American University of Sharjah

Program Areas and Courses

General Education Program

Oral Proficiency

Goal H. Develop the skills and abilities to thoughtfully seek information, critically analyze sources, and clearly formulate complex ideas

Outcome H.2. Communicate effectively in spoken English

Outcome H.4. Structure clear and persuasive arguments based on an analysis and presentation of evidence


One course from the list below:

ARC 40101 Architectural Design Studio V

BIO 251 Ecology

CHE 491 Senior Design Project II

CHM 335 Physical Chemistry Laboratory

CMP 490 Project in Computer Science I

COE 491 Design Project II

CVE 491 Civil Engineering Design Project II

DES 300 Design Project

ECO 495 Senior Seminar in Economics 

ELE 491 Electrical Engineering Design Project II

ENG 208 Public Speaking

ENG 490 Senior Research Project

ENV 491 Senior Research Project I

IDE 401 Interior Design Studio V

INE 491 Senior Design Project II

INS 490 Senior Research Project

MCE 490 Design Project I

MCM 241 Media and Professional Presentations

MGT 406 Business Policy and Strategy

MTH 490 Senior Project

MUM 405 Multimedia Design Studio V

VIS 405 Design Studio V