American University of Sharjah

Program Areas and Courses

General Education Program

History and Culture of the Arab World

Courses in this area must meet the UAE Commission for Academic Accreditation's requirement to ensure that all undergraduate students complete the equivalent of one or more university-level courses in Islamic studies, history, or culture

Goal A. Gain an understanding of the history and culture of the Arab World

Outcome A.1. Explain the literary, artistic or scientific traditions of the Arab world

Outcome A.2. Analyze the interdependencies between the Arab Gulf region, the Middle East and the world at large

Goal H. Develop the skills and abilities to thoughtfully seek information, critically analyze sources, and clearly formulate complex ideas

Outcome H.3. Evaluate written communication, identify key ideas and establish hierarchies of information

Outcome H.4. Structure clear and persuasive arguments based on an analysis and presentation of evidence


Three to six credits from the following courses:

ARA 101 Introduction to Arabic Heritage I

ARA 102 Introduction to Arabic Heritage II

ARA 205 Language of the Holy Qur'an

ARA 240 Arab-Islamic Culture and Civilization

ARA 281 The Art of Qur'anic Recitation (Tajweed)

ARA 29412 Pre-Modern Arab History through Arabic Literature 

ARA 29414 Introduction to Hadith 

ARA 303 Classical Arab/Islamic Culture

ARA 307 The Arabs and the 'Other'

ARA 385 Islamic Texts in Translation

ARA 402 Qur'anic Studies

ARC 225 Islamic Art and Architecture

HRM 121 Islamic Art and Heritage

IDS  39405 The Intellectual Historical Origins of Medieval Islamic Civilizations

MTH 194 Introduction to Arab/Islamic History of Mathematics 

PHI 202 Introduction to Islamic Philosophy

PHI 310 Islamic Political Philosophy