American University of Sharjah

Bridge Program

Bridge Program
Our Bridge Program helps students be better prepared to pursue their majors.

The Achievement Academy Bridge Program (AABP) is designed for admitted AUS students who score between 32 (400) and 79 (547) on the TOEFL or between 4.5 and 6.0 on the IELTS. Those who score below this have the option to enroll in a special program to raise their score to the required level or above so that they may enroll in the AABP.

The AABP improves student readiness for matriculation into their majors and for the rigors of an academic program of study in higher education. The program works with students to increase their language proficiency to a level suitable for study in university-level courses taught in English; to improve student math and physics ability to prepare them for university math and physics courses; and to enhance student personal, academic and study skills to maximize the likelihood of success in their university experience.

The four requirements for matriculation from the AABP include passing the English course, the ELP200 exit exam and the university preparation course, as well as achieving 80 (550) or above on the TOEFL or 6.5 or above on the IELTS. The length of time required to satisfy the program requirements varies with each student's linguistic background, capabilities and effort. Successful completion of the program could take as long as two semesters and one summer session.