American University of Sharjah

Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations

‚ÄČEthnic and National Clubs

Afghan Cultural Club

Depicts and promotes Afghani traditions and enlightening the AUS community of Afghani culture and customs

Algerian Cultural Club

Presents Algerian culture and traditions to the AUS community

American Cultural Club
Presents American culture and traditions to the AUS community

Arabian Cultural Club

To promote the Arab culture under the title of "one language, one heritage". Contribute towards a modern Arab identity

Armenian Cultural Club

Promote the Armenian culture to the AUS community and to unite all Armenians in the university through events and activities

Asian Cultural Club

To promote and educate students about Asian culture and traditions

Bahraini Cultural Club

Presents the Kingdom of Bahrain's culture at AUS and introduces students to the ongoing developments in the life and traditions of the Bahraini people

Bangladeshi Cultural Club

Promotes the culture of Bangladesh through the organization of various events, uniting all Bangladeshi students into one proactive community

Brazilian Cultural Club

To promote the Brazilian culture in a multicultural university and to serve as a medium for students to learn more about the Brazilian culture

British Cultural Club
Educate students about Britain's culture and tradtions
Chinese Cultural Club
To promote and educate students about the Chinese culture and traditions

Egyptian Cultural Club

Presents Egyptian culture and promotes and shares Egyptian history, traditions and culture by presenting events for the AUS community

Emirati Cultural Club

Promotes UAE culture among UAE nationals and other nationalities

French Cultural Club
Educate students about France's culture and tradtions

Indian Cultural Club

Organizes and develops social, cultural, educational and sports activities for members of the community at AUS and encourages and supports participation in such activities by members of the Indian club 

Iranian Cultural Club

Promotes and represents Iranian traditions and culture

Iraqi Cultural Club

Presents Iraqi traditions and culture, and organizes activities relevant to the Iraqi community of the university

Islamic Cultural Club

Promotes an understanding between Muslims and others, and educates people about Islamic culture, clearing any misconceptions people may have

Islamic Cultural Club - Women

Provides the women students with activities related with Islamic culture and provides knowledge about Islam in an open setting

Italian Cultural Club
Organizes events and activities to showcase the Italian culture to the AUS community
Japanese Cultural Club
Educates students about Japan's culture and tradition

Jordanian Cultural Club

Presents the Jordanian culture by organizing events related to Jordan that would create an atmosphere of friendship and community among members

Korean Cultural Club
Hosts various events and activities to showcase Korea's culture and tradition

Kuwaiti Cultural Club

Reflects Kuwaiti traditions and culture and builds a community of Kuwaiti students

Lebanese Cultural Club

Represents and promotes Lebanese history, traditions, culture and customs within the AUS community and to help and serve the Lebanese students in AUS

Moroccan Cultural Club
Brings forward to AUS community the education of Moroco's culture and traditions

Nigerian Cultural Club

Showcases the Nigerian cultures in AUS and the UAE, and represents the Nigerian and African people in the university at diverse events

Omani Cultural Club

Demonstrates Omani tradition, customs and culture within the UAE, Oman's neighboring country

Pakistani Cultural Club

Promotes the Pakistani culture at AUS and assists the club members in their diverse needs

Palestinian Cultural Club

Presents the Palestinian culture, heritage and rich traditions to the AUS and UAE community and continually reminds them of the occupied Palestinian land and its struggle to join the league of free nations

Qatari Cultural Club

Introduces and shares Qatari culture and traditions and makes Qatar more well known in AUS and UAE

Russian Cultural Club

Displays the diverse people groups that live in modern Russia and

presents Russian society as both multi-ethnic and multi-faith

Saudi Cultural Club

Familiarizes the AUS community with Saudi customs and culture and promotes its activities on campus

Somali Cultural Club

Introduces Somali culture and traditions to the university community organizes and develops social and educational activities for the AUS community

Spanish Cultural Club
Focuses on highlighting Spanish culture and traditions within the AUS community by organizing events and activities
Sri Lankan Cultural Club
Promotes the Srilankan culture and traditions through various events

Sudanese Cultural Club

Introduces students to the history and culture of Sudan

Syrian Cultural Club

Represents, assists and serves the Syrian students at AUS, as well as reflecting Syrian traditions, culture and people

Tunisian Cultural Club
To promote friendship and build bridges with other nationalities by exchanging cultural and traditional experiences

Turkish Cultural Club

To promote friendship and build bridges with other nationalities by exchanging cultural and traditional experiences<

Yemeni Cultural Club

Reflects the culture of Yemen