuously canceled due to COVID. However, finally it was held last semester and it became the highlight of my time at AUS.

Looking back at my first year at AUS…I miss all the free time, going to every event, going to Karak Road almost every day after classes, going back to the dorms to play pool with dorm friends, and sneaking friends into the dorm to play pool. I will miss it all and more as it was those times that made my time at AUS so memorable.

Because I studied at AUS…I have been able to stand out to companies as a prospective candidate. Such was the case when I interned at Careem. I was told that one of the elements that stood out to the recruiters was the fact that I am an AUS student.

After graduation... I will be pursuing my CFA qualification while working as a financial analyst.

Our graduates

College of Architecture, Art and Design (CAAD)

Master of Urban Planning
Reed Saif Al Serkal

Bachelor of Architecture
Marina Maged Abdelmessih
Archa Varghese Alukka
Njoki Nyanjui
Sahil Rattha
Ali Sader

Bachelor of Interior Design
Alya Mohamed Saeed

Bachelor of Science in Design Management
Haya Mohammed Abdulla
Amna Juma Al Ali
Latifa Ibrahim Al-Ali
Nama Ahmed Al-Ali
Reem Abdulhadi Alblooshi
Noora Salem Alfalasi
Fatma Mohammed Almheiri
Mohammad Hussain Alsayegh

Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design
Sara Malallah Alzarooni
Layal Mohammed Gadhi

Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication
Hatim Mhd Jamal Ibrahim
Abdullah Ishaq Zaafarany

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Opeyemi Adetoyese Oladiji
Reem Kamal Rabea
Aya Mohammed Sallam

Master of Science in Mathematics
Fatmeh Abdullah Al Zouabi
Layal Nassim Bou Hamdan
Dana Dannawi
Valery Elizabeth Lacoste
Ismail Sabry Marzouk

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
Ayesha Tariq Alfalasi
Hind Ahmad Alhabtoor
Mariam Anwar Alhammadi
Mohamed Mahmoud Alharmoodi | Cum Laude
Jana Faisal Aljamal | Magna Cum Laude
Haya Saleh Almansoori
Shamma Mahmood Almurid
Sarah Jamal Al Saeid | Magna Cum Laude
Afra Mohammad Alsuwaidi
Al Emad Chraiteh
Manal Mohamed Hafidhi
Raghad Zuhair Muhammad
Shoag Ahmad Shams

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication
Dana Awadh Alaydi
Afra Sultan Alsuwaidi
Dalal Sa'di Awienat | Cum Laude
Merna Shoukry Elashmawy
Ali Khalid El-Borno
Sara Junaid | Magna Cum Laude
Haya Mohammad Khalil
Abdul Muiz Nauman
Jana Maher Sabbagh

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Fatima Abdalla Al-Ali
Lamees Khaled Al-Sayari
Iqra Asif
Selena Wail Atari
Nariman Tamer Elewa
Neda Fadavi | Cum Laude
Kinza Firdous
Rama Esam Hamarsheh
Sara Yasir Karim
Farhan Yahya

Bachelor of Science in Biology
Hessah E. Almelaifi
Rateel Mohammed Alrammah
Yara Walid Elmashak | Magna Cum Laude
Dunia Raed Halawa
Jad Basim Jabbour
Mohamad Ahmad Jomaa
Rama Kaysoon

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Shamma Khalid Alsahoul
Kamal Talal Bakheet
Eleza Rasheed Chughtai

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences
Nermine Dib Ahmad
Alya Abdelrahim Alawadhi
Qasayed Abdalla Almaazmi
Riman Amer El Sayed

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Sara N. N. Abdallah

Bachelor of Science in Physics
Alreem Abdalla Alzarooni

College of Engineering (CEN)

PhD in Engineering Systems Management        
Yaqoub Sharif Abdalla
Alia Hasan Al-Sadawi

Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering
Lamis Abdul Kader
Syeda Fiza Fatima
Maryam A. Haniyeh
Hadia Hannan

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Wessam Ahmed Nimir

Master of Science in Civil Engineering
Michael Maged AbdelMessih
Amjad Ahmad Al Hamad
Mohammad Suleiman Almasaeid
Maha Ahmad Ass'ad
Ahmed Mansour Maky
Shumayal Roz-Ud-Din Nassar
Sarah Samir Sinno
Reem Haitham Talo

Master of Science in Computer Engineering
Obada Mohamad Issa
Loye Taha Taha

Master of Science in Construction Management
Sara Alaaeldin Abdelsalam
Sara Adel Abdulwahab Abdulmaksoud
Youssef Khaled Abouzeid
Ahmad Jamal El Masri
Ahmed Farid Ismail

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Abdelrahman Mohamed Abdelaziz
Aisha Abdalla Al Ali
Fatma Suhail Alawar
Khaled Hassan Aldhanhani
Maitha Obaid AlHajri
Zakieh Ghassan Hamza
Asmaa Ibrahim Tageldin

Master of Science in Engineering Systems Management
Mohammad Y. K. Alashqar
Saif Juma Alfaqaei
Hassan Abdalla Almaazmi
Touqa Mohamed Beltagui Ibrahim
Omar Walid Daoud
Faten Ahmad Jomaa
Reham Adil Mohamed Elashi
Rahaf Abdulla Sheiko

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Mariam Rashid Al Mheiri
Ahmed Tarek Elsheikh
Ala'a Uldeen Moh'd Qaisieh
Mohamed Elhady Shendy

Master of Science in Mechatronics Engineering
Saad Eddin Mahfouz

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
Rana Ahmed Ahmed
Aisha Mohamed Al-Ali
Abdulwahab A. A. S. Alamer
Mohammed Usama Alhaj
Mariam Abdulsalam Alhammadi | Magna Cum Laude
Abdullah Ali
Saeed Najib Alkhajeh
Bana Loay Alkurdi
Dana Yasir Al-Muqbel | Magna Cum Laude
Zahraa M. A. I. Alqallaf
Hind Tariq Alqassem | Cum Laude
Maitha Ali Alselaiti
Shouq Hamdan Alshemeili
Tala Hasan Ashira
Fayne Dominic D.Souza
Aya Tarek Elgazar | Magna Cum Laude
Hafsah Azfar Khan
Asma Mohammed Mohgoub
Hamdan Jamal Qaderi
Zahraa Hussein Samen
Rama Selo
Leanne Nabil Shahin | Summa Cum Laude
Jowel Walid Watfa

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Muhammad Saim Aamir
Mazen Amr Abdelkhalek
Ahmed Elsayed Abdella
Ahmed Abdelaziz Abdelmagid
Ahmed R. A. Abukmeil
Ziad Hossam Ahmed | Magna Cum Laude
Mahmoud Awad Mahmoud Ahmed Awad
Mohamed Abdulla Al-Ali
Ahmed Rabee Alawadi
Abrar Abdulla Alblooshi
Fatima Hassan Alblooshi
Ismail M. I. Alghussein
Alsharifmohamed Mohsen Alharith
Ahmed Sami Alkaabi
Fatima Mohammed Almulla
Saud Abdulaziz Almutawa | Magna Cum Laude
Omar Hamdi Al Natsheh
Rakan Hadi S. Alqahtani
Mohamed Bara Ammar Alsaiedi
Ahmed Mousa Alsaqqa
Salama Saeed Alteneiji
Sama Ahmed Aly
Hesham Ahmed Arida | Cum Laude
Mario Magdy Atia
Mohamed Tameem Attourah
Maryam Marwan Bin Saifan Alfalasi
Jasim Saqer Binsanad
Omar Khalid Binshakir
Diala Jamal Elian
Afreen Fathaq
Ali Hussein Hamad
Raed Tariq Jameel
Omar Michael Kej
Mohamed Ashraf Khalifa | Magna Cum Laude
Marwan Mohammed Mahmood
Mark Moheb Wasef
Omar Abdulmuhsen Younus

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Rahma Tarek Abdelaal
Ahmed Mohamed Ashraf Abdelhady
Yasmin Ahmed Abouhelwo
Othman Nafi Ahmad
Afeef Mahmood Ahmadullah
Ghaya Ismail Alhosani
Shragah Rashed Alketbi
Ali Abdulrasoul Almajedi
Rashed Saeed Almarri
Shamma Hasan Almarzooqi
Assma Essa Almeer
Fatma Fahad Almheiri
Maryam Abdulla Alsaleh | Cum Laude
Alya Ahmed Alshehhi
Ahmad Wael Alzaben
Amira Boudrai
Abdul Samad Shakir Bruj Ahmed
Mais Ibrahim Dalbah
Mariam Hussain Darwish
Salma Wael Hassan | Summa Cum Laude
Omar Mohamed Hegazy
Sara Saif Eldin Khalil
Mahmoud Ayman Kharouf
Mohammad Ayman Ahmad Kharouf
Aaquib Aslam Mohammed
Ali Mohsen
Issa Suheil Najjar
Salama Mahmood Rasheed
Andrew Nabil Toma
Maya Mohamad Wehbe
Anas Mohammad Fathi Zain El Abdin



Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Sitty Kaouthar Ahamada
Rashid Ahmed Albannay
Reem Saleh Aldossary
Mohammed Abdulla Alhosani
Mohamed Ali Alnaqbi
Hamda Ahmed Alnuaimi
Abdulla Suroor Alqemzi
Hibathallah Mahmoud Alsaqar
Aisha Saeed Alshehhi
Salem Saleh Barami
Ahmad Bilal
Karem Mhd Issam Bzreh
Youssouf Mohamed Heiba
Adham Wael Hosny
Bashar Husein
Lounes Moussaoui
Omar Ashraf (Saqf Elhait)
Ritica Sridhar
Smit Sujit Vaidya

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Maryam Mohammad Abbas
Maryam Hossameldin Abdelwahab
Maryem W. A. E. H. M. Al Shakhas
Yazan Sa'd Mohd Al-Abed
Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Ali
Jasem Mohammed Al-Ali
Fatma Abdulraoof Alawadhi | Summa Cum Laude
Hamad A. Rahman Albinali | Cum Laude
Muhannad Mansoor Alblooshi
Mohamed Khalid Alghazal Al Shamsi
Hind Ahmed Alhammadi | Magna Cum Laude
Jasem Ebrahim Alhammadi
Majed Fahad Alhammadi
Zayed Ahmed Alhammadi
Sultan Abdulla Aljneibi
Mayed Shehab Alkait Al Ali
Reem Ali Almaazmi
Abdulla Talib Almaleki
Aysha Obaid Almatrooshi
Saif Omar Almheiri
Salem Khalfan Almheiri
Ahmad Khalid Alredha
Abdulla Saif Alshuweihi
Abdelrahman Rashid Alteneiji | Summa Cum Laude
Aaesha Saleh Alzaabi
Hala Nagi Amer | Cum Laude
Meera Ismail Baqer
Issa Sami Elkahlout
Sandra Cynthia Iyete
Yeonsoo Jang
Dalia Riyad Khalid
Maha Mansour Nadhari
Parinaz Vahidreza Naeimi
Haya Hani Radi
Hazem Hassan Riad
Jaber Mohamed Salmeen
Muneeb Sajid Sheikh

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
Habiba Mohamed Abdelrahman
Hamza Tarek Abdelsalam
Rayan Ayman Abu Omar
Razan M. A. Abualwan | Magna Cum Laude
Rouaah Adam
Abdulrahman Mahmoud Alabadilah
Salma Mohamed Alameldin | Cum Laude
Mariam Adel Alhabtari
Yara Raid Aljabi | Cum Laude
Nourah B. Alqenaei
Mohamed Johar Alsarheed
Mouza Ahmed Alshehhi
Ibrahim Yaser Asaad
Arwa Sabaa Bahanan
Zayed Alkhayr Binshah
Omar Mohamed Kamaleldin Hussain
Mohammed Jameel Kalsekar
Alistair Travis Amenguale Lewis
Ali Mahfouz
Huda Javaid Ather Mir
Mohammed Ibrahim Saleh
Salman Abdul Sattar
Mennatullah Abdullah Tawakkol
Arjun Theajonmaya

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Nadin Nizar Abuljadayel
Zaid Emad Abunemeh
Mohammed Nehad Abu Shaqra
Mohamed Abdeen Adam
Fatma Ahmad Ahli
Assem Mohamed Ahmed
Youssef Khaled Ahmed
Abdulla Khalid Alabsi
Yousuf Essam Alansari
Mohammad Abdulrahman Alhareb
Yaseen Mohamed Almannaee | Cum Laude
Mohamed Saeed Almansoori
Layan Wasim Almarai
Abdu Llah Al Rayess
Bishr Saleh Alsabagh
Issa Nabeel Amireh
Faisal Husam Binkuwair
Muhammed Zhill Uwaim Bin Naujad
Reuben Xavier Henriques
Hessa Eisa Hussain
Maryam Basam Kamal
Moustafa Atef Lasheen
Hessa Yahya Lootah
Joud Bassem Mahjoub
Omar Ahmad Matar
Siefeldeen Hassan Mohamed
Fauwad Taha Qureshi
Abdelrahman Islam Sallam
Mohammad Omer Sumar
Naser Mohamad Taifour | Magna Cum Laude
Muhamed Aboobakker Thoroparambile
Layal Zahoui
Ahsan Zamir | Cum Laude

School of Business Administration (SBA)

Master of Science in Accounting
Danah Ahmed Albabtain
Raghad Falah Hussenat
Shahad Falah Hussenat
Abdullah Khalid Sweileh

Master of Business Administration
Reem Al Alami
Mahra Ahmed Al Balghouni
Asma Ahmad Aljamri
Sultan Khalfan Al Mannaee
Meera Mohamed Almheiri
Omar Mohammad Al-Tamimi
Doaa Fahed Hammad
Roa Kamil Saadi
Mohammed Abdennaser Sadek
Hiba Mohamed Salim

Master of Science in Finance
Aseel A. Alenzi
Hamad Ali Alqassim
Moza Mohamed AlSuwaidi
Wafa Bardaa
Hamdan Mohamed Karmustaji
Sourav Paul
Farah Ghazi Radaideh

Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Fatema Taleb Sh. Jaafar

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Accounting
Obaid Khalifa AlFalasi
Mohammad Omar Al-Zeer
Aishah Amerali
Alwaleed Khalid Baghdadi
Hela Landolsi | Summa Cum Laude
Mohammed Salim Maved
Madhav Menon
Abdulla Adnan Sabt
Soha Waseem

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Economics
Rouda Ahmed Ghubash Al Marri
Hana Obaid Alzarooni
Usama Bakhat Ali Siyal

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Finance
Dana Qutaiba Aamer
Maryam Hesham Abdelazim
Nadeen Ehab Abdelgawad
Karim Mohamed Abdelkarim
Adam Zayid Abdulhadi
Bassant Ahmed Abdulrahman
Adam Thaer Abudiab
Moan Sami Abuhijazi
Sultan Ghassan Abu Horan
Saif Yazan Abu Zarur
Abdullah Salem Alatawi
Essa Ali Al Falasi
Fatima Anwar Alhammadi
Hamad Hasan AlHammadi
Awaatef Khaled Alkaabi
Mahmoud Nidal Al-Khat
Mohammed Abdulla AlMazrouei
Abdulla Obaid Almheiri
Aliya Yousif Alnaqbi
Younis Moh'd Al-Otaibi
Abdulla Musallam Alqubaisi
Mohamed Yousif Alrasheed
Fahad Mishari Al Saud
Hamdan Mohamed Alshehhi
Omar Sameer Barakat | Cum Laude
Mehek Raju Bhatia | Magna Cum Laude
Sultan Khalid Bukhammas
Hind Masood Falaknaz
Sidharth Murthy Iyer
Islam Ahmed Khedr
Danial Ali Lilak
Shamsa Ahmad Lootah
Dina Moh'd Haitham Mashaal | Magna Cum Laude
Ahmed Rizwan Memon
Omar Ahmed Mokhtar
Ritvick Nathhani
Miguel Arty Santosh
Karim Tarek Wali

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management
Alaa Abdelaziz Abdelgafar
Youssef Sami Abou Rakbe
Souha Aboujeb
Noora Abdulla Al-Ali
Mohammed Saad Al-Attar
Talaal Waheed Al Attar
Ranim Walid AlHerafi | Cum Laude
Najd Khalid Alhesan
Mahmoud Magdi Ali
Rami Alkharaz
Duaa Ijaz Butt
Faitma Ahmed Kashwani
Hanan Hussain Kayani
Seuwandi Sharonika Matharage
Leen Basil Mushtaha
Morvarid Tayyeb Ranjbar
Mishal Mohammed Shereef
Tarek Houmam Tabbaa

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management Information Systems
Hammam Mustafa Abdulfatah
Rand MoahmmedSaid Al-Atari
Maryam Ahmad AlMulla
Yara Helmi Alnajjar | Cum Laude
Asem Radwan Al Raslan
Alanoud Mishari Al Saud
Omar Sherif Aly
Minkail Elmurzaev
Tarek Fakhoury
Talha Bin Ayaz Khan
Saud Mohamed Maved
Natali Moatasem Mohaisen
Subbulakshmi Natarajan
Mohsin Raza | Cum Laude

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing
Salma Ahmed Abdelnaby | Cum Laude
Aceal Abou Tayoun
Husain Ali Akbar Akbar
Noor Magdi El Hammamy
Yara Ali El Masry
Nour El-Tibi
Eman Muneer Hayel
Mohamed Zair Ibad
Amin Issa Joumah
Soliman Mohammed
Safiya Afsheen Padiyath
Fazeel Rasheed
Jade Marie Renaut
Saman Riaz

Commencement Speech

The Fall 2022 commencement speech, entitled AUS: A Unified Universe, was delivered by Maha Mansour Nadhari, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the College of Engineering.


AUS: A Unified Universe by Maha Mansour Nadhari

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful: Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Your Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Qassimi, member of the Supreme Council of the United Arab Emirates, ruler of Sharjah and president of our university; honorable members of the Board of Trustees; Chancellor Dr. Susan Mumm; Provost Dr. Juan Sanchez; members of faculty and staff; proud parents; distinguished guests; and, last, but definitely not least, my fellow graduates. I would like to welcome you all to the AUS Fall 2022 Commencement.

In my address today I would like to talk to you about universes. Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman once said “I, a universe of atoms, an atom in the universe”. This quote has always resonated with me deeply because, in my opinion, it highlights two very different sides of human existence. On the one hand, it showcases how complex we are as human beings. On the other hand, it conveys how we are always part of a bigger picture. I also think it is the perfect metaphor to describe our beloved AUS. 

AUS is a large universe, which consists of many atoms. A universe that is buzzing with energy and bursting with culture. A universe that has its own rules, ideals, and rhythms.

Every single person we pass by in the hallways while we are rushing to get to class or rushing to get out of class is an atom that has their own complex universe. AUS is also so incredibly diverse that each of these people comes from a unique background and upbringing. Moreover, these atoms are all on their own journeys trying to utilize their time at AUS to help them move a step closer to where they want to be in the future. 

Still, these atoms must work together in unity and cohesion for the greater good and to achieve a common goal. Whether that be the countless students that come together regardless of major or background to organize social events, or even when we would interact on a much smaller scale with only a few other people to complete a group project. These common goals, no matter how big or small they are, unify these atoms and give them an opportunity to collaborate effectively.

Every single time we would work towards these common goals and interact with one another, our universes overlap, facilitating an exchange of ideas, knowledge, and opinions. We would be adding to someone else’s universe while simultaneously taking from it as well. These meaningful interactions are what shaped who we are as people today. 

Many of the behaviors I have developed can be attributed to the people around me at AUS, whether they know it or not. Sometimes it can be perceived in the simpler things. Seeing my best friend always using the AUS logo on the cover page of her assignments made me always use the AUS logo on the cover page of my assignments. A conversation that took place in my first year with a complete stranger, who I don’t even know the name of, led to me finding my favorite study spot on campus that I kept going back to until I graduated. A colleague of mine, who I took one class with during my junior year, showing me that leaving the engineering building using the side door was faster led to me to using that door from that day on.

However, it can be perceived in the bigger things as well. Seeing the way in which professors devoted themselves completely to their students, regardless of the day or the time, heightened my sense of appreciation. The conversations I had with students who had completely different ideals than mine have widened my horizons. Stories of academic accomplishments where people have managed to move from academic probation to the chancellors list have shown me that anything can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

As we depart from the AUS universe, we will each head towards different places, and we will join other universes. 

My fellow graduates, as we join these new universes, I urge you and myself to take what we learned at AUS in the classroom and outside of it to contribute to these greater universes. Remember to always lead with goodness and to strive to leave a positive impact on the people around you. You never know, an interaction that you deem to be small and trivial may be life changing for someone else. 

While reflecting back on the years that have gone by and thinking about the people in our universes who supported us and helped us make it this far, I am overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude. Firstly, to the president of our university, Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Qassimi, thank you for your vision, which has provided us with access to an incomparable education. To our families, thank you for believing in us even when we didn’t believe in ourselves. To our friends, thank you for always having our backs and for standing behind us no matter what. To our professors, thank you for always pushing us to do our best. And to all of the staff members at AUS who work tirelessly day in and day out to make sure that AUS universe runs smoothly, a big thanks to you.

My fellow graduates, although our time as students in the AUS universe may have come to an end, the impact that this experience has had on each of our individual universes is undeniable. I am eternally grateful for every single time that our individual universes have overlapped and I got the chance to learn from you. Thank you for being parts of AUS’s vibrant universe. 

Congratulations to the class of Fall 2022!

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