American University of Sharjah

Institute of Material Systems

Institute of Material Systems
It is essential to recognize and appreciate the characteristics and properties of materials in order to build sustainable infrastructure.

There is a great need to study and understand the nature of both traditional and new materials that are available in the local and regional market so that buildings possess strength, quality and a longer lifespan, as well as conserve natural resources and reduce both energy use and pollution. At the Institute of Material Systems (IMS), this is our main focus.

Within the country and the region, there are pressing demands to address the many problems related to materials and the environment and the need to adopt a local code of practice governing the use of materials within the arid environment of our region. Fortunately, numerous governmental agencies and industries recognize this need and are collaborating with us in order to tackle the many challenges faced.

The main objectives of our institute are to:

  • conduct scientific research focused on materials properties and applications taking into consideration the severe environment in the region
  • take an active role in conjunction with the Directorate of Public Works and municipalities in the establishment of a local/regional code of practice
  • provide an independent technical testing, evaluation and advice services on materials-related issues to private sectors and the public community
  • enhance materials education for undergraduate and graduate levels through seminars, conferences, new courses and graduate programs
  • act as a catalyst for materials innovation and application in the Gulf region and facilitate development of new materials and practices
  • establish partnerships with governmental and public sectors
  • build collaboration with similar worldwide centers of excellence

IMS is run by qualified professionals with extensive experience in topics related to materials systems. We continue to focus on national and international collaboration with other centers of excellence in order to enhance scientific exchange of knowledge in this area.

Our institute is open to membership for professionals from both AUS and around the world. We also extend membership to other organizations and societies and aim to have a leading role in that sphere in the region. We also share a close relationship with other universities and institutes such as the Arab Institute of Science and Technology in Sharjah and the Society of Engineers in the UAE.