Celebrating the Class of Spring 2022 | American University of Sharjah

Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations to the Class of Spring 2022 on completing your degree as a #Proud_AUSer! 

We're excited to celebrate your achievements as you mark this significant milestone.

The official commencement ceremonies of the graduating Class of Spring 2022 took place on Saturday, June 11, 2022 at University City Hall, Sharjah,  you can watch the videos at the links below:

  • 10:00 a.m. | All PhD and master's degree candidates, and all CEN bachelor's degree candidates

    This ceremony was livestreamed. You can watch a recording of the ceremony by clicking here.

  • 2:00 p.m. | All bachelor's degree candidates from CAAD, CAS and SBA

    This ceremony was livestreamed. You can watch a recording of the ceremony by clicking here.

If you have registered to participate in this ceremony, please visit this page for important information and updates.


Message from the Chancellor

On behalf of American University of Sharjah, I extend my congratulations to the graduating class of Spring 2022

To the students who persevered despite obstacles, I wish you continued success. You have joined a growing community of American University of Sharjah graduates who have distinguished themselves through their personal and professional accomplishments.

Commencement provides an opportunity to reflect on how parents, family members, professors, former teachers and friends have supported you during your education. The support and encouragement that you have received from your parents and family deserve special recognition, and American University of Sharjah recognizes their contributions to your education.

Once again, congratulations on your remarkable achievement. I am proud to celebrate your accomplishments with you today.

I wish you the very best for the future.

Dr. Susan Mumm

Meet our Spring 2022 College Ambassadors

Nadin Abdelfatah | College of Architecture, Art and Design

I'm graduating with a...Bachelor of Architecture.

My AUS experience in one word: Intense or enriching

My favorite spot on campus is…my studio desk because it’s where I’ve experienced and learned the most.

My best memory at AUS is…There are so many of them, I can’t choose! But I definitely will cherish every single moment I spent with my friends and my professors on campus.

Looking back at my first year at AUS… I have definitely matured a lot since then. I’ve become more confident and honest with myself. I’ve also become more proactive and involved with those in my CAAD community. Somehow I've grown more to not only project my own voice but also the collective voices of those in my architecture major.

Because I studied at AUS… I’ll be able to practice from a regional perspective that’s culturally relevant and beneficial to our society and environment. I’ll also be able to apply this knowledge to other regions. I’m very grateful to my professors at AUS who have helped me to develop this interdisciplinary approach.

After graduation…I plan on starting my architecture career and practicing in either Dubai or Barcelona. I’m applying to both.


Mohammad Alzaabi | College of Arts and Sciences

I'm graduating with a...Bachelor of Arts in International Studies.

My AUS experience in one word: Unforgettable

My favorite spot on campus is…the physics building. I used to spend a lot of time hanging out with my peers throughout my studies, and it’s where I used to complete a lot of my assignments and tasks.

Looking back at my first year at AUS…I have developed more on a personal and professional level at the same time. I shifted from someone who used to be an introvert to someone who is intellectually capable thanks to the stimulating environment that exists here at AUS.

My best memory at AUS is…the recognition I received as Secretary General from the audience while on stage at the opening ceremony of the Model United Nations at AUS in 2022.

Because I studied at AUS… I am able to pursue my goals and aspire to have a bright and prosperous future.

After graduation…I plan to pursue my master’s, and at the same time look for a job. I hope to balance my work life with my studies. And I'm considering opening my own start-up.


Mohamad AlNajar | College of Engineering

I'm graduating with a...Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering with a Minor in Data Science.

My AUS experience in one word: Eye-opening

My favorite spot on campus is...the library. It has a nice mix of social interaction and a nice place to study. If you really want to focus or you have a tough exam coming up, you can go to the quiet zone, or if you really want to settle down between classes and reconcile what you need to get done.

My best memory at AUS is…sitting by the benches with my friends late at night singing and talking about our long day of work and activities, and about what we’re looking forward to. It really is one of the best experiences I will never forget.

Looking back at my first year at AUS…I have changed tremendously in how I interact with people. I used to be a kind of introverted person. I never used to like to interact with people and I would be very shy in approaching someone for a project or an activity. I have changed a lot in that sense. I really am very active and open with students, and when it comes to activities in sports, cultural events and more. 

Because I studied at AUS…I am an effective communicator and team player, and I am flexible in working in different environments. 

After graduation…I plan to start a career in business analytics and then continue my education—maybe an MBA or even a PhD.


Dina Abou Ismail | School of Business Administration

I'm graduating with a...Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Finance with a Minor in Marketing.

My AUS experience in one word: Rollercoaster

My favorite spot on campus is…Blends and Brews at SBA because I’m always there, and the Dean's Business Team office.

My best memory of AUS is…being on the Dean’s Business Team (DBT) for the past three and a half years. I joined when I was a freshman as a trainee and then moved on to become a Business Development Executive, which gave me so much experience when it came to networking. After this, I was promoted to President of the team, and I’m currently an advisor. It’s been a great experience. The DBT is literally my second family and this place is home to me.

Looking back at my first year at AUS…I think I’m someone who’s changed a lot. AUS has taken me out of my comfort zone multiple times which is something I’m very grateful for. I’m someone who used to be very shy and timid, but because I joined a lot of student organizations and cultural clubs I learned how to communicate with other people more. I’ve worked on my own personal development skills a lot more. I truly have changed from when I first entered AUS. It was honestly one of the best things I could have asked for.

Because I studied at AUS…I have been able to network with so many people and with so many companies, and expand my contacts in the UAE. In addition—and more importantly, in my opinion—I was also exposed to so many cultures. I am now capable of interacting with people from any culture or background because of AUS.

After graduation...Thanks to SBA I was exposed to Chalhoub Group through my fashion marketing project. They opened a lot of opportunities for AUS students. Because of that specific project, I managed to land an internship there, and a week after graduation I’m going to start working there as a Marketing Trainee.

Our graduates

College of Architecture, Art and Design (CAAD)

Master of Urban Planning
Farah Jamal Abdellatif
Sherine M. Akhtam Abdulsamad
Nouf Mubarak Al Janaahi
Mohamed Jamal Alsebeyi
Jood Radwan Chaker
Dana Ghassan Obaid
Reem Faleh Obaid

Bachelor of Architecture
Nadin Tarek Abdelfatah | Cum Laude
Leena Hassan Abdelkhareem
Nada Hussein Abdelmagid | Cum Laude
Hanna Abou Zour | Cum Laude
Hind Abusnana
Nada Ahmed Ahmed
Irine Pudukattukaran Aju
Sara Ayman Alchaar | Magna Cum Laude
Sarah Al-Dulaimi | Magna Cum Laude
Afra Obaid Alfalasi | Cum Laude
Maitha Jasem Alhammadi
Malak Hani Alhawamdeh
Niha Ali
Rose Abdulhamid Alomair | Magna Cum Laude
Lujain S M H Al Qaoud
Ahmed Sultan Alqasimi
Abdullah Mazen Al Rifai
Sedra Samer Alsayed
Rand Ahmad Altobasi
Shreya Aranganathan
Zainab Mansoor Bak | Cum Laude
Magdolin Nabil I Bakr
Sara Gassan Bokr
Lama Sameer Dardas
Rhea D Souza
Nour Adel Elbery
Ezzeldin Gamal Elsamanoudy
Nadin Emad Elshirbini | Cum Laude
Noor Nidal Hamdan
Layan Omar Hashem
Kenza Hassiki
Rana Osama Hegab
Dina Amjad Hirzallah
Amerah Bint Ayaz Khan
Marwan Mazen Mahmoud | Magna Cum Laude
Rashid Ahmed Modibbo | Cum Laude
Eiman Mohamed Mohamed
Joel Vijayan Thomas
Misa Bhavesh Vaya | Cum Laude

Bachelor of Interior Design
Douha Elsadig Ahmed
Misbah Ahmed | Cum Laude
Alya Ismail Al-Ali
Wafa Mohamed Alfalahi
Noora Mohamed Alhafidhi
Zayinab A A S Alsayrafy
Lama Adel Adnan Al Shadid | Cum Laude
Maha Omer Babiker
Jana Ahmad Diab
Tala Hassan Edelbi
Raghad Hussein Hassan
Nagham Mohmoud Hijazi
Mariam Ayman Khaireddin
Shahad Osama Maatook
Ramsha Mashood
Elham Masoum Zadegan
Krstin Samir Raed
Ume Abiha Zaidi

Bachelor of Science in Design Management
Mariam A A Abdeen
Haya Mohammed Abdel-Fattah
Meera Najeh Abed
Yara Alabrash
Hind Faisal Albannai
Alanoud Mohammed Albukhari
Shamsa Hashir Al-Maktoum
Shirin Tariq Al Mitwalli
Fatma Saqer Al-Nahyan
Deema Khalid Alsaud
Hassah W H Alshemais
Abdelrahman Mohamed Barghouth
Hussain Safaa Essa Rohy
Noah Paul Franco
Katreena Farhan Halasa | Cum Laude
Hanine Wafic Hamad
Meznah Khalid Hassan
Asma Foad Jaffal
Lara Emad Masoud
Anaam Noushad
Rana Osman Malik Osman
Mariam Mohammad Qishta

Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design
Tasneem O M Abdel Fattah
Youssef Ashraf Abdelgawad
Allah Murad Abdunabi | Cum Laude
Nourin Yasser Abouelella
Razan Zuhair Abussaud
Mohamed Mahmoud Ali
Mahmoud Tareq Alkhateeb
Meryam Harith Al Khudairi
Malak Khaled Bahr
Ashton Enoch Ferrao
Omar Mohamed Ibrahim
Leen Abdulhakim Kanan
Abrar Kebaili
Farah Riad Maarouf
Rana Yasser Saleh

Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication
Zeina Maged Abdulmeguid
Hania Ramy Afifi
Reem Ebrahim Alahli
Afnan Hamad Alblady
Lana Azzam Aljoudi
Mai Ayman Awwad | Cum Laude
Loay Youssef Balkis
Racine Fatima Burney
Habiba Tarek Darwish
Marwa Moussaad Elemam | Cum Laude
Billur Akif Tashkandi

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

Master of Arts in Translation and Interpreting (English/Arabic/English) 
Lien Ismaiel Sulaiman
Luxi Xiang

Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Razan Abdul Razzaq Al Balushi
Amani Khalid Aljundi
Alya Yusuf Alkhaja
Khalid R. Alkharafi
Abdulrahman Abdulla Ghuloom Abdulla Bucheeri
Fareen Angel Merchant
Lydia Helen Shepherd

Master of Science in Mathematics
Farah Zeyad Abutouq
Amin Khaled Al Haj Hamad
Amani Ali Al-Qamez
Reem Elfatih Hassan
Fatima Haitham Rabah

Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature
Furat Malek Abdeljaber | Cum Laude
Malaika Abdur Rehman
Laila Nedal Albaradai | Magna Cum Laude
Jana Mohd. Jameel Arab Sabbagh
Khansa Jan
Leen Toufic Rabah
Noor Hassan Sherazi | Cum Laude
Aya Haitham Younis | Magna Cum Laude

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
Sara Samir Abbasi
Ammara Ahmed Aman
Theyab Mubarak Aldarmaki
Eeman Ali | Cum Laude
Zayed Abdullah Aljneibi
Abeer Fareed Aljuryyed | Cum Laude
Mohamed Ali Alketbi
Fatima Moosa Alkhajah
Aisha Abubaker Almarri
Alyazya Mohamed Almheiri | Magna Cum Laude
Hessa Mohammad Almheiri
Reem Abdelaziz Almheiri | Magna Cum Laude
Majid Haithm Al Qasimi
Amna Mohammed Alshamsi
Mohammad Abdulla Alzaabi | Magna Cum Laude
Suhail Salim Alzarouni
Noor Ul Ain Shaikh Fazal Ahmed Fazal
Mariam Mohanud Helal | Magna Cum Laude
Reemaz Nabeel Oqbi
Zainab Zualkernan Qureshi
Sarah Ayman Salama | Magna Cum Laude
Amna Tariq Warshaw

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication 
Tuqa Ali Al Ayoubi
Hala Osamah Alkhazali
Meera Jama Al Musharakh
Haya M. Samer Alyasin
Mariam Ahmed Alzaabi
Dana Dalal | Cum Laude
Jala Adnan Dia | Cum Laude
Apoorva Dudani | Cum Laude
Reem Ahmed Elhelw
Manal Fatima
Loujaine Mohammed Hameedaldin
Rehana Haroon
Tatiana Hobeiche
Zainab Adejumoke Jimoh
Shahid Abdurezag Kdesh
Reem Mohammed Kharoub
Laura Yasir Mufti
Jana Zakaria

Bachelor of Arts Psychology
Sharon Solomon Aruparayil
Fathima Poker Ayyoor

Bachelor of Science in Biology
Aseel Muhieddin Amer | Magna Cum Laude
Souha Dhaouadi | Cum Laude
Yara Emad Fakheir | Cum Laude
Mohamad Abdallah Issa
Alexandra Zoe Aniscol Morata
Fathima Razana
Harshali Surendra Sajnani

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences
Shaqra Humaid Alsuwaidi

Bachelor of Science in Physics
Maitha Obaid Alfalasi | Cum Laude
Mouza Ahmed Almualla | Summa Cum Laude
Hessa Ahmed Alsuwaidi

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Heba Farid Abed | Summa Cum Laude

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Dania Mohammad Dallah


College of Engineering (CEN)

PhD in Engineering–Engineering Systems Management (PhD ESM)
Bayan Hassan Banimfreg
Sareh Alireza Rajabi
Sara Saboor

Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering
Mohamed Abdalla Agam
Zeyad Mohamed Ghuloom Almajed
Sara El Haout
Aisha Hamidu
Maryam A. Haniyeh

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Nihal Yasir Ahmed
Muhammad Faheem Hassan
Sumaita Moshiur Rahman
Samira Jihad Zeinab

Master of Science in Civil Engineering
Hadeer Samir Abdalla
Fouad Mostafa Amin
Haitham Aldahri Abdulatif Badrawi
Zeinah Elnassar
Amina Rayan Hammodat
Nouran Sherif Hegazy
Zin Subhi Mahaini
Fardin Mahmoudi
Mohamed Nashaat Abdelhalim Singer
Faris Nabil Uwais

Master of Science in Computer Engineering
Nada Mohamed Abdalgawad
Noora Mohammed Al Awadhi
Yara Akram Kaddoura
Mueez Ahmad Khan
Jayroop Ramesh
Ali Reza Mohammed Husein Sajun
Donthi Sankalpa
Eman Shaikh

Master of Science in Construction Managament
Mohamed Ahmed Aboelyousr
(Mohammad Said) Jamal Abuhalimeh
Ibrahim Wasef Abu Laila
Saud Abdelaziz Alhammadi
Fayiz Mohammad Juem
Mazhd Shaban

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Yazan Mahmoud Abu Farha
Serien Hashim Ahmed
Mohamed Rashed Aldhanhani
Alaa Abdulkarim Alhammadi
Asma Asim Ali
Maryam Rashed AlSuwaidi
Youssef Mohamed Abdelfattah Eldokmak
Ahmed Omar Elmeligy
Mazen Essam Elsaadany
Mohamed Elhusseiny Elyamani
Shereen Farhana
Youssef Diaa Louca
Mahdi Ali Mohammed

Master of Science in Engineering Systems Management
Khalid Salim Al-Ali
Rowda Mohamed Al-Ali
Mohammad Y.K. Alashqar
Mohamed Rashid Almarri
Samia Abdulrahim Almudhareb
Hind Ahmed Alshamsi
Mariam Abdelwahid Alzarooni
Natali Imad Barakat
Sami Taher Freihat
Jawahir Salim Haif Alhammadi
Faten Ahmad Jomaa
Mhd Yasin Mousbah Katramiz
Fatima Saif Mubarak

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Ahmed Hazam Maamoun Abdelgawad
Khader M.J. Alsayegh
Parham Dadash Pour
Ibrahim Khalil Diab
Ahmed Moataz Elsergany
Sara Hijazi

Master of Science in Mechatronics Engineering
Abdallah A.A. Abdeen
Qutaiba Abedallah Al-Bashayreh
Ibrahim Osama Hag Ali
Mohammad Latifi
Ismail Tareq Raslan

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
Noor Al Bahnasawi
Taima Khair Alla Mohammad Al Hazaimeh | Summa Cum Laude
Abdelaziz Saleh Mohamed Alkirbi Alketbi
Zayed Isam Mamoon Younis Alketbi
Maitha Fahad Ahmed Jasem Almansoori
Hamda Tariq Abdelrahman Mohamed Bukhatir
Rasha Darra
Mohammad A Sh H Zaman

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Seifeldin Ehab Farouk Abbas
Yara Mamoun Abu Jbarah | Cum Laude
Mohamad Ibrahim Albaik
Mayar Alchaiah
Mubarak Ramzi Hashem Mahmoud Aldamasi
Lulwa S A M Alghanim
Rabab Al Hassani
Aisha Saeed Ali Alkhyeli Almheiri
Shahad Mohamed Abdalla Ahmed Almulla
Abdulaziz Salah Mohamed Naser Alshaikh
Mohammed Asskoul
Ahmed Maher Sabri Mahmoud Darwish
Yara Ashraf Farouk Moussa Elenany
Merhi Hamad
Habibelrahman Hassan Mohyeldin Hassan | Magna Cum Laude
Walid Hmeicho
Ahmed Mohamed Nagy Hussein
Ahlam Khaldoune | Magna Cum Laude
Khalid Hesham Khalil
Ahmad Hatem Nemer Khawaja
Antoan Ashraf Mounir Nabih | Cum Laude
Dania Ramadan | Cum Laude
Eyad Magdy Abdelhamid Shahin | Magna Cum Laude
Hend Mohamed Osman Shahwan
Nisrina Younes

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Mohammed Husam Mahmoud Abdallah
Munzir Osama Eissa Abdul Hafies
Hijas Kunjumakkachalil Abdul Salam
Nadeen Tarek Adel Ahmed | Summa Cum Laude
Musabeh Jamal Musabeh Algharbi Al-Ali
Ghazal Majdi Al Balaa
Huda Abdulla Miran Mohammad Al Balooshi
Sarah Harith Waheed Al-Dulaimi
Motasem Mohammed Hasan Al Jayyousi
Shamsah Ali Obaid Alboash Almheiri
Mohamed Jasim Mohamed Hassan Alobeidli
Saeed Khalid Mohamed Mohamed Saeed Alrafi
Yasser Suhail Chorghay | Magna Cum Laude
Ahmed Mostafa Abdelazim Mostafa Elmeligy | Magna Cum Laude
Shahd N.S. Elsaikly
Ashith Farhan | Magna Cum Laude
Mirza Mohammad Farooq
Abdulrahman Waheed Ali Ibrahim | Cum Laude
Mohammed Walid Khan
Faraz Elahi Mohammed
Nouran Ahmed Kamal Mohamed Sheta | Magna Cum Laude
Ali Mohammad Nizar Soufi | Cum Laude

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 
Adham Galal Hassan Shalaby Abdelnaby | Cum Laude
Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed
Sabbir Alam
Rashed Ibrahim Essa Yousuf Almheiri
Shooq Abdelrahman Hassan Abdelrahim Alzarooni
Anas Sami Abdulrahman Ba Ragaa | Magna Cum Laude
Joel Morrison D Souza | Magna Cum Laude
Khalid Safwat Galaleldin Abdelhakim Elshafey | Magna Cum Laude
Dawit Tenaye Lakew
Rooth Shaji
Khaled Hashem Sorayanejad

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Majid Faroug Eltayeb Ahmed | Cum Laude
Noora Naser Obaid Al Theeb Al-Ali
Fatma Abdulraoof Alawadhi | Summa Cum Laude
Ibrahim Raed I Aldahery
Mohammad Abdulla Juma Abdulla Alfalasi | Summa Cum Laude
Saif Adel Saif Bin Dhaen Alfalasi
Razan H R A Ali
Hessa Hilal Bakhit Aljumairi Almheiri
Majid Abdalla Alsari Almheiri
Tariq Mohamed Salim Mohamed Almutawa
Meera Rashed Mohamed Almayoof Alnaqbi
Abdulrahman Zubair Alobeidli | Magna Cum Laude
Shaikha Walid Hamad Thabit Alsawafi
Aaesha Hamdan Ahmed Malek Alshehhi
Ali Meqdad Ibrahim Ali Alsuwaidi | Magna Cum Laude
Salem Abdulla Alzaabi | Magna Cum Laude
Muneeba Binte Asif
Turky Khalid A Baajaj
Khalid Osman Siddig Elhussein
Yusuf Amr Mahmoud Yousri Guenena
Fahad Abdalla Mohammed Hussain
Fathimanazli Mohammadali
Subhi Jalal Qutob
Ahmad Rahhal

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
Haneen Zainelabdeen Abdelrahim Abdelrhman | Summa Cum Laude
Mohammed Rabi Manalipparambil Aboobacker
Ahmad Musa Salama Abu-Obaideh
Rayan Ayman Abu Omar
Ashba Ali Abdalla Alshawi Alketbi
Zainab Jasim Kadhim Al-Lami
Mohamad Motie Mahmoud Alnajar | Magna Cum Laude
Tamara Darayseh
Hamza Ghassan El Naofal
Huda Javaid Ather Mir
Amro A. H. Murad

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Raad Fares Adnan Abu Odeh
Atheer Ghiath Aldbaisi
Abdulla Arif Obaid Rashed Almheiri
Fatima Rashid Alshamsi
Saif Ali Mohamed Alnabouda Alsuwaidi
Mohamad Abdulrahman Barakji | Magna Cum Laude
Mohammed Khaled Abed Alhameed Harb
Mohamed Mahmoud Hemid | Magna Cum Laude
Sherif Khaled Mohamed Issa Ismail | Magna Cum Laude
Abdullah Jassem Abdullah
Khaled Kadri
Noman Rahman Khan
Ali Khattab
Mohamed Ihab Metwalli
Mazen Mohammed Mansour Mohammedfaris | Magna Cum Laude
Bassem Ahmed Helmy Omar
Zaid Marwan Mousa Ramadan
Ali Adnaan Raza
Vyshakh Sanil
Mazen Abdelrahman Gamaleldin Selim
Yacoub Taher Yacoub Suleiman | Magna Cum Laude
Mohammad Bilal Yasin

School of Business Administration (SBA)

Master of Business Administration
Hesham AbdulWahed AlFahim
Khalid Ismail Alharmoodi
Fatima Mohamed Almarzooqi
Majid Eisa Alnuaimi
Maha Mansour Alzarooni
Mohamed Mansour Alzarooni
Abdul Qadir Zaheer Kallatra
Mousa Khaled Saifi
Salman Noorollah Zargarian

Master of Science in Accounting
Noora Abdallah Abdallah
Jawahir Abdalla Alharmoodi

Master of Science in Finance
Kunaal Kishore Nanik
Reem Zaabalawi

Bachelor of Arts in Economics 
Samrawit Sintayehu Bekele | Magna Cum Laude

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Accounting
Reem Ojail Aldahmani
Saoud Fahem Altamimi
Haider Maqbool Bajwa
Mustafa Mohamad El Sadek
Wen He | Cum Laude
Sara Adnan Jaber
Mahnoor Khawaja | Cum Laude
Mohammed Aamir Mahmood
Dima Maher Musallam
Anjali Santhosh Nair | Magna Cum Laude

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Economics
Rahil Sultan Ahmed
Abdulla Ali AlZann
Andrew Hagop Barbarian
Asma Dildar | Cum Laude
Aly Mortada Gomaa | Summa Cum Laude
Abdullah Abdul Razzak Mikati
Batool Arifa Mohammad
Filza Khawar Siddiqui

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Finance
Haneen Shihab Abbadi
Dina Hassan Abou Ismail
Abdulaziz Saleh Alabdouli
Hamad Ali Alabedin
Khalid Mohammad Al Attar
Roudha Abdulmajid AlAwadhi | Magna Cum Laude
Amna Majid Aldarwishi Alshamsi
Sultan Abdulla AlDhaheri
Yassmin Marwan Al Haffar | Summa Cum Laude
Ahmed Sayed Alhashmi
Sultan Saeed Almutawa
Khalifa Hamad Al Nuaimi
Mani Saif Alqubaisi
Rashed H. Al Sarraf
Abdalla Mohamed Alsarrah
Fatima Jamal AlShamsi
Noora Mustafa Alsheryani
Reem Khaled Al Subaie
Hamid Mohamed Alzarooni
Sohaib Ashfaq
Ghadi Ahmed Ashoor
Aisha Dadani
Khalil Kamal Diab
Yara Waleed Elkalash
Salma Ashraf Elmadani | Summa Cum Laude
Leen El Natour | Cum Laude

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Finance (continued)
Leena Mueen Fares | Magna Cum Laude
Muhammad Huzaifa Masood Gill | Cum Laude
Ahmad Imad Hamzeh
Sisian Hospian
Tehniyat Naeem Inamdar
Zarlish Jawed
Abdulla Mhd Bashir Jlelati
Abdallah Tamer Kardan
Manaswi Madichetty | Cum Laude
Abdulaziz Abdulla Majid
Bushra Malkah Rizwan Memon | Cum Laude
Karim Naser Merchak | Magna Cum Laude
Sara Awni Mocattash
Syed Abdul Samee Nasir
Fathima Iman Nizardeen | Magna Cum Laude
Mohamed Abdulkadir Osoble
Raechel Rony
Yousif Yaser Saad
Hisham Nazmi Saleous
Abdulaziz Laith Shaker
Sara Ibrahim Sharafi | Magna Cum Laude
Zoha Siddiqui | Cum Laude
Shahzad Sultan
Mohammed Kaif Tanwar
Abdolrahman Ahmad Zaminpaima | Summa Cum Laude

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management
Mohamed Nasir Abdi
Zeyad Tariq Abu-Naser
Amna Ahmad
Sayed Mohammad Alam
Najd Khalid Alhesan
Sara Ahmed Alkhyeli
Mahra Talib Almarri | Magna Cum Laude
Aya Ammar Al Muwahed
Noora Tareq Al Salman
Ahmad Asem Aqtash
Mohammed Yusuf Attarwala
Dima Douri
Ruaa Ahmed El Gassim
Fadia Faouz
Dory Dany Fares
Irene Franco | Cum Laude
Abdul Hadi Han
Rachid Makki
Navya Manayil Muraly
Rameesha Nadeem
Lina Naim Radi
Amal Rashad Saeed
Abdul Rahiman Yogimadathil

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management Information Systems
Ahamed Anjum Ali
Maryam Mohamed Almansoori
Hamad Faraj AlMazrooei
Muhammad Unaib Anis
Mohammad Zahi Beni Jaber
Omar Abdelaziz Bindarwish
Mira Ziad Haddad
Mohamed Ihab Hassan
Nadine Jallad
Sabine Mallat
Areeba Shaikh
Mohrah Ahmed Shamaa | Cum Laude
Megha Tekkali


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing
Samar Mustafa Abasher | Cum Laude
Salma Maged Abulmeguid
Rana Wagih Afifi
Raneem Al-Jaljouli
Rima Al Nabulsi
Aiman Asim
Palak Manohar Bhambhwani
Naya Rabah Chbib
Rawan Nabih Elashwal
Cianna Vanessa Fernandes
Kareem Adham Hamouda
Vishal Mahesh Lalwani
Nermine Marak
Noor Moharam Alvarez
Taha Nadeem
Marim Tarek Osman
Adnan Paremmal | Magna Cum Laude
Revathi Ranjith
Lojaine Adel Salem
Saud Shahid
Hana Omar Sh. Hasan
Zayed Ashrafali Soudagar
Hananeh Keyvan Zahiri | Cum Laude


AUS Merchandise

Show your AUS pride by purchasing some official AUS merchandise!

A great selection of apparel, gifts, accessories and more is available through the online AUS Merchandise Shop. This is a great way to celebrate your graduation and your pride in AUS as your alma mater.

Your purchase will also help AUSers in financial need, with eight percent of the total price of every purchase donated to the AUS General Student Support Fund.

The online stop is the only place to get official, licensed merchandise, so check it out today at www.aus.edu/merchandise.

Alumni support

Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs (OAAA)

The Career Development Unit at the Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs (OAAA) can provide you with advice and guidance to help you secure rewarding professional careers and internship opportunities following your graduation.

If you aren't sure of what steps to take next, reach out to us and we'll happily help you get started in this new chapter in your professional journey. 


AUS Alumni Association

Now that you are officially a graduate, you are part of a global network of proud AUSers. 

The AUS Alumni Association offers benefits and services to alumni, including various discounts and privileges, as well as career advice and counseling.

Stay connected

Follow @ausalumniassociation on Instagram for regular updates and news from the AUS alumni community. 

Follow us

Make sure you're following our official AUS social media accounts—and don't forget tag your graduation photos with #Proud_AUSer and #AUSClassOf2022!


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