American University of Sharjah

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management Information Systems

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Information Systems

Raghad Al-Tamimi

Raghad tamimi mis student

BSBA MIS Student

I chose to study management information system (MIS) because it is the perfect blend of IT and business, meaning it is the perfect link between business data using tools developed by the collaboration of computer science and computer engineering. MIS helps businesses and industries to be on the highest level of efficiency. Besides majoring in MIS, I will minor in operational management or supply chain management. Because I have a contract to work with Saudi Aramco, the largest oil and gas company in the world, after I graduate, knowledge in those areas would be super beneficial to employ in my future department, Materials Supply.

I completely trust Aramco’s wise choice of universities. If Aramco allowed me to study at AUS, that means it is one of the top MIS schools around the world. Also, while many other universities focus almost only on the theoretical approach of MIS and isolate that from the practical approach, MIS at AUS grounds such practical cases in a high level of diagnost

Abdulla Al Dabbagh

Abdullah Dabbagh MIS Alumni

BSBA MIS Alumnus

I am forever grateful for my amazing experience at American University of Sharjah, as I benefitted immediately from my classroom theory upon my graduation. My position now as the Marketing Manager at Yahoo! Middle East and Africa is the result of good education. AUS gave me the tools to become an effective contributor to this global company and part of the growth of the regional digital industry.

My education at AUS did not stop in the classroom. Every day I got to share knowledge and learn from professors and colleagues. The alumni association is very impressive, and I am happy to be a part of its growing network.